Thursday, September 01, 2011

Looking for discount batteries?

After we moved to the new house, the kids now have their own room, which gives them a lot of space to put their stuff (aka their toys). The kids have accumulated a lot of toys over the years and so hubby asked the nannies to sort them out and arrange them in their respective cabinets.

After arranging all their stuff, hubby discovered that the kids have a lot of nice educational toys that they were not to play with because it no longer has a battery and so hubby’s quest to find a battery store started.

Thankfully he discovered where we can get discount batteries. They sell all kinds of batteries from TV batteries, cell phone batteries, laptop batteries, motorcycle batteries, power tool batteries, portable DVD batteries and many more. What is best about this store is that they offer very affordable price for their batteries without sacrificing the quality, so we will be guaranteed that the batteries that we will buy from them for the kids’ toys will really last.

Hubby was really glad to have discovered where we can buy batteries so the kids can enjoy playing with their great educational toys instead of letting it rot in storage.