Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bela, the Egg and her Love Birds

Remember the quail egg that Bela’s lolo put inside her bird cage to make fun of her and to make her believe that it is the egg of her love birds? Well it has been more than a month already, so Bela has been asking about it:

Bela: “Mom, I think I am going to throw away the egg of my birds.”
Me: “Why?”
Bela: “Oh my love birds, all they do is kiss and kiss. They don’t build a nest for the egg. They don’t sit on the egg so it will hatch. They are one lazy parent.”

And I was laughing so hard and I don’t know how to answer her. LOL

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bela, a Dainty Ashley Model

Don’t you think Bela is just so cute wearing these cute headbands and clips:
These are hair trinkets from Dainty Ashley. The first batch of hair trinkets was a gift to Bela from her Tita Glo.
We immediately tried it on as soon we received the parcel and both Bela and I love it. That is why I got really addicted to these cute hand-made hair accessories made by my good friend Mai that I immediately placed my second order which arrived yesterday.
She just uploaded new designs and of course, Bela and I enjoyed browsing each of the pictures. In fact we have created a list already for our next order. I am just waiting for the cut off of my credit card so I can order again (looks like I will need a remote backup server to backup Bela’s pictures as I know that it will soon pile up as I just love taking photos of her wearing the Dainty Ashley hair accessories).

Check out Dainty Ashley on Facebook now to get quality and gorgeous headbands, clips and more for your little princesses.

My Baker Princess

I love watching cooking and baking shows but I never was hands on when it comes to cooking. That is why when we bought an oven for our house, I know that I will not be able to put good use to it.

That is why I was really happy when my cousin enjoyed baking that she will often drop by at our place to bake for the family especially if there is a special occasion. And all the more I am happy because my daughter got really interested and would often lend her Tita Tessa a hand every time she is baking.

Just look at the picture below: 

This picture was taken when Bela and her Tita baked Crinkles for Nanay Puti’s birthday. I always dreamed of having a chef in the family. Who knows, maybe Bela will take a different path than me and she would enjoy baking and cooking.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Souvenir Options: Bela's 7th Birthday Party

One of the things that I am having difficulty with for the preparation of Bela’s 7th party, is finding the souvenir that we will give to our guests.

I actually like the flip top jewelry box that I saw from Wooden Kiddie Stools and I am sure they can customize it for my theme and this will be perfect for the girls who will attend the party. I will just buy cheap bracelets and jewelries from Divi to put inside the jewelry box to complete the ensemble.

However, I still need to find for a souvenir for the boys and I am running out of ideas already. Thankfully I discover the site of Personal Creations and saw their personalize an Avengers gift which gave me the idea for the souvenir that I can give to the boys. 

Just look at some of the items that I am considering:

Now all I have to do is choose among these options so I can submit my orders soon and that would be one item ticked off my list (and I am sure doing this will lessens the stress that I am getting in planning for this party. LOL).

Her Current Read

Just look at Bela’s current read:

This is the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2013. Bela love to read. We are glad that we were able to instill that love in her and we did it by surrounding her with books at an early age. I remember when she was still small and still can’t read, she will ask us to read all the books in her “I Wonder Why” collection before we go to bed at night.

And now that she knows how to read, all the more she enjoys reading. We got this book when we went to Power Books in Serendra and would you believe that she chose this over a toy.

That is why I never think twice if she asks me to buy a book for her. No wonder she knows a lot of Trivia and her Developmental Pediatrician says that her logical thinking is really advance for her age.