Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bela’s Milestones at 2 years and 6 months

It’s been a while since I last post Bela’s milestone so here it goes:

  • She knows all the animals even the not so common one for a two year old like the flamingo, seal, koala, otters, cheetah, hyena, kangaroo, moose, etc. She even knows how to differentiate a goose from a duck.

  • She knows all the different modes of transportation like the bicycle, train, bus, tractor, car, jeepney, etc. And she can identify it if ever we see one on the road.
  • She knows when to use the following phrases:

    • Who is that?
    • What are your doing?
    • Scary, mom.
    • Help me please.
    • This way.
    • Where are you going?
    • Fix it.
    • Come back.
    • Don’t cry.
    • Dad, where are you?
    • See yah guys.
    • Bye guys.
    • Let’s go.
    • Good job Sassy dog.
    • This is…. (She always starts her sentence when she identifies things with the phrase “This is…” or “A”)
  • She has overgrown Barney and her favorite TV shows now are Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Club House, My friends Tigger and Pooh, Backyardigans, Handy Manny and other shows from Play House Disney Channel.
  • She definitely loves to dance and sing. When we’re at our car and Howell is listening to his CDs, Bela would sing together with the songs “Three Little Birds”, “I Shot the Sheriff”, “Yellow Submarine”, “Good Day, Sunshine” and other songs of Bob Marley, and Beatles. And she really knows the lyrics.
  • She just finished her summer class at Toddlers Unlimited and she really did well. She enjoyed the class and didn’t even cry even for one single instance during the entire duration of the summer class. I was with her inside the classroom during her first day of class but she was on her own from her second day onwards. She was able to adjust right away and got really comfortable with her teachers and her classmates. She is now enrolled for the coming school year at Toddlers Unlimited.
  • She is so independent hat she always eats and plays on her own.
  • Have a Healthy Lifestyle

    Exercise, as we all know is very good for our health. Most people today are very conscious when it comes to their fitness that’s why they already considered exercise in their daily routine so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. These can also be a great way of burning calories that are too dangerous to our body systems.

    We have different types of exercises which can surely help us to be more physically fit. Walking is one of the best, effective and easiest ways to exercise our body. Likewise, we can do jogging or even go to the gym and try different machines like treadmills, stationary bike and much more.

    Furthermore, we should also consider a balance diet and avoid eating fatty and oily foods that will eventually damage our systems. We should also avoid smoking and drinking alcohols as these can harm our body through the diseases that it cause.

    We should always remember to take care of our body and be more responsible with our actions and we must learn to discipline ourselves in order for us to be healthy and fit. We should always take note the different ways of improving and maintaining our health so we can be safe with the possible diseases that may occur.

    Fashion Make Over

    I love watching television shows which feature home make over and a lot more, just like in Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I am pretty amazed with the transformation that they do each episode that’s why I can really say that they are in fact 100% professionals when it comes to style and fashion.

    Whenever I watch their episode, I always try to figure out by myself the different styles that they are applying to create a new fashion looks. I always recognized the transformation done at the house including the stuffs in the kitchen, the home theater furniture in the living room and even in the bedroom and bathroom.

    Personally, I do apply it on my own lifestyle to create a new fashion statement that will match my personality. By then, I can definitely have a better place to live with and I can easily enjoy my time with my family while staying at home.

    Friendly Pets

    Pets are sometimes considered by some as part of their hobbies, best friend or even part of their family. Some people enjoy spending much time with their favorite pets rather than hanging out at the bar. Surely, they even prefer to spend more money to give the best care for their pets rather than spending it with the latest gadgets that we have.

    Owning a pet may sometimes take great responsibilities since you have to provide them with pet supplies in order for them to have a healthy living. More so, you also have to give them proper care and attention in order for them to feel loved and protected because pets may somehow be similar with us humans.

    Saturday, May 24, 2008

    Best Drug Abuse Antidote

    Drug menace is one of the most debilitating social maladies that was written in the fabric of the universe that mankind has witnessed far and wide cut across all racial and economic groups, transcends all genders from the plushy mansions of the rich and shanties of the poor. The reportage deteriorating side effects of drug abuse likes it maims, kills, broke erstwhile happy families apart continue to circulate to caveat everyone does not serve as a strong deterrent but instead its pernicious influence continues to expand and grow across zillion of individuals from all nations great and small with ever increasing impunity days after days and years after years.

    The growing drug abuse menace is a reality that despites the massive efforts of every authorities and institutions concern to eradicate it may still take years and is the inconvenient truth that we have to live for a while. But the fight against this frowzy trade doesn’t end here as its horrible effects for every individual lured into the illicit drug use leads to catastrophic end if this fiend habit continued. Every governments and kingdoms in the four corners of the globe thru the help of private institutions address this drug menace by setting up drug rehab centers with programs specifically design with prime objectives and goals to cure and restore sober living to those fallen victims of these illicit drug used. The treatment processes at the center maybe tedious at the start as the craving effect of drugs doesn’t go away easy like a zit, but because it is under the guidance and supervision of professional doctors who are closely attune to the problems makes no reasons for the patient to be skeptical which give the institution the chance to achieve unparalleled success in their tasks with dramatic passions and recipient of all the accolades for their contributions in the well being of human race. So if you think you are one among the described individuals or you know someone who falls under the described category, you know what to do and where exactly the right place to go. Please do it now a.s.a.p. when you still have the luxury of time and return once again to your bright and colorful life together with all your love ones.

    Thursday, May 22, 2008

    Last day at TU & some online shopping

    Today is Bela’s last day at Toddlers Unlimited. They will be having a friendship day where they will spend their class along with the other students of Toddlers Unlimited at the playground in Salcedo Park. It is also snack sharing day and they were asked to bring something that they can share with their classmates. I bought some Go Nuts Donuts last night and this is what Bela will be sharing with her classmates.

    I was not able to go since two of my colleague was on leave so I have to stay in the office. So to make it up with Bela, I plan to buy some things for her, from my favorite online toy store: allaboardtoys.com. This will be our sort of graduation gift for her for being able to finish and enjoy her summer class.

    .: The Backyardigans Beanie Babies Plush Toy Gift Pack :.

    .: The Backyardigans Dress Up Tin Lunch Box :.

    .: Uniqua the Lady in Pink Adventure Musical Plush Clip-On :.

    .: Mickey Shaped Plate :.

    .: 2pc. Easy Grip Flatware Set :.

    My mom brought the camera with her so hopefully she was able to catch some great shots that I can share here later.

    Sunday, May 18, 2008

    Anecdotal Report - Apr 29 & May 13

    Toddlers Unlimited
    Anecdotal Report

    Child’s Name: Bela
    Teacher/s: Maica and Nyra
    Date: April 29, 2008
    Class: Raindrops

    We thought you might want to know:

    Bela is definitely enjoying school! Each day, she enters the yellow room with a big smile on her face! :-) This little explorer goes around the room and finds a new toy to play with each time. Last week, she was found of the Roll and Catch Playhouse and Animal Peek-a-boo box, both good fine motor activities.

    Teacher Nyra

    Child’s Name: Bela
    Teacher/s: Maica and Nyra
    Date: May 13, 2008
    Class: Raindrops

    We thought you might want to know:

    Bela enjoys using her imagination during Free Play. Last Thursday, Bela lined up all the animals under the chair. And when her teacher asked where are all the animals going, Bela excitedly answered “Under the bridge.” :-)

    Teacher Maica

    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    Bela, the Preschooler

    It is official; my daughter is a preschooler this coming school year.

    I went to Toddlers Unlimited yesterday (and yes I walked that five blocks again from office to Toddlers Unlimited) so I can check on Bela and enroll her for the coming school year. After much consideration and discussion, we all agree that Toddlers Unlimited is the best school for her this year.

    Bela really enjoys her summer class and according to my mom and her teacher, she is really adapting well to the program. Just like what my husband has said, Bela is having a great time at TU since she gets to do all the things that she loves doing which is playing, singing, dancing, listening to stories and interacting with other kids.

    She will belong to the Jumping Joys class and she gets to attend class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:30 – 3:30 PM (which means they can wait for me to get off from work at 4:30 so I can get a free ride home. LOL)

    I was given a school calendar yesterday and their schedule includes family day, field trip, parties and even school program. I can now imagine my daughter going to school regularly and I can’t wait for her first performance and participation in a school program.

    So there, I can’t believe I now have a preschooler and I’m rally excited in seeing Bela enjoys her class at Toddlers Unlimited.

    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    Bela and her mother’s day gift

    I was so happy when I arrived home last Thursday as my daughter greeted me with her Mother’s Day gift for me. They did their art work that day where their teachers asked them to make their hand print. Their teachers cut each of this hand print and pasted it together with our family picture and a poem about Mother’s Day.

    The poem goes:

    I miss you when we’re not together
    I’m growing up so fast
    See how big I’ve gotten
    Since you saw me last?
    The years will fly right by.
    You’ll wonder how I grew so quick
    When and where and why?
    So look upon this handprint
    That’s hanging on your wall
    And memories will come back to me,
    When I was very small.

    Happy mother’s day!

    As soon as she sees me, she run to get her art work and hand it to me. She even put her hand on her hand print to show me that it is her hand print. I was so touched. My Mother’s Day is so complete. I am one proud mom and I’m happy and I could not ask for anything for more.

    On a side note, I am happy that my daughter is really having a great time at Toddler’s Unlimited. Every time we tell her that she will go to school, she always looks so excited and will say “Go to school, go to school.” According to my mom (who always accompanies Bela to school) she is very much comfortable with her classmates and teachers and she is always happy when she is at school. And on their way there and home, she will sing different songs that they sing at school which really proves that she is excited to attend class. I will enroll her next week for the coming school year. I’m glad that we really made a right choice in enrolling her at Toddlers Unlimited.

    And here are some more of their art work.

    .: Her artwork when we had her trial class :.

    Friday, May 09, 2008

    Spa tomorrow with Bela and Hubby

    Tomorrow will be Bela’s third day of class for her swimming lessons. And I’m excited since I will be joining her class too.

    As I mentioned in my previous posts, Ace Water Spa is strict when it comes with the number of companions that can join each student for the class. And if both I and my husband want to join the class, I have to pay P500 as entrance fee to the spa. So it is only Howell who joins Bela to class every Saturday.

    But tomorrow, I will be joining them and attend her class too then we can all enjoy the amenities of the Spa after class. Since it is mother’s day, my husband thought that having a spa will be one great way to celebrate my special day and at the same time, he and Bela can have fun too. And since we haven’t been to any beaches this summer, at least we can enjoy swimming and we don’t have to travel that far to have a refreshing dip at the pool.

    So I’m excited for tomorrow. I have long been wanting a massage and finally I will get to have one tomorrow. Although it’s a different kind of massage since Ace Water Spa offers hydro therapy massage.

    Tuesday, May 06, 2008

    Play House Disney

    This is Bela’s favorite channel now. She loves watching Thomas and Friends, Backyardigans, Little Einsteins, Jojo Circus, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Mickey Mouse Club House and a whole lot of shows. In fact I think she loves all the shows on the Play House Disney channel. What we like about the shows under this channel is that the shows are all educational and are for kids. Not like the cartoon network channel which have the Sponge Bob show and we find some of the scenes and languages there to be unfit and violent for kids.

    But the problem is, that channel is not available in our subscription since we only have the Gold plan of Sky Cable. So there are times that Bela will stay in her lola’s house to watch and would not want to go home so she always ends up spending the night at her lola’s house.

    We initially planned to upgrade our cable subscription last month but due to unexpected car repair expenses, we have to postpone our plan to upgrade our cable subscription.

    Good thing now that Sky Cable is offering that channel until May 31 as part of their promotion of the Platinum plan. So my daughter gets to enjoy the shows under the play house Disney channel. Hopefully, before May 31, we will have the budget for our cable plan upgrade.

    Saturday, May 03, 2008

    TLG International Summer Quarter

    The Philippine Summer quarter at the Little Gym is almost half way finish. They are now accepting registration for the International Summer Quarter which will run from June 1, 2008 to August 23, 2008. If you wish to get discounts, register early as they are giving 15% discounts for tuition and membership fees if you register and pay before May 4, 2008.

    We will not be enrolling Bela for the summer quarter as she we will be enrolling her for the regular school year at Toddlers Unlimited. Bela stayed at Little Gym for three quarters and I can say that she really learned a lot from the Little Gym. She is more confident and friendlier after attending classes here. And since the program incorporates developmental gymnastics, she has grown to be a really strong and tough kid.

    So if you’re thinking on whether to enroll your kid for a class at Little Gym, don’t think twice as it is really a good program.

    You can contact the Little Gym at the following numbers:

    TLG Makati: 815-1735
    TLG Alabang
    TLG Pasig: 637-2463