Sunday, March 30, 2008

On Her Own

Bela did the forward roll today all by herself.

Since it is almost the end of the quarter, Teacher Clara spent some time practicing the skills they learned with her Beasties. Since we’re beside Teacher Clara that time when she started doing the skill, Teacher Clara asked Bela to do the forward roll with her. And Bela quickly followed Teacher Clara. And since doing the forward roll on a flat surface is more difficult than doing it in an inclined surface, Teacher Clara said that we should asked our kids to positioned their hands as close as possible to their feet. And Bela did just that so Teacher Clara let Bela do the forward roll all by herself. And she was successful.

I was one proud mom. But the dad got really excited in watching Bela that he was not able to take a picture while Bela is doing it. Maybe next time.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Doctor’s Visit

We went to Bela’s pedia this morning for her flu vaccine. Bela is already finished with all her vaccines and boosters so we are just required to go back to her pedia every year for her flu shot or if the need arises (which I’m hoping will not happen).

Bela was having tantrums when her Pedia checked on her which rarely happens since she is so used to going to the doctor for her vaccines. She would even say “lollipop” right after Dr. Sebastian checked on her as this is her pedia’s gift to her patients after giving them there shot.

But this morning, she was already crying right after we step in to her doctor’s clinic and wouldn’t want her pedia to check on her. I don’t know if she is just sleepy or she still has a traumatic memory of her last visit to the dentist. After the doctor gave her a shot, she was saying “Ouchie, ouchie” and dragged her lola out of the clinic.

Poor Bela. Good thing this it is her last shot for this year and we will just come back come March 2009. Hopefully she’s over her trauma by then.

Not Sleeping here today

Bela is not sleeping with us tonight. We went to her lola’s house before going home as we can’t find the key to our house. So we stayed there while waiting for lola to look for their duplicate of our key.
While waiting, Bela saw her tita’s PSP and have asked her tita to play with her. And then she got really engross with playing that she asked me for her milk and blanket which is a sign that she wants to sleep there.

So our little girl is not with us tonight. This would be a great time for me and Howell to watch our favorite movie or maybe I can just blog.

Last three Sundays at the Little Gym

Bela only has three Sundays left with Little Gym. We decided not to enroll her for the next quarter since she will start to go to Toddlers Unlimited this April. We also feel that Bela needs a new environment as she’s already used to the routines that she sometimes don’t participate with the class activities.

But as I think about it now, I realized that I will miss Little Gym. I will miss the friends we met there like Aimee, Abet & Sandro, Peachy, Gelo and Joaqui, Teacher PJ and Teacher Clara. I know we would still see Peachy, Gelo and Joaqui since they live close to us but I will surely miss our lunch out together after class. I will also miss our Sundays at Podium or Fun Ranch.

But I know that Bela has to move on. Who knows, maybe after 2 years we might be back here for Bela’s gymnastics class. But for now, Bela needs a new environment but Little Gym will always be a part of who Bela is today as Bela learned a lot of good things here.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

We have the tickets

We have the tickets. We went to SM Manila last nigth to purchase our tickets for Dora's Pirate Adventure show. My initial plan was to wait until the next day (since our reservation is valid until today at 9:00 PM) so I can still think about it if we will watch the show or not since the tickets are not cheap. But the dad is really decided to let Bela watch the show. Howell said that Bela will surely enjoy it since she is really a big fan of Dora. And since Howell will be paying for the ticket, I did not contradict his decision.

So off we went to SM yesterday to pay for our tickets. Here are our ticket details:

April 24, 2008
6:00 PM
Row F
Seats 1-3

Paging MBAP. If anyone of you will be watching on the said dates, let me know ha. So we can meet up.

Spring is here

Spring is my favorite season of the year. If I will be given a choice on when to go to Canada for trainings, I would definitely choose Spring.

Spring is officially here and what better way to celebrate it than with a Spring Sale. So for those with a budget to shop, Old Navy and Gap is having a Spring Sale where they offer up to 40% discount.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday

Dora the Explorer Show

I just learned from Jane’s blog that Dora and her friends will be having a show here this coming April at the Aliw Theater. I’m always late when it comes to shows like this. I remember, for the Barney show, I just found out about it from Peachy’s blog. Thanks mommies for always posting this kind of information in your blog.

I checked the Ticketnet site and according to them, this is the first time that Dora and her friends will be performing live here in Manila. Bela is a big fan of Dora so for sure she will really love the show.

I talked about it with Howell and he immediately said yes. Since he will have a shoot this coming Saturday, the money that he will be getting for that shoot will cover for our tickets. (Yey!!).

So I immediately called Ticketnet and reserved our tickets. And boy, all front row seats have already been taken. The closest row that I was able to reserve is Row F. Dora must be really famous. LOL. So we will be watching the show on April 24, 6 PM.

Our reservation is valid until tomorrow so we might drop by at SM San Lazaro either today or tomorrow for the tickets. So mommies, if you plan to watch the show too, book your tickets now as tickets really get sold out fast.

Swimming Lesson @|Ace Water Spa

This will be one of Bela’s activity this summer.

Aside from her summer class at Toddlers Unlimited every Tuesday and Thursday, we plan to enroll her again this coming summer to Bert Lozada’s Swimming class every Saturday. We will enroll her at Ace Water Spa. We like it there since the pool is heated and the venue is covered (which is very important since Bela is “mestiza”. LOL).

Her class at Little Gym will end on April 13 (their show day) so I will enroll her the very next Saturday after that. When I inquired last February, they said that they have a Saturday class and their program is open year round so I can enroll Bela anytime I want.

She will be part of the Penguins class under the My Baby and Me program. According to the website, class last up to 30 minutes and kids can join the class with or without the parent. (Hmm, I don’t think Howell will let Bela attend the class by herself though).

I’m really excited. She really enjoyed her class when we enrolled her last summer. Hope she will have the same excitement as last year.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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Joseph Chase’s 1st Birthday Party

Last Sunday, we attended Chase’s first birthday party at CVJ clubhouse. Chase was the son of Lynette, a former officemate of Howell. Fokalente Fotograpi (Hubby’s photo-video business) was the official photographer and videographer.

It’s my first time to attend a party at CVJ but I read from n@w archives that it’s one of the favorite venues of n@wies in the Marikina area. And I didn’t wonder why because the place was really nice.

Bela really enjoyed the party. There was a balloon sculptor going around entertaining the kids while waiting for the party to begin and she created flower balloon sculpture for Bela. Bela was so happy with her flower balloon that I just noticed that she was following the Balloon twister anywhere she goes and kept on asking for more balloon sculptor from her. And Bela was really smart because every time she gets a new balloon, she will give it to me and will say “Hold, hold” before she follows the balloon sculptor again and asked for another balloon.

Bela was kind of sleepy during the magic show and puppet show and she didn’t participate much during that time. But when she saw that the kids are going inside the bubble, she immediately said “Mom, go inside.” So we lined up too with the other kids and waited for our turn to go inside the bubble. And Bela really had fun while we’re inside it (I had fun too).

Another of Bela’s favorite was when Tigger (the mascot) danced for the kids. Bela even danced the Papaya Dance with Tigger which won her a coin bank.

Bela was sleeping like a log when we reached home but I know she really had a blast. This makes me think if I should give her a 3rd birthday party or not. Hmm, we will see.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hotta!! Hotta!

Summer is officially here. In our neighborhood, every where you look at, you will see kids dipping into their mini pool.

We promised Bela that we will let her swim on Easter Sunday before we go to Marikina to attend Chase’s first birthday party. So my mom has asked our driver to bring Bela’s pool at the vulcanizing shop to inflate it and started putting water in it as early as 8:00 AM. So right after Bela finished her bottle of milk, we right away change her to her swimsuit and showed our surprise for her.
She really had a great time. Too bad her Tito Jego and Tita Aliah was not around to join Bela but Bela really enjoyed the pool all to her self.

She must have really missed swimming so we will be enrolling her again to Bert Lozada’s Swimming Class after she finish her class at Little Gym come April 13.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy/Wowo/Groovy Lolo!!

Happy Birthday Daddy/Wowo/Groovy Lolo!!

You are truly the best, daddy and wowo. Thanks for always being there for us. We are really thankful for all that you have done for us. We are, who we are today because of you. We will be forever grateful for all the selfless things that you have done for our family.

We love you very much wowo. Happy birthday!!

Swimming with the Boys

My mom was assigned one station in the station of the cross so we went to my grand mother’s house (where my mom put the station) to watch the Senakulo. After watching the Senakulo, we head home to give Bela her milk. On our way home, Bela saw my friend’s sons and nieces dipping into their mini pool. And when Bela saw it, she immediately reached for her shoes and said:

Bela: “Remove. Help”

After I removed her shoes, she then started to remove her blouse and she started saying:

Bela: “Change, change. Swiwwing.”

So I had no choice but to change her into her swim suit.

Below are some the pictures.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Bela hates brushing her teeth now after her first visit to the dentist. We really have to force her to brush her teeth and most often than not, Howell will just decide not to force Bela and just let her sleep without brushing her teeth. Howell doesn’t like the idea of constricting Bela so we can brush her teeth by force. So he will just say to let it pass and give Bela some time to forget about her first dental visit.

Could it be that Bela was traumatized by her first visit to the dentist that’s why she really resists when we try to brush her teeth? I haven’t tried changing her toothpaste though. I'm still hoping that she just don’t like the taste of her toothpaste that’s why she is resisting. Before, we just use water to brush her teeth because that’s what her pedia recommended to us because according to her Pedia, kids tend to swallow the toothpaste. So this is really Bela’s first experience in using toothpaste

Do you have any suggestion on how we can convince her to brush her teeth?

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bela’s First Dental Check Up

Bela had her first dental visit last Saturday. She has been given by her cardiologist a clearance to have a dental checkup when she turned two, when it was confirmed that the VSD of Bela is already closed. (We have to consult her cardiologist before Bela undergoes a dental examination because some dental processes and medicines can affect the heart condition of VSD patients.)

We have been planning to take her to the dentist for the longest time now but we always have something to do during the weekends. And so it was only last Saturday that we we’re able to take Bela to the clinic for her first dental check up.

We went to Dr. Des Kids’ Dental Clinic at SM San Lazaro. It was Dr. Shane Martinez who attended to Bela. He cleaned Bela’s teeth first, then he brushed it and then he applied fluoride. The process was really short but Bela was really crying the entire time. Maybe she doesn’t like the idea that somebody was doing something with her mouth. Howell has to carry Bela and lie down also at the dental chair so Dr. Martinez can start the process. The dental assistant has to help me and Howell in holding Bela because Bela was really resisting. Dr. Martinez even commented that Bela really had a strong grip and can easily take off Dr. Martinez’s hands from holding her mouth. Bela didn’t stop crying and she even vomited already because she really won’t stop crying.

After the procedure Dr. Martinez gave us tips on how we can take care of Bela’s teeth. And since Bela’s teeth are all perfectly Ok, we just need to come back for the fluoride application after 6 months.

We were not able to take pictures while Dr. Martinez was doing the procedure as we have to help in holding Bela. Below are some of the pictures that Howell was able to take after the procedure.

.: with Dr. Martinez :.

.: Showing her Pearly Whites :.

Howell told me that he wanted to get mad at me at first for putting Bela in that situation. He really took pity on Bela specially after Bela vomited from her non-stop crying. But then she realized it’s for Bela’s benefit also. And so to reward her precious daughter and to make it up to Bela for giving her a hard time, Howell treated Bela to Storyland and they rode the Storyland train.

He also bought this for Bela as another reward.

.: Busy Playing with her new toy - Marble Race II :.

Right after we arrived home, the daddy immediately assembled Bela’s new toy and Bela played with it non stop. And it really looks like she already forgot about her first traumatic experience with the dentist. Hopefully for her next visit, she won’t be that receptive and will cooperate with Dr. Martinez.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Be a McDonalds Kiddie crew

Hey, I found one nice activity for my cousins this summer and I would like to share them with all of you. You might be interested also for your kids.

I called up McDonalds and inquired about their Kiddie crew Program. It’s open for kids aged 6-12 years old. I just have to pay the registration fee of P500 to enroll my 2 cousins in the program. It is a five day activity where kids get to become a crew. I think it is a good program since it can help my cousins increase their self confidence since both of them are really shy.

The P500 registration fee already includes the meal of the kids for 5 days, the t-shirt, cap and ID as their uniform plus the graduation fee. They will have two graduation rites – one at the store and one at Star City. Maybe the one at Star City will be the graduation ceremony for all the Mc Donalds branches.

I already inquired at the McDonalds branches near our area and I will try to drop by one of this days so I can get the application form for my 2 cousins. The first batch will start on April 7 and the program will run until May 16.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bela’s First Recital @ Podium

Well almost….

We we’re at Podium last Sunday to do some shopping. We we’re at the third floor when we heard a show at the second floor. When we checked it out, it’s the Multi Arts Program of My Masterpiece School in Libis. A group of kids are performing and Bela was happily dancing and singing with the kids.

.: Bela watching the show from the 3rd floor :.

Howell said that we should go down at the second floor (where the program is) so we will see what Bela would do when she sees the other kids. And when we reached the second floor, Bela immediately joined the kids in front of the stage and continued dancing and singing with them. She really loves to sing and dance. Her Tito Pipit is right, she is really a born performer.

During the last part of the show, the teachers asked the kids to go up the stage. And Bela joined all the kids (who are all students of My Masterpiece) in going up the stage and performed with them as well.

Here are some pictures that Howell took.

I can’t wait for Bela’s first real program at school or for her first recital. I’m sure she will love the spotlight.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

She’s ready

Bela has changed her sleeping habits. She now takes a nap from 12 PM – 3 PM and goes to sleep between 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM. And since she goes to bed early now, she is awake around 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM which is just perfect since she needs to wake up early to prepare for her 10:30 AM class.

Before she sleeps around 11 PM- 12 AM and so we are really worried as we don’t want to suppress her sleeping time. Good thing now, she adjusted in advance so we won’t have a hard time waking her up in the morning. So I think she is really ready for preschool.

I’m excited already. In just a few weeks, I will already have a preschooler. Hope she will enjoy her new classroom environment.

Doing something fun with incentives

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thank You Ninang Jacq

All of this courtesy of Ninang Jacq.

.: Foil Cap-Sleeve Graphic T's :.

.: Striped Ruffle Tanks :.

.: Floral espadrille sandals :.

Thanks again Ninang. We owe you big time already. We promise we will make it up to you when you, Ninong Niel and your baby visit us here next year. We can’t wait. We already planned for our itinerary. LOL. We promise you one relaxing vaction. Hope to see you all soon.

Bela’s Favorite Lines

If she wants to change the channel of the TV: “Change channel, change channel!”

If she wants to go out: “Go outside” or “Stand up, wear slippers”

If she needs help: “Help, help, please”

If she wants water: “Water, Water”

If she wants juice: “Juice, Juice”

If she’s hungry: “Eat, eat” or “Milk, milk”

If she wants to go home already when we’re out: “We’re home”

If her lolo, lola or tita is still at our house and she’s sleepy already and wants to go up our room: “Bye, see yah!!”

And Bela really loves to sing. If she sees a picture of a star, she will sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with action. If she sees a bus, she will sing The Wheels on the Bus. She almost has a song for everything that she sees.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

On Getting Hurt

Today at the gym, Bela accidentally hit the door when she was able to let go from her dad and she ran so fast that she was not able to control her speed and she hit the side of the door. She now has a scratch on her cheek. I was at first mad at Howell because he was the one inside the gym with Bela. But I realized the same thing could have happened if I was the one inside. I kept on looking at Bela’s scratch on her cheek and I was really worried that it might leave a mark or something. But Howell kept on reassuring me that it’s just a scratch and in just a few days, it will disappear, and that I should stop worrying because it’s all part of growing up. And Bela didn’t even mind the scratch or she really didn’t get hurt and didn’t even cry.

Maybe I should always remember the Nido commercial, every time I see the scratch on Bela’s face.

“Mom, I’m sorry I got stinky, I got dirty. But see mom, I learned.”

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Midway Matinee at Little Gym

It was a special day last Sunday at Little Gym since it was Midway Matinee. Both parents are permitted to go inside the gym and take pictures.

Bela was in a good mood last Sunday. She woke up early (around 6:30 AM) so she was able to finish her first bottle early. Then she also joined us for breakfast and ate rice and soup. She was also able to drink another bottle of milk before we left home and she fell asleep on our way to the gym.

So she was really participative during class. She was joining the circles, the singing and all the activities. She even did the forward roll on the big donut and the backward roll with Teacher Clara. Teacher Clara even commented that she has a good form already.

Hope she would always be like this every Sunday as we noticed that she hasn’t been participating to almost all the activities lately and we feel that she’s already starting to get bored. Hope she gets to enjoy her last 7 Sundays at Little Gym.

School Shopping

After Bela’s class at Little Gym, we had lunch at Racks (as I was craving for it since Sunday). Then we went to Trinoma as Howell wants to attend the Docu Fest of I-witness at Power Books.

I wanted to buy a bag for Bela which she can use for school and so we went to Travel Club. They don’t have that much style available so we went to Landmark instead. And I got really confused as there are a lot of cute bags from Sammies that I really like. I liked the lady bug, the tiger and the alligator design. I don’t know what to choose so I asked Bela instead:

Mom: Bela, which one do you like? The tiger or the lady bug?

Bela looked at both bags and was silent for a couple of seconds and it really looks like she was deciding which bag to choose. LOL.

Bela. Tiger…….llll bug

But since I can’t afford to buy two, I decided to buy the tiger bag instead as she has a tiger toy and she really loves it.

I also bought hand towels for her as it’s part of the checklist for her school stuffs. I even bought another shirt for her. (I’m starting to collect new clothes for Bela as they don’t have a uniform at Toddlers Unlimited)

Do I look like an excited mom of a preschooler? LOL.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Old Navy’s here

They’re here, they’re here. The stuffs that I shopped from Old Navy as I mentioned here finally arrived yesterday. I was so excited and I was like a little child too happy and excited in opening my present. (Well actually all of the stuffs that I shopped are for Bela and I just bought a pair of slip ons for hubby).

Howell arrived a little late last night from their basketball game so I was already asleep when he entered our room. And when I opened my eyes, I saw him holding a big Old Navy bag. I checked all the items and they are complete (I know all the items that I ordered by heart. LOL).

I just opened all the bags now and I’m really happy with what I bought. My favorite is Bela’s clogs. LOL.

Oh boy, this is very addicting. But like what I said, I will try to do window shopping only (I hope!!) as I really. Really need to save.

Baby Einstein Collection

Bela has a collection of Baby Einstein series given to her by her dad’s colleague. This is her current favorite right now. We always watch it before going to bed and this is so effective since instead of playing inside our room (which she already did for almost the whole day), she will just sit still and watch attentively. Plus it is also very educational so it serves two purpose.

Baby Einstein series is a little different from her Brainy Baby DVDs. For Brainy Baby, they include real babies and children while for Baby Einstein, they use colorful puppets and toys instead which I think is catchier to toddlers. But I think, Bela love’s both her Brainy Baby and Baby Einstein collection.