Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cats and Dogs

My brother and I are like cats and dogs when we were little and Cobi and Bela are just like that now. Well, Cobi is actually the culprit as he always teases his ate. Good thing Bela is such as understanding ate that she will always give in for his little brother.

But if there is one thing that both of them agreed on, then it is they both love strawberry donuts:

Just look at them enjoying their donuts from Dunkin Donuts as we dined in a Vietnamese resto. LOL.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Go Green Initiative

As part of St. Scholastica’s aim in helping to protect the environment, they have launched a campaign in school wherein all food concessionaires will no longer use plastic containers and students are asked to bring their own containers when buying from the canteen. Students are also encouraged to bring their own lunch box so as to avoid using plastic containers that adds to the pollution.

Because of this, the students are more aware now of our growing problems with global warming and on how in their own little way, can they help stop it.

Thus we are extending this campaign even at home and we have started with our own green steps by using green cleaning products, recycling and more which can really help in the sustainability of mother earth.

New PEARLS Volunteer

Last July 6, we all went to Batia, Bulacan as it is the scheduled feeding program of Project PEARLS there. Batia, Bulacan is the new home of our families from Ulingan after they have been relocated.

Bela met some of the kids in Ulingan when we invited a number of them during Cobi’s birthday party and since then, she always asked me when she will get a chance to meet them again. So when they got relocated in Bulacan where the air that they breathe is clean compared to the toxic smoke that they inhale in Ulingan, we figured that we can now bring our kids every time we go there to volunteer.

It is Bela and Cobi’s second time in Bulacan and I am really glad that they both had fun especially Bela. I explained to her the importance of what she did and how much she has helped the families in Ulingan and I am really proud of her because I can really see how much she enjoyed what we did and how fulfilled she was knowing that she was able to help.