Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bela's Thursday Schedule in School

Every Thursday, Bela will be in school the whole day from 7:20 Am to 4 PM compared to her regular schedule where she gets off from school at 1 PM or 12 noon. This means she has to eat lunch in school which worries me because she is a slow eater.

For her snacks alone, she will go home having only a bite of whatever she has for snacks and every time when I ask her why she did not finish her food, she will tell me that she did not have much time.

That is why we told her that she should learn to eat fast, by herself. Look at this picture:

We asked her to try eating chicken all by herself without yaya’s help. She was able to finish it….after almost an hour. LOL.

Hope she will imitate her classmates and she will be able to finish her lunch also. Otherwise she might loose weight again which I don't want to happen….:-(

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cobi & Bela's New Hideout

This is Bela and Cobi’s new hideout:
This is the free space just right outside our bedroom. Hubby decided to setup the extra TV and DVD player that we have so Bela and Cobi can enjoy their favorite shows and DVD while their dad can watch NBA in the living room. LOL.

But my kids love staying in this area. There is enough room for them to play and they have easy access to their toys too, which are located in their room. There is also a big door leading to the terrace just beside the TV, which brings in a lot of air to the room, so they find it very comfortable.

This inspired me to decorate the space a bit. Maybe some kids bean bags, bookshelves, toy organizers and the like that will add a lit style and organization to this room.

Just look at these ideas, which I got from Pinterest: 

Bela's Week 2 in Grade 1

Last Wednesday, Bela went home sad and she immediately told her lola when her lola fetched her that she had a bad day in school. It is because she received warnings from her Filipino and Math teacher.
When I asked her about it, she told me that her teacher kind of got a little mad at her when she rested her head on the table. Her teacher called her attention and Bela said that her teacher was asking her to move in front. Bela said that she refused to move because she doesn’t want to leave her proper seat. Bela did this not because she doesn’t want to follow her teacher but I know that she got scared already and she is trying to correct what she did by staying in her proper seat, and not move in front when she was asked by her teacher.

Bela also said that she cried during Math when her teacher asked her to repeat everything that she has done in her notebook. She said that she was too tired already and so she cried when she was asked to do it again.

Bela can be really playful at times and I know that Grade 1 is really a big adjustment for her. Imagine, from Prep when they have only two teachers (the adviser and the music teacher), they now have 8 different teachers so it is 8 different personalities that she has to adapt. I have spoken to Bela’s Prep teacher during the last PTC for Prep and have aired my concerns because I know Bela can still be a little immature for her age. But every time something like this happens, she always go home sad because I know she wanted to do the right thing.

My only sentiment is that I hope her teachers will not be that tough on her. I know this is a good learning experience for her but it is just the second week of school so I am hoping that they will give the kids a time to adjust, as I know that the transition to Grade 1 will really be a big adjustment not just for her, but also to all her classmates.

Bela is a smart girl and she is a good girl too. I have explained to her that teachers are the bosses when inside the classroom and she should not be doing anything else while her teacher is talking. I am sure if her teacher will just explain to her, she will understand and she will comply.

It pains me especially when I learned that she cried in class. This is a first time for Bela, as she never cried, ever, even when she started going to school at the age 2.5 so I really got worried. I know this are growing pains for her but I just hope that her teachers will also give her time to adjust and will help her in the transition process.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Week in Grade 1

Bela survived her first week in big school. It was an orientation week and a getting-to-know each other week, as they don’t have any formal lessons yet. I was with Bela on her first day and mostly, their teacher just gave the kids an orientation of the usual class routines.

Yesterday, I asked Bela what they did in class and she told me that they had a tour of the school so they won’t get lost. She was so excited as she tells me the story and she told me that some of her classmates were crying, as they are scared to get lost in school.

I was worried for Bela actually as I know that the setup in Grade 1 will have a huge difference when she was just in Jr and Sr Prep. But just like what my husband and my friends have been telling me, I should forget about negative thoughts and I should just have full confidence with my daughter.

I know they are right because I know that Bela is a smart girl and I should just let her spread her wings. Who knows someday she will have her own IT company with error and omission insurance so her company will be secure and stable no matter what happens, or she can be an artist or a writer.

But whatever Bela plans for her future, we her parents will just be here to support her all the way.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Day High in Grade 1

I am in senti mode yesterday. I took a day off so I can take Bela to school as it is her first day after the summer vacation. I can’t believe that I already have a grade-schooler.

Parents were still allowed to enter the school grounds and so I was able to help her carry her things. She has a lot as she has 15 books, 9 notebooks and 9 folders. I guided her to her new classroom (which was the same room when she was in Jr. Prep) and helped her settle down in her chair. 

Senti mode: My GradeschoolerBack to schoolTeacher orienting the students with their daily routine

She asked me if I have no work and I told her that I took a day off so I can bring her to school. I asked her is she can already manage on her own on her second day and she confidently said yes.

I am a bit worried for her as this is a big school setup already. She will have 8 different teachers for all her 8 subjects. She will even have Filipino and Sibika at Kultura subjects now.

I still see her as my baby. But I know I can’t stop her from growing up. Soon she will be using pls laser for experiments in school, choose her course in college, and many more. 

My prayer for now is that she will be able to adjust well in this new setup. My husband was telling me that he knows that Bela will do well and I should not be worried. I guess what I am feeling now is just natural for mommies. I guess it is time for me to accept that Bela is no longer a baby and I should let her spread her wings.

Her New Pet

Bela wishes to have a pet dog Chihuahua. We told her that we can probably give it to her on her birthday because (1) we still have to save so we can afford to buy the dog and (2) we still have to see if she can be responsible enough to take care of her own pet.

But everyday she won’t stop in trying to convince us to get her a pet and so to make her stop even just for a while and her price at the same time since she has been doing Kumon even while on vacation, we decided to bring her to Cartimar Pet Center to get her a pet. And just look at what she got: 

Bela likes this parrot. Pero need pa pagipunanSo we end up buying Mac & Polly, para pasok sa budget. Hehe

Love birds. Well this is the only pet that we can afford for now and at least this is low maintenance. LOL. But hubby and I are glad to see how happy and excited Bela is with her new pet.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Bag for Grade 1

I was reading the memo that I received upon enrollment and I learned stroller bags are not allowed in school. I was worried at first as I just shopped for Bela’s things and she will have 15 books, 10 notebooks, 8 folders, and her other stuff like her pencil case plus a separate lunch bag, so I know that it will be a heavy load.

Thankfully I learned from Mrs. Del Rosario, Bela’s teacher in Prep, that they only need to bring home their notebooks everyday and the books will just be left in school. But still 9 notebooks is a lot so I have to buy a bigger bag for her. She only has small bags when she was in Kinder and Prep, which can’t accommodate her 9 notebooks.

Bela loves animals so I know a bag with animal prints will really make her feel excited to go to school. And so I ordered her bag from Beatrix and she was just the happiest when she saw it:
Ready for Schoola
It is a little pricey compared to her Skip Hop bags and I was not able to find any online coupon to get discounts but this is the only brand that I found which has animal prints and looks durable to hold her things.

I will be bringing Bela to school today. I am one excited and anxious mom.