Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Simple Joys of a Child

Guess what this is:

This is the coin funnel located in Cyberzone of SM Manila. This is a very simple machine that has a coin slot where you can put the coins so the coin will slide and will roll and roll until it reaches the funnel and the coin will fall in the hole.

This is Bela’a favorite now and she will ask us that this will be her price if she did well in school or in her Kumon. That is how easy it is to please Bela. Imagine, all we need is just a few coins and we have one happy kid.

She discovered this machine when we went to SM The Block last December and this is where she and her dad pass time while they waited for me as I went shopping for our Christmas gifts. Since then, she will ask that we bring her to SM so she can play with the coin funnel. Good thing there is one SM Branch near our place that has this. So a few minutes drive is all it takes to make our princess happy. The simple joys of a child.