Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Loot Fairy saves my day

For two weekends, we have been checking out almost all Toy King and Toys R’ Us store in my search for an apron for Bela that she needs at school. Kelly informed me that she got Manu’s from the Crayola booth either at Toys R’ Us or Toy Kingdom but I visited Toys R’ Us and Toy Kingdom and I even called all their branches to check if they have the Crayola apron in stock but I was out of luck.

I checked our Mothercare in Trinoma and I found a water resistant apron bib. It is a little small for an apron and it is only up to Bela’s waist but since I can’t find any, I just settled for this. But thanks to Kelly, she gave me the site of Loot Fairy, a multiply seller.

Transacting with Loi (the owner) is easy. I just filled out the online order form, then she emailed me the order form with the bank details, then I deposited the payment at BPI, I just texted her to inform her of my deposit (I didn’t even have to fax the deposit slip), and then the next day she shipped it via Air 21.

So here is Loot Fairy’s SMOX semi water resistant apron for kids.

.: Photo snagged from Loot Fairy's site :.

The size is just right for Bela and Bela loves the design too. Thanks again Loi and Kelly.


mm said...

meron dn plastic apron na disney sa kids station pang art sya tlga

Loot said...

Hi Mommy. Thanks for this. SMOX is semi-water resistant so it works well with art activities. May I link your site to mine?