Thursday, September 27, 2012

Satchel Bag from Sandy's Party

Just look at this cute satchel bags that Sandy gave for her female guests on her 7th birthday party:

Photo Credit: Jojo Francisco Photography
The girls, including my Bela, just loves it.
Photo Credit: Jojo Francisco Photography
I have been looking for a small satchel bag for Bela but I can’t seem to find a smaller version that will fit her. Thanks to Joy and Sandy, I don’t have to buy one for Bela as we got it as our souvenir for Sandy’s party.

Bela loves using it every chance she got that is why I am researching about painting leather as I fear I may have to do this soon if Bela’s satchel bag will get worn out and dirty (which is really possible, specially since she carries this bag everywhere she goes).

Thanks again Sandy, Joy, Sherwin and Meg for inviting us to the party and thanks for this cute satchel bag for Bela.

First Attempt for a Photo Shoot

Hubby has been really keen on finishing Bela’s photo shoot ASAP. He said that he will be busy and would be out of town the coming weeks and so he thinks that he will not have enough time for the shoot and to edit Bela’s AVP and MTV.

Since he was on training this week, he always came home early and so last Monday, they had their first attempt for a photo shoot:

Thanks to my sister and my mom who acted as Bela’s stylist and make up artist for the photo shoot. But they were able to start quiet late already, around 7:30ish that Bela was already feeling sleepy and tired since she came from school also.

So the result, epic fail. LOL. After just a few shots, Bela was complaining already and was not in the mood to pose.

I told hubby that we should do it on a weekend so Bela will still have the energy to be the star for that day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Book Worm

A good friend of mine once told me that it is important to instill the love for books to my kids. That is why even when my eldest is still in utero, my husband and I have started collecting books that we think our kids can enjoy.

That is why when Bela was growing up, books have been a part of her everyday life. I can still remember when she was just 2 or 3 years old, she will ask us to bring to our room all the books in her “I wonder why” collection and she will not go to bed unless we read each of the books to her.

I am the happiest every time she would ask me to buy her a book instead of a toy and this is one request that I will never say No to. So when Bela requested that I fetch her last week so we can go to the Book Fair in the school, I did not think twice and I said yes.

She already checked out the Book Fair even before she asks me and she already knows what book she wants to buy. She got the Geronimo Stilton Book “Field Trip to Niagara Falls” which she started reading as soon as we reached the car and which she finished in one seating.

I learned from friends that there is a whole series for this book so now I know which book to buy Bela next.

Save the Date: Bela's Rock Star Birthday Concert

We attended numerous birthday parties with a Rock Star theme and I just noticed that unlike kids of her age, Bela is still not into the music of popular bands and singers like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, One Direction and the like. She is still stuck with the songs from her favorite kids’ show like Hi5 or from her favorite movies about animals like the movie Rio or Madagascar.

Being the usual worrier mom that I am, I asked my husband if it is just normal if her preference for music or TV shows hasn’t change. Some kids her age are into Teen magazines already while Bela still enjoys watching Penguins of Madagascar. Kids of her age would love girly toys like Barbie, but Bela would still love to play with her Littlest Pet shop or her My Little Pony toys. My husband always reminds me that I should not rush things and that I should let it be because her princess is still a baby. So I just let it pass.

So I was really surprised when we attended the 7th birthday party of Sandy last Saturday. The group Jives had a mini concert and I find pleasure seeing Bela enjoying  Jives' performance as she sings Fireworks, Call me Maybe, and more with them. Then yesterday, she requested her dad to save Music Videos of Katy Perry on her iPad so she can listen and watch it on her way to school.

Now I am excited for her party because I am convinced that we made the right decision in having a Rock Star themed party for her upcoming 7th birthday.

Now I can’t wait for her Rock Star Birthday concert party. Please save the date: Nov 18, 2012 / 1 PM.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Headbands from Dainty Ashley

This is one of my current addictions for Bela:

These are the newest collections from Dainty Ashley.

Dainty Ashley is the online store for hair trinkets and accessories of my good friend Mai. She personally hand craft all the headbands and hair accessories so you can be guaranteed of its quality.

Dainty Ashley’s hands are full from the orders from our group of friends alone because we all love her creations as it is really true to its promise that it will really accentuate any girl’s natural beauty. I am so proud of all the hair trinkets from my friend's shop that I gave it as gifts to all of Bela's classmates who celebrated and will celebrate their birthday.

You can find Dainty Ashley’s collections in their Facebook page, so visit them now.

DIY Stage Décor

I am working on a tight budget for Bela’s 7th birthday party because I chose to splurge on one item for the party, as per Bela’s request. That is why I am looking for ways on how to save but still be able to have a memorable party for my daughter.

One of the things that I am planning to scrimp the budget on is the stage backdrop. I found a better alternative to achieve the rock star concert look that we want without spending a lot but hubby is not agreeing with my plan. He finds it too bare, especially since we have a big stage to use.

We have been disagreeing for days now but looks like he will not give in to my request. He plans to take on a DIY project with my sister-in-law’s brother and they will be doing the styling for the stage, instead of getting the service of a party planner.
They went to the venue last Sunday and in fairness, I am happy and impressed with the design that they have in mind. Now all I need to do is get some packing materials to make sure that all the decors that they will create will be packed properly to avoid any damages as we transport it to the venue from our home. And of course, I have to pray that they will really be able to execute all their plans and finish this DIY project in time for Bela’s party, which is happening in 2 months.

My Rhianna

Last Saturday, we attended the 7th birthday party of the daughter of my good friend. The theme of the party was Birthday Concert and the kids were asked to come as their favorite rock, pop, R&B, country artist.

Since I am no longer updated in these area, I have asked my sister to help me dress my kids and this is who Bela turned out to be:

My Rhianna. I just bought this maong vest in SM San Lazaro and just used her old pants and boots to achieve this look. She looks very cute and adorable with her hanging blouse showing her big tummy. LOL.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift

Bela will be having a Rock Star Concert Theme for her 7th birthday party and the hubby is excited in preparing for their song number. For all of Bela’s party, hubby will always perform with Bela for our guests so I am sure hubby would not want to skip this same tradition for Bela’s 7th birthday party.

I am now busy thinking what hubby and Bela should wear for their performance. For Bela, I think a Taylor Swift peg will be nice and I will have to ask my sister to help me with that.

As for hubby, I am not sure if he is keen on showing up as Bruno Mars for the party. LOL:

I guess he will have to start working out and get some yoga gear here so he will be in shape so he can really carry a Bruno Mars peg. LOL.

Will Always be my Baby, my Princess

Look at my Princess:

This picture was taken during the Birthday party of her cousin, Audrey. Just feeling senti and emote as her 7th birthday draws near.

Party Preps Update: Souvenirs

It was a productive weekend for me in terms of the party preparations for Bela’s 7th birthday. I have been looking for the best souvenir that will match our Rock Star concert theme that will fall within my budget and I must say that it was a great challenge. I was already set on ordering a personalized souvenir from one of my party planner friends even if it is a little bit way over my budget but thankfully, my sister-in-law found a shop where we can buy the souvenir for Bela’s birthday.

We have been postponing on visiting the shop as our weekends are always full but since we were in the Pasig area last Sunday after attending the Baby Shower of Jody and Dicky at El Pueblo, we were able to finally drop by the store in Greenhills. And we are glad that we did as we were only able to buy their last remaining stocks. Even their suppliers run out of stocks already (according to the owner of the store, Manny Pacquio bought 400 pieces of the same souvenir too).

Now all we need is a material handling rack to line up the souvenirs and prepare it for Bela’s party.

The party is just 2 months away and I am getting excited and stress out all at the same time. LOL

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Alexa's 7th Bday

We missed 2 birthday parties already of Bela’s classmates as my husband and I have work on that Saturday that we fail to accompany Bela. So I was really glad when we were able to attend the party of Alexa last Saturday because I know how excited Bela is in attending her classmates’ parties.

The party was held in Residencia Shaw in Shaw Boulevard and the kids were asked to come in their princess’s costume. There were games, magic show and 7 roses and 7 candles, which Bela was very excited to join.
Thanks for inviting us Alexa, we really had fun!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bela in Special Programs Class

Last August 28, I took a leave from work to watch Bela’s Linggo ng Wika program and at the same time to attend the meeting with the Special Programs Coordinator of the school. This meeting has been postponed twice already because of the cancellation of classes due to the typhoon so I am really looking forward to it as I really want to know about the Special Programs that they are offering for the students who are non-Tagalog speakers.

As per Ms. Flory, the Special Programs Coordinator head, they recommend to put Bela in the Special Programs class as she is having difficulty with her Filipino subjects. Here is how the program was set up:

• Those who will be under this program will be pulled out from class during their Filipino subject and they will attend instead the special programs class
• The class will be composed of students belonging to the same section only and will not be mixed with higher-level students. In Bela’s class, 3 of them will attend special programs.
• Under this program, they will be taught Filipino starting with the basics so they will become well versed with the language.
• All worksheets that will be given to Bela for Filipino will be coming from the Special programs teacher who will also give a grade for Bela at the end of each quarter.
• At the end of the year, Bela will be evaluated to determine if she still needs to attend the Special Programs class for another year.
• Each student can only attend Special Programs for a maximum of 2 years so Ms. Flory suggest that Bela will receive guidance on Filipino as early as now when her brain is still like a sponge so she can easily absorb whatever will be taught and hopefully will learn how to speak Filipino soon.
• There is a fee of P5000 for the whole year, as they will be getting a special teacher to conduct the program.

We decided to move Bela under this program. We are hoping that with this program, she will learn how to speak Filipino soon specially since they will be taught starting from the basics. My friend also suggested that I availed of this program for Bela as this will be good for her self confidence which might be affected if she continues to stay in the regular class and fall behind than the Tagalog speakers.

My husband and I are really hoping that we will see improvements with her soon and that she will not have to attend a special programs class for the next school year.