Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cobi & Bela's New Hideout

This is Bela and Cobi’s new hideout:
This is the free space just right outside our bedroom. Hubby decided to setup the extra TV and DVD player that we have so Bela and Cobi can enjoy their favorite shows and DVD while their dad can watch NBA in the living room. LOL.

But my kids love staying in this area. There is enough room for them to play and they have easy access to their toys too, which are located in their room. There is also a big door leading to the terrace just beside the TV, which brings in a lot of air to the room, so they find it very comfortable.

This inspired me to decorate the space a bit. Maybe some kids bean bags, bookshelves, toy organizers and the like that will add a lit style and organization to this room.

Just look at these ideas, which I got from Pinterest: