Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bela at 3.7

Posting some recent pictures of our dear Ysabela.

I can’t believe how much she has grown and how time really flies. She is still so active and playful but her teacher said that she participates in class more now. Not like when she attended her summer class, her teacher said that she always wants to play instead of listen to her teacher during discussion.

But I still believe that it really depends on the teacher's way on how she can encourage Bela because that is what I notice with my daughter. She has a mind of her own but if you know how to encourage her, she will definitely follow.

We also did some shopping for her last week for the school stuff that she needs. I was able to find the other stuff easily but it was a real challenge looking for an apron for Bela. Kelly gave me a tip to look for the SMOX apron from Crayola at toy stores but unluckily they are always out of stock. And it was still Kelly who rescued me since she was able to find a multiply site that sells one. (Thanks really for this girl). I deposited the payment and it was delivered at our doorstep the next day.

I still haven’t taken a picture yet of Bela wearing her school uniform since I did not take a leave on her first day of school since I think she is adjusted already because she attended summer class there. But I will be on holiday tomorrow (Canada Day), so I will bring Howell’s camera when I bring and fetch her to school tomorrow and I promise I will post the pictures soon.

For her 4th

June is almost over. The past three years, during this time, I am almost finish with all the preparations for Bela’s birthday. That is why the grand parents are already asking me when we had a family get together last time why I haven’t prepared for Bela’s 4th birthday party.

I have a few plans in mind actually:

1. We will just have a child birthday party in her school. We will still have kids party invitations that we will distribute to all her classmates and teachers, then I will just order food from Jollibee then I might get an entertainment like puppet show (if the school will allow and if the budget permits).

Then aside from her school party, we will make separate children birthday invitations to invite our relatives for her party at the orphanage. Just like what we always do every year, I will just book the birthday party package again from Jollibee and hold the party at the orphanage then we will just have a dinner with our relatives after the party.

2. My second option is I will just have a simple party at school then we will have a Jollibee party with all our close friends and relatives. Bela said that she likes to have an “Under the Sea” party with Sponge Bob, Patrick, Mr. Crab, Nemo, Dory and Octopus. LOL. Let’s see about that. But the last time we attended a Jollibee party, all the mascots are present and Bela had a great time so I am thinking of doing the same thing for her party.

Every time we have a party, we always made it a point to have personalized Invitations Kids Birthday. Hubby is always in charge of that but I am not sure if he has the time to do it this time as we are really busy especially that we are both back to school. So I am thinking of having it done by Express Invitations. I saw their site and they do all sorts of personalized invitations so at least that is one less thing to worry about.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MSS's Facilities

When we attended the Parents’ Orientation at MSS a few weeks ago, I forgot to remind Howell to bring his camera. So here are just some of the pictures that he took of the Green Cocoon Room (Bela’s classroom) using his camera phone:
What I like about MSS is that they have almost complete facilities like a computer room and the audio visual room. I was even surprised when I saw a picture of Bela playing comfortably in one of the computers in their computer room.

Another thing that I give MSS credit for is that they purchased a thermal scanner in time for the school opening specially now that parents are scared for the welfare of their kids because of the A(N1H1) virus. All students, parents and even yayas will be scanned before allowed entry. My mom was telling me that there was a kid last week that has a temperature of 37.7 and was sent home. At least they are really vigilant about A(N1H1). I bet they must have bought a lot of supplies too from Allegro Medical like hand sanitizer, disposable latex gloves, alcohol, face masks and the like to make sure that proper hygiene is being observed at school. I am sure they will find all of this in Allegro since they are the leading online provider for all medical and health care needs.

MSS will be Bela’s second home as she will spend her time there almost 3 hours per day, 5x a week so I am glad that the school staffs are really taking good care of their students.

Green Cocoon's First Week

MSS have no official website and during class, parents are only allowed to bring their kids in the classroom and will just have to wait for them downstairs while the class is on-going. That is why when Teacher Sarah informed me during orientation that she set up a Multiply site where she will upload pictures taken during class, I was really thrilled as I at least will have an idea what is going on in class.

Here are some pictures that I snagged from the Green Cocoon’s multiply site:

.: @ the romp - Bela's Favorite :..: Doing her Chinese Worksheet :..: Listening to Teacher's Story during Library Day :..: Look how big Bela's classmates are :..: Bela making her Father's Day Card :..: In the Computer Room :.
I got excited upon seeing the picture of Bela looking like a pro when she was in front of the computer at school. Now I know why Bela likes to play with our computer every time she sees me working on my laptop. She will tell me that she wants to play with letters and numbers. And I am so glad that at least basing from the pictures, looks like she is indeed having fun at school.

Loot Fairy saves my day

For two weekends, we have been checking out almost all Toy King and Toys R’ Us store in my search for an apron for Bela that she needs at school. Kelly informed me that she got Manu’s from the Crayola booth either at Toys R’ Us or Toy Kingdom but I visited Toys R’ Us and Toy Kingdom and I even called all their branches to check if they have the Crayola apron in stock but I was out of luck.

I checked our Mothercare in Trinoma and I found a water resistant apron bib. It is a little small for an apron and it is only up to Bela’s waist but since I can’t find any, I just settled for this. But thanks to Kelly, she gave me the site of Loot Fairy, a multiply seller.

Transacting with Loi (the owner) is easy. I just filled out the online order form, then she emailed me the order form with the bank details, then I deposited the payment at BPI, I just texted her to inform her of my deposit (I didn’t even have to fax the deposit slip), and then the next day she shipped it via Air 21.

So here is Loot Fairy’s SMOX semi water resistant apron for kids.

.: Photo snagged from Loot Fairy's site :.

The size is just right for Bela and Bela loves the design too. Thanks again Loi and Kelly.

For Bela

My mom has been bugging me to buy a new earring for my daughter. You see she used to wear the earring that I handed down to her. Then I bought her a new pair but being the playful kid that she is, she lost the new earring that I bought for her.

Good thing I remembered Holsted Jewelers which was recommended to me by a friend. My friend showed me this site where she usually buys her jewelries and now I know why she is a loyal customer of Holsted Jewelers.

They have a wide range of designs that has been meticulously crafted by their designers. And since they have their own designers, all their jewelries are unique and something that you won’t find in a retail store. And the bonus is their jewelry sets are so affordable but I can be assured that it is of high quality.

I found a simple and classic earring for my daughter and I even found discount costume jewelry for myself. Do check out their site and I am sure you won’t leave their site without getting something from their collection.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

1st week at MSS - SY 2009 - 2010

Bela survived her first week at her new school. I did not take a leave on her first day and it was just her lola who brought her to school. I was on leave during her first day at summer class and I feel that she is almost adjusted to her new setup so I decided not to take a leave last week to bring Bela to school.

According to my mom she was so excited on her first day. She was already ready by 7:45 AM (her class starts at 8:30 AM so they leave the house around 8 AM), all dressed up in her uniform, and she even fetched her lola at their house and she was saying “Time for school, time for school.” She is also so happy that everybody was wearing the same clothes. Bela kept on saying “We are all wearing white and blue squares!”

I am glad also that the school purchased a thermal scanner in time for the opening of the school and all students including the fetchers, the parents and everybody who will be coming in and out of the school will be scanned first before allowed entry at the school premises. At least this will give us peace of mind that they are vigilant about H1N1 virus. But just the same, I plan to get a Blue Advantage health insurance for all of us so we will be sure that we are covered whatever happens. (Especially we might be going out of the country this August and September).

Every time we arrived home, I will interview Bela on what they did at school and she will excitedly share stories about what happened at school. Here are some of them:

Bela: “Mom we went to the library. We read books.”
(Every Wednesday is their Library day).

Bela: “I have a gift for daddy for daddy’s day.”
(They made a card for Father’s Day).

Bela: “Mom I am the leader. My classmates are following me.”
(I think everyday they are assigned to be the leader for a particular task).

I already received Bela’s first anecdotal report but it just discusses the activities that they did at school and is not particularly written for Bela. I was so amazed also as they have a Chinese lesson and Bela can already identify the Chinese characters for boy, girl, school, and teacher. Hopefully she is really having a good time at school…

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Swimming Class @ Ace Water Spa

I noticed I haven’t posted pictures taken during Bela’s swimming lessons. Well actually she doesn’t have that much pictures because Howell was always working overtime during the first three sessions of Bela’s class so we don’t have a photographer. But here are some pictures that I took a couple of weeks ago(Pardon the pictures since some are a bit dark or blurred since I can’t find the right setting to take good pictures. I really have to buy my own point and shoot cam since I don’t think I will ever learn how to operate Howell’s SLR cam. LOL.:

Howell is really Bela’s official swimming buddy. I have to take his place only if he is working overtime on a weekend, otherwise, he has to be the one who will accompany Bela during class. I prefer it that way. Aside from the fact that the class is tiring (LOL), I want Howell to join Bela because she is not a control freak or an over protective dad like me. If Bela is with me during class, I feel that she is not enjoying that much because I have to stop her from doing things that she enjoys like swimming on her own because you know as a mom, I am paranoid that something bad will happen. But if she is with Howell, Howell lets her enjoy and have fun. (I admit, I am a corny mom. LOL). But I am just after her welfare you know.

Actually Bela is still not finish with her class. She only goes to class once a week and her class was canceled 4 times I think during the summer season so I think she will finish her class by July pa. This is just okay since I plan to enroll her to swimming class the whole year but I am still thinking if I will transfer her to Aqua Logic after her class with BLSS.

Short Summer Dress from Katrice Wear: Shipped

They’re here, the short summer dress that I ordered from Katrice Wear. As promised, Marissa was able to ship our dresses via JRS Express. She texted me Tuesday to inform me that she already shipped the dresses and by Wednesday, it was delivered at our doorstep.

I was so excited that I ripped open the package as soon as I saw it. I asked Bela that we try it on. Bela was already on her PJs and is sleepy already but wen she saw me wearing the dress, she was all up to trying her dress too. I have to do a little convincing though and I have to tell her that we have to try it on since we will be wearing it the next day when we go to the mall. And she said, “How about we wear it when we go to Singapore?” And I just said Yes, even though I don’t know when our next trip to Singapore will be. LOL.

I know Jane and Marissa carried the dress much better than I am. LOL. This made me realized that I really have to take diet pills since I am really gaining weight already. But good thing the style of the dress is a little loose so my tummy is not showing. But I love it. I love it so much that Bela and I wore it the next day when we accompanied my brother for his Pamanhikan. Howell haven’t downloaded the pictures yet but here is our picture wearing the dresses after we tried it on the nigth that we received the package.

My Future Cecile Licad

I shot this video when she was just two years old.

At early age, we can already see her love for music just like her dad. Every time we go to our friend’s house, she will never fail to check out the piano of my friend and she will play piano non stop until it is time for us to go home.

Now that she is three years old, one of her favorite TV show on Playhouse Disney is the Little Einsteins. Quincy, one of the characters from the show, just loves to play musical instruments and I think letting Bela watched it has helped developed Bela into becoming a musically inclined kid. Would you believe she can identify all kinds of instruments from a saxophone, an oboe, a tuba, a guitar, a violin, snare drum, bass drum, etc. You name it and she can quickly identify each of the instruments. I don’t know the difference between a snare drum and a bass drum, let alone identify all the other instruments.

But I am really glad that she is developing a love for music. You see, that is one of my frustrations. LOL. So as early as now, I am checking out piano lessons already like the online piano lessons of Yoke Wong which I read is really an effective way to learn how to play the piano. Can you blame me? I don’t have any talents so I want my kids to be as talented as their father so I have to find ways to develop that talent in Bela. And that's our role right, to hone the gifts of our children.

Officially a Preschooler

Last May 30 was the last day of enrollment at MSS, Bela’s new school for this coming school year. I have asked my mom to go to Bela’s school to enroll Bela as I have a party to attend to that day.

I had to wait until the last day to enroll Bela because like what I said before, I am still thinking twice if we are making the right decision in moving her to a mix progressive and traditional school. But after talking to some of my friends like Jane and Jody, who have been in the same situation as I am, I got convinced that Bela will really have to adjust. eventually It may not be now, but she will be moving to a big school where the setup is totally different from a progressive school, so it is better that we let her adjust now than wait until it is time for her to move to big school.

I always ask Bela if she likes her new school and she always answer Yes so I guess she is really happy with her new school. But I just enrolled her for the first quarter as I am still not 100% happy with our decision. At least, if ever I see that Bela is really having a hard time and is not enjoying school, then I can just move her to another school and I don’t have to worry if I can get a refund from her tuition or not.

Her schedule will be from Monday to Friday at 8:30 AM. I made reservations for the 9 AM class last February but when I called MSS, I learned that the teacher for the 9 AM class is the teacher who commented that Bela is “makulit” (yup that’s her term) when I approached her on the first day of class to ask how's Bela at class. And since Bela’s personal choice is Teacher Sarah, who is her teacher during summer class for Magic Strokes, I decided to transfer her to the 8:30 AM schedule instead.

So there, looks like everything is settled and she is ready for her first day of school on June 16. Look at her wearing her school uniform. It is still a little loose so we have to send it for repair. But isn’t she just so cute? She is now officially, a preschooler.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

She is a Lion!

For a week now, Bela has been wearing this almost everyday (for the whole day) while she is playing at home:

My mom said that she saw a lion while she was watching one of her favorite shows and she remembered that she has a lion costume and so she asked my mom to let her wear her costume. And since then it would be difficult for us to make her wear any other clothes except for her lion costume. LOL.

I can’t believe that she has grown so fast. She has a mind of her own now and looks like she is already making decisions for herself. But I am so proud of my daughter. She is really growing up to be a smart and independent girl.

That is why I am so thankful for my husband for giving me our beautiful, smart, sweet and charming daughter, Ysabela. And since Father’s Day will be in just a few weeks I am now looking for a perfect gift that we can give Howell for his special day. I was just checking free online auctions site like Webstore and I found some great sports memorabilia that I am sure my husband will go crazy for. What is nice about Webstore is that there are no fees if I want to buy or sell anything from their site. I am sure I will be able to find something here as our perfect Father’s Day gift for Howell.