Friday, November 23, 2012

Post Birthday

I am filled with so much happiness now after seeing some photos and videos shared by my friends over at Facebook as I saw how much our guests had fun and most especially how much Bela enjoyed her special day.

Pictures snagged from Annie Guzman's Facebook Account (More pictures coming soon from our Official Photographer)
After the party, I received a number of text messages, Instagram and Facebook tags thanking us for inviting them and how much they enjoyed the party. This really made me really happy as this means that almost a year of preparation was all worth it.

Now I can relax as my next big birthday party is not until 5 years for Cobi’s 7th birthday party. LOL. This also means that I might have extra money again to shop for myself like buy purses, wholesale yoga supplies, makeup and more. LOL.

To all our friends and family, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking time to be with us to celebrate Bela’s birthday. You are the reason why the party turned out to be really special.We will forver remember this day. Mwah, mwah!!

Melts my Heart

One of Bela’s request for her birthday was a same-day-edit video which she calls behind the scenes video. She saw this when we attended the party of the daughter of my friend Joy. She said that she wants to show the behind-the-scenes of her party before her guest leaves.

I am lucky because I have a friend who was able to make this happen, thanks to Kathy of KSnaps productions. The SDE video was so heart warming that this is what Bela told us right after watching it:

Bela: Mom, I will never forget this day.

And so all the stress and time that we put in preparing for her birthday was all worth it as it made Bela really, really happy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bela's 7th

My dear daughter just turned seven last Friday, November 16. I can’t believe that my first born is all grown up already. I am feeling really sentimental that these past few weeks, I always kiss her, cuddle with her and always make her promise that she will be my baby forever. This is the post that I did on her birthday in Facebook and Instagram:
My husband and I took a leave from work on her birthday. We wanted to bring her to Ace Water Spa where she can enjoy the different indoor pools with rheem heat pump but since it is a weekday, she can’t be absent from school. And besides she wanted to celebrate her birthday in school too with her classmates.

So we just fetched her after school and her only request for her birthday was to take her to her favorite indoor play area in SM Harrison:
So we let her play with her brother there until both of them was too tired from too much running and bouncing. LOL.

When they are finally done, we went to Lucky Chinatown and got some take out food from King Chef and a cake from Mary Grace for her simple birthday celebration at home:
Happy, happy birthday our dear princess Bela. Always remember that we love you very, very much!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


As the party of Bela draws near, I got this email from our Flipbooks supplier:

This will be the layout for the Flipbook cover. They asked me to submit photos of Bela that they can use for the cover. We had a photo shoot months ago with Bela’s dad and this is one of the photos from that shoot.

Hubby was the one who selected the photo and I just sent it to the artist of Flipbooks and this is the layout that they came out with. Nice.

I always love Flipbooks after seeing it in one of the parties that we attended. That is why I booked them right away when I learned that they are having a promo (thanks to my friend Peachy who alerted me with the deal from Deal Grocer).

I am sure our guests will love this.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

For Her Birthday

Our daughter will be turning 7 years old in just 13 days and of course we want to give her something special for her special day. And while kids of her age would request for Barbie dolls, Lalaloopsy dolls, One Direction or Justin Bieber CDs and I even know some who would ask their moms to check for bvlgari perfume, Bela would rather have this:
Meet Little Inu. She is an interactive dinosaur that eats, sleeps, and plays with her owner. She saw this in You Tube and got really excited, as she really loves animals. Her initial request for a birthday present was a pet dog chuaua so I am one happy mom when she chose this over a real dog (I know she can’t handle the responsibility of taking care of her own pet).

I already ordered it in Amazon last week and when I checked, it has already been shipped and is now in transit from Nevada. Hopefully we will receive it in time for her birthday.

Bela's Mis-Adventures

Last week, Bela’s lola told her that she would cut her bangs because it is too long already. Bela’s lola went down to look for the scissors but she was surprised when she went back and saw this:

Bela cut her hair herself. LOL. We don’t know where she got the scissors and what made her do it. I was really laughing when I saw it. I got worried at first because it is only 3 weeks to go before her birthday, but what can I do.

And then while I was at work the other day, I got a text from my mom to tell me that Bela enjoyed cutting her hair so much that she did it again:

Ok, I want to panic now. LOL. But hubby and I still find humor with what happened. At least we will have something to show and tell Bela when she is a teenager already about the funny thing that she did before her 7th birthday party. LOL.

I just hope that it will grow a little longer but even if not, my friends say that Bela still looks so cute and charming with her “putot” hair and I believe them.