Thursday, April 30, 2009

Reading Readiness: April 27 – 30, 2009

Dear Parents,

As we reach the half-way mark of the summer classes, we are pleased to say that the week that passed was a perfectly gratifying, tremendously cool and delightfully happy one. The children had fun reviewing previous consonants taken up by placing actual objects under their correct beginning letters. Aside from that, they also made pinwheels as a review of one of the letters taken up this week. Not only that, all of us helped each other along as the children strove to master the beginning consonant sounds Gg, Pp, Tt, Cc, Dd and Hh. It’s rather fast-paced but everyone is working hard to keep in step.


Half-way thru the summer program, we are happy to note that Ysabela has now adjusted to the routines in class. She participates more in discussions now and is always ready and eager to answer her worksheets when her turn comes. However, she still does need to be assisted when we do worksheets because she refuses to write or even trace anything if Teacher does not hold her hand.

One notable thing, too, is Ysabela’s seeming tendency to suddenly be scared of something that we are not sure what. This past week, as we were discussing the letters Gg and Pp, she once more all of a sudden suddenly shut her eyes tight, ran towards the bathroom where Yaya was and refused to sit on her chair or look at the board for quite some time. We would like to know if she does this as a game at home also because she is quite convincing in class when she does this.

Finally, we are also still at the stage of reminding Ysabela that we do things on our own inside the class especially as it pertains to packing away our stuff or throwing our food wrappers in the trash can and even saying please when we want something done for us rather than just saying, “Open this” or “throw this” as though we should be always at her beck and call.

Once again I am completely surprised with Teacher Abbie’s comment about Bela this week. I don’t know if I am over reacting again but I find the comments sarcastic like the part when she is saying that “Bela is quite convincing when she does this” or the part when she said that “as though we should be always at her beck and call.”

When Bela was still at TU, I never saw her or even heard any comments from her teacher about her being scared of something. All I know is that Bela always have a grand time at school. Second issue is about packing away and saying thank you and please. Bela started going to Gymboree when she was just six months old and that early, she already knows how to pack away her toys. I even read comments from Bela’s teacher before at TU that she is always the first one to pack away her toys when teacher asked them to so I know she is already used to that routine so I am quite surprise when I read from the comments that Bela does not know how to pack away her toys. We also reiterate to Bela the importance of saying please and thank you and Bela’s teachers from TU can attest to that because I read that too many times also from Bela’s weekly Anecdotal Report from TU. I don’t know now why Bela is reacting this way. Could it be that teachers from TU have nicer approach since they can very well influence Bela to have good manners? Could it be also that Bela is having a hard time adjusting since most of her classmates are former students of MSS? Could it be that she is not happy with MSS?

Honestly, I really don’t know the answer. I don’t know what is going on in class since we can’t see how the teachers are handling the students while the class is on going. Now I am having second thoughts about MSS. Am I being too overly protective again of Bela?