Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bela, MSS, Dev Pedia, OT

We had our first Parent-Teacher’s Conference at Bela’s school last Monday. So far, Teacher Sarah said that Bela is really doing well in class. I posted the whole story here.

Since we have been consulting a Developmental Pedia and Occupational Therapist for Bela, I asked Teacher Sarah about Bela’s hyperactivity. Teacher Sarah said that she and her co-teachers noticed that Bela is only hyper when she is at the romp. Inside the class, she really follows the routines and actively participates in classroom discussions so I was really relieved upon hearing that from Teacher Sarah.

This is their Romp Area at school:

The toys inside the romp are really Bela’s favorites like the slide, and the small toy train which she calls her truck. She would even pretend that she is shopping for truck accessories for her truck every time we are at the mall.

She also loves playing in the slide, with their Kitchen Play set and she love shooting balls too in their small indoor basketball court. I guess Bela is just one playful child who really loves playing and having fun with her classmates.