Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Living my Dream

Looks like Howell has to bring out his guitar so he and Bela can have their jamming session at home. It is because Bela has been attending drum lessons at Academy of Rock for 2 sessions now and she is really enjoying it and is so into it that I think, she will continue with the class even after the school opens.
If she finishes her 4 sessions and we find that this is really something that she will spend time with, we may have to save to upgrade her drum set to the complete one as what she has right now is just the basic.

Playing drums is one of my frustrations growing up. So at least I am having my wish come true, through my daughter.

Ocean Adventure for Mother's Day

On Howell’s last weekend here in Manila before he leaves for his temporary duty to Majuro, we were able to go to Ocean Adventure for more bonding moments with the kids. It was actually a last minute decision and we left the house around 11 AM already and we reached Subic by 2 AM just in time for their first afternoon show. In a way, it is also our Mother's Day celebration.
This is our 2nd or 3rd time here but it is the first for Cobi. We watched all the shows: Walk on the Wild Side Show, Amazing African Acrobats, Dolphin Show and the Sea Lion Show.
We enjoyed all of the shows but the highlight of our day was our close encounter with Tonka, Ocean Adventure’s false killer whale. We know much Bela would love this experience and so even if we are not prepared and we did not bring any swimwear, we still signed up for the Beach encounter with Tonka. Just look at how cool it is:
Of course Bela won’t stop thanking us and she said that it is one of her best day ever.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Enrolled: Drum Lessons at Academy of Rock

Bela has been attending the Beginning Filipino Workshop being offered by the Learning Library at Gymboree Serendra. She actually finished 8 sessions already and I enrolled her for another 8 sessions. Aside from this, she also has Kumon classes in Reading and Math every Tuesday and Thursday.

But these are all academic classes and so I wanted to enroll her to another extra-curricular activity and her choices is either swimming or drum lessons. I inquired with Bert Lozada at Ace Water Spa but their schedule is every day for summer and this won’t fit in Bela’s busy schedule. So I was able to convince her to take drum lessons instead and she will just go back to swimming come June.

So last week, we were able to drop by Academy of Rock in Rockwell and she had a trial class. She enjoyed it and she said she wanted to try out the class so I enrolled her for 4 sessions.
I totally forgot that Howell will be away until June and since I don’t drive, I have to ask my dad to drive us every Saturday while Howell is away. LOL. That is why I have been checking out Famous Smoke shop to check out for my dad’s favorite cigar as our bribe to him. He can even try out cigar affiliate program of Famous Smoke so he can earn on the side too.

I am excited for the activities lined up for Bela. I am sure, she will enjoy all of these.