Monday, September 20, 2010

They Heart Frozen Yogurt

Bela is like her dad who is not into sweets. She doesn’t like candies or chocolates and even ice cream. That is why when I bought frozen yogurt yesterday, I only ordered one cup as I thought that I will be the only one to finish it. Bela helped me with the toppings but I thought that she just finds it cute and she just likes to play pretend. But as soon as we are seated, Bela started eating it and she finished almost half of the cup and ate all the toppings.


I guess this is the only ice cream that she will eat (which is good because at least it is a healthier ice cream and will not make her fat that she will need to read about hydroxycut reviews to find the best fat burners available).

But even hubby enjoyed it too (like father, like daughter). Frozen yogurt is not that sweet as compared to regular ice cream so maybe that is why hubby enjoyed it too. At least now I know where to bring Bela and Howell if I want to treat them for a healthy alternative to ice cream.