Friday, March 19, 2010

Bela and her Kalesa

Everyday my mom and dad together with Bela will pick me up from the office and then we will go to Howell’s office after to pick him up also. While waiting for Howell, we would stay at the area outside Museo Pambata (since we can’t wait inside the premises of Howell’s office). There are a number of Kalesa’s lining up there for tourists and for those who just want to have a relaxing ride around Luneta and Roxas Boulevard.

One day, Bela asked us if she can ride the kalesa and since we are still waiting for Howell, I allowed Bela to ride the Kalesa with her lolo since I know how much she will enjoy it.

Since then, every time we fetch Howell (which is like everyday. LOL), Bela is always requesting that she ride the kalesa before going home. Of course, the lolo and lola can’t say no to Bela and so this has been her routine everyday. They even have a suki now, because Bela just likes riding this particular kalesa driven by a white horse which according to Bela is named Rambo.

Even now that Howell is away, we still drop by at Museo Pambata every afternoon after fetching me so Bela can get her doze of her kalesa ride. Do you think she is spoiled? LOL.