Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas 2007

This was Bela’s 3rd Christmas and the first Christmas that she was aware of what’s going on around her. She is joining her other cousins in opening the gifts and was very excited to receive gifts from all her titos, tita, lolos and lolas.

I posted some pictures taken last Christmas in my other blog. You can take a look at it here.

Our weekend after Christmas

Last Saturday, we’re supposed to attend the free Christmas camp at the Little Gym at 10 Am but since Howell accepted a pre-nup shoot in the afternoon, we both got lazy to wake up early to attend the camp. Howell’s shoot will be at the Global Fun Carnival and so he’s asking us to go with him. But being yaya less, I can already imagine Bela tirelessly running around and I would be following her. So I thought it would just be one tiring day if we join Howell, so we just decided to stay at home and played with her new V smile-TV system.

Sunday, Howell has another pre-nup shoot again for their wedding on January 18. He left around 9 AM for the shoot and so we have to get up early. When he arrived, we immediately left to go to Rockwell. We had a nice photo shoot there as there are a lot of spots perfect for photo opps. I’ll have a separate kwento about this when I’m finished downloading all our pictures so I can post my kwento together with the pictures.

I checked some paid blogging sites and I only have one opps today. But that’s ok as I'm already sleepy and I still have to go to work tomorrow (tindi ng office ko noh?..LOL). So, good night everyone. Have to hit the sack now.

Christmas 2007 Pictures

As promised, just want to share with you some of our pictures taken last December 25.

.: picture by the xmas tree @ our home :.

.: bela wearing her lola pen's belt :.

.: w/ bela's lolas & titas :.

.: with my mom :.

.: with lolo june :.

.: the apos & apo sa tuhod :.

.: saying ty for her gifts :.

.: super excited for her pokemon collections :.

.: ang puno at ang mga bunga :.

.: bela's gifts from mom & dad :.

.: bela's loots :.

More pictures to come: Pictures with Howell’s family. (I’ll try to resize it later).

Friday, December 28, 2007

Bob Marley Fan

“Dont worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be all right.”

I just discovered that Bela loves Bob Marley. Hehehe. Howell downloaded Bob Marley songs and he has been playing it in the car yesterday on our way to Greenhills. And Bela was dancing with the song. Her favorite is Three Little Birds. It’s the theme song from the movie Shark Tale. She’s singing along with the player kahit puro dulong lyrics lang alam nya. LOL. “….wowi…..ol right”

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tito Jp’s Xmas Gift for Bela – TY Tito

We went to Greenhills yesterday to exchange the pants that I bought for Howell while he is gone. The size that I picked was too small for him. He has been pigging out when he was at US so he gained weight, thus, the pants that I bought for him won’t fit him. LOL.

After exchanging the pants, we drop by at our cell phone store to check on my brother. And guess what, he brought Bela to Toy Kingdom because he hasn’t bought a gift for her. He asked me what Bela wants and I can’t think of anything so I just told him to buy the Gazillion Bubble Maker. Unfortunately it is out of stock. So we went around to look for other items. My brother asked me if I want the TV Learning System (same as the V Smile TV Learning system) but I told him that Howell bought the V Smile TV learning System for Bela already. (So na diskubre ko tuloy na ganon pala kalaki budget nya…hehehe…). So I looked around for other stuff that I think Bela would love. And so I found this Leap Pad System.

They have a promo where it includes 3 books and a backpack. I showed it to my brother and he immediately said yes. Thanks bro, love you very much!! And the cartridges are on sale at 50% off (Buy 1 Take 1) so I bought two additional cartridges for Bela – Cars and Toy Story 2.

When we reached home, we immediately played with it. Even I loved it. Bela was so sleepy already but she doesn’t want to let go of her new toy. Sulit talaga tito ang gift mo. Thanks again bro.

Christmas 2007

Happy Holiday again to all my fellow bloggers. How has your Christmas been?

We had a busy holiday season. Howell arrived just in the nick of time last Dec 24. We first attended our Christmas eve mass at my alma mater at 8 PM. Then we had our dinner at my grand mother’s house and we left around 10:30 PM to fetch Howell at the airport. My cousin, my siblings and my aunts and uncles just waited for us at home while we fetch Howell at the airport. On our way to the airport, around 11 PM, I received a phone call from Howell. He’s here!! He was able to get out of the airport by 12 am and we hurriedly went home. Bela was still asleep and so he was not able to welcome her dad home.

Howell didn’t eat while he’s on the plane, as he is getting ready for his noche Buena. He immediately head to our dining room when we reached our grandmother’s house (he is that hungry). We had a short drinking session after and we went home around 2 AM so Howell can take a rest.

When we reached our house, he immediately unpacked his luggage so I can wrap all our gifts for Bela (talk bout cramming…hehehe). I finished packing around 3:30 AM and we both hit the sack after that.

Bela woke up early come Christmas day and she was all smiles after seeing her dad. She immediately asked her dad to carry her. We spent the entire day at home for our Christmas reunion. We had lunch first and then we proceeded to our traditional gift giving. Everybody was happy after opening their gifts, specially Bela who was really happy with her Pokemon collections from her Lola Jie.

Howell was already feeling sleepy around 2 PM and so is Bela. And so both of them had their afternoon nap while the rest of us when back to our grandmother’s house to watched the edited video of our HK Trip.

Bela woke up around 5 PM and we started to hit the road again to spend Christmas with Howell’s family in Tandang Sora, QC. We had dinner and Bela was the center of attention again as she is so proud and confident in showing all her tricks to her titos and titas and cousins. She was dancing the papaya dance, she was doing her review of all the shapes and colors, and she even showed them that she could count from 1-10. I was one proud mom again. We went home around 10 PM as we’re all tired and sleepy already.

Howell took a lot of pictures (yes, our photographer is back). Haven’t got the time to download it yet but I’ll post some pictures as soon as I can find the time to download it.

Happy Holidays again to everyone.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Barney Live in Manila

We left the house at 5 Pm for the 7 PM show. I decided to leave early as I’m afraid that there might be a heavy traffic since it’s the Christmas season. But my dad knows a route where there is no traffic so we are already at Araneta by 5:30. We passed by at the main entrance to ask what time they will open the gate for the 7 PM show and then we head to Gateway for merienda. But Bela already saw the big screen showing the commercial for the Barney show inside the coliseum and so she was resiting when we are getting a seat at Pizza Hut to eat. Of course, the lolo gave in to his grand daughter’s whish and he said that we could go inside the coliseum na daw and he will just eat while waiting for us.

The gate is already open when we went back to the entrance and so we decided to go in na din. Thanks to Peachy’s tip, we we’re able to sneak in our SLR camera. Walang hassle at di ko na kailangang mag emote sa security guard. I just covered it with Bela’s diapers and the Barney stuffed toy and naipasok namin sya agad. (And maybe they’re more lenient na since it’s the last show na). Peachy gave me a tip also to go to the booth of Enfakid for a free pictorial with their Barney standee. So habang wala pang gaanong tao, we we’re able to avail of two free pictures from Enfakid. Then we just bought our food and went inside na.

Bela was starting to get a little scared when they dimmed the light inside when it’s almost time for the show to start. She wants me to carry her and she was hugging me and she was starting to have tantrums already. But right after seeing Barney when he came out of the stage, oh boy, she started to sing already and she was jumping with joy.

The Security permitted the kids to go in front of the stage. I tried to bring Bela there but she doesn’t want to be away from me and only kids are allowed to stay in front of the stage. So doon na lang kami umupo, sa center aisle ng first row. Pero noong medyo dumadami na yung tao, nag aya na si Bela back to our seats.

Naku, super sulit talaga yung ticket namin at super enjoy si Bela. She was dancing and singing and doing the action for the songs. After the show, she kept on saying “Watch Barney” and she was kissing and hugging her Barney stuffed toy. Hanggang sa car, nanggigigil sa tuwa at tili ng tili sabay kiss ulit kay Barney. Hay, like Joaqui, number one fan din talaga ni Barney si Bela.

Sharing some of the pictures that my sister took.

Side Kwento: While waiting for the show to start, there were staffs going around selling Barney souvenirs. I saw Bela standing in front of the staff selling the souvenirs and she was intently looking at the Barney items. So I asked her. “What do you want baby?” And then I told her she can get one thing there that she wants. She was holding a straw and right after hearing what I said, she immediately gave me the straw she was holding and then said “Ch-Chu.” (Thank You). Hay, nadurog na naman ang puso ko kaya kahit wala ako balak bumili dahil nga ang mahal (OA ang price), napabili tuloy ako ng plastic watch ng di oras kahit di ko type. LOL.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Our Gifts for Bela

Yippee, Howell was able to buy our Christmas gift for Bela already. Even before we found out that he will go to US for his training, we have been eyeing to buy the V Smile TV Learning system as our Christmas gift for Bela. And when I checked the Toys R Us online store, I discovered that it is only $50 compared to the P5000 price tag of V Smile here. So we will be able to save around P3000 if Howell can buy it there. So I have been bugging him to visit Target store to buy the V Smile and I told him that he have to buy it there by hook or by crook…hehehe

Since he plans to visit his relatives in NY over the weekend, he promised me that he will buy the V Smile at Toys R Us in NY. And so I was so happy when he told me last Sunday that he was able to buy the V Smile TV Learning system for Bela. He even bought 3 Cartridges for the V Smile since it’s almost 50% less than the price here. Since I have some $60 left in my pay pal account I asked him to buy additional cartridge for Bela and an aqua doodle (thanks for the suggestion Peachy) mini mat. And here are his purchases:

Hmm, looks like Bela will be opening a lot of gifts this Christmas. Sabi ko nga kay Howell dapat ata hindi naman ibigay lahat sa Christmas kse baka mag expect sya next year na ganon ulit kadami gifts nya. LOL.

Weekend minus Dad

Saturday, Bela and I we’re supposed to go to my office to attend the Christmas party for the kids but I decided not to go as my dad still has toyo so nobody will be driving for us. I decided to go to Chinese na lang since it’s Bela’s schedule for her last IPD shot and her follow up check up with her Pedia Cardiologist. We we’re first in line for her Pedia cardio. Bela was so behave when Dr. Ty was checking on her. He was just standing up and was not resisting (not like her last check up with Dr. Ty). Dr. Ty even manage to check Bela’s heart rate using a device that he has to clip on one of Bela’s fingers.

I was so happy and relieved with Dr. Ty’s findings. Sabi nya, graduate na daw si Bela sa kanya. He gave us a certificate saying that Bela’s VSD is close and there is no need for a follow up check up. I was so happy talaga. This is really the best Christmas gift that we ever received.

After a visit to Dr. Ty, we went to her Pedia for her IPD shot. Bela’s not in the mood already so she really cried after the shot even if Dr. Sebastian gave her a lollipop.

Late in the evening, my SK friends started arriving as we have a small get together at our house. We just had a nice dinner, a few drinks and a few chit chats. Since all of them brought their kids, we finished early and party’s over around 12 AM.

Sunday, was Bela’s last class at Little Gym. We brought Bela’s gifts for Sandro, Julianne and Joaqui. Good thing all of them are present so we we’re able to distribute all our Christmas gifts. Bela also received presents from Sandro and Joaqui. Bela still hasn’t open your gifts yet as I want her to open it on Christmas day. But I’m sure Bela will definitely love your gifts. Thanks again guys.

After class, we just had a quick lunch at McDo and then dropped by at Shangri-la because I want to buy additional blouses for Bela (sabi ko na nga ba di ko pa din mapapanindigan yung sinabi ko na yung crocs na yung last shopping ko for Bela this year. LOL). While I was waiting in line to pay, I saw Santa passed by and I immediately call yaya Cris and Bela. And the little girl was not even afraid of Santa since right afte seeing him, she immediately approached him and even sit on his lap. I asked yaya to bring Bela to the booth where Santa is so she can take a picture of Bela with Santa. They even lined up twice as Bela was not contented with her first encounter with Santa. Sabi nga daw ni Santa after seeing Bela again for the second time, “It’s you again!”

Below are some pictures of Bela with Santa. Pardon the pictures as I just used my cellphone’s camera. Sorry, wala si dad, kaya wala kami photographer.hehehe.

.: love na love si Santa :.

.: one more picture with Santa :.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bela Turns 2 - @ Hospicio de San Jose/11.16.2007

This is another back track kwento about Bela’s second birthday celebration at Hospicio de San Jose last November 16, 2007 (which is actually her actual birthdate).

We started celebrating Bela’s birthday at our chosen orphanage last year when she turned 1 year old. Howell and I have long been wanting to do charity work but really can’t find the time to organize one. And so when we received the good news from Bela’s cardiologist that the hole is her heart in starting to close, we thought that this is a sign and a reminder to us that God is really good and with all the blessing that we have been receiving, it is but right to pay it forward and share our blessing to others.

And so for this year, we decided to celebrate again Bela’s second birthday with the kids at Hospicio de San Jose. Below is a slide show that I created containing pictures taken during the party. You can read a detailed story of how the party went here:

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Stockings

This is Bela’s (together with her Tita Aliah & Tito Jego) Christmas socks where Santa will put goodies for them. Everyday, Santa (the lolos and lolas) will put goodies inside the socks. And everyday, they will look at the socks to check if Santa left something for them.

And every time Bela gets something from the socks, she will say: “Chu-chu Tanta” (Thank you, Santa).

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bela loves her Alice

Yesterday, yaya cris tried Bela’s new alice. Hindi kse naming sya nasukat ng maayos when we bougth it at may toyo na si Bela kaya sabi ko I-try nya ulit kay Bela kung ok na yung size na nabili ko. And after daw isuot, naku di na hinubad. She was wearing it when they went out to play. Pinapalitan ng yaya ko ng ibang shoes pero ayaw daw talaga. Kikay talaga si Bela, love na love nya ang bago nyang alice.

So my yaya was teasing me that I have to buy a new shoes for Bela kse nasuot na nya yung dapat na pamasko nya. Sabi ko magtigil sya at sobra na ang shopping ni Bela…hehehe

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Shopping for Bela

After Bela’s class at Little Gym last Sunday I asked my dad if he can take us to Greenhills because I want to buy a shoes to complete Bela’s Christmas attire. On our way to Greenhills Howell gave me a call. He told me that he’s now at Queens with his former officemate and they were able to visit a lot of places in NY (nangiingit na naman..hehehe). I told him that we’re on our way to Greenhills to buy a pair of shoes for Bela. He said that he already bought two shoes for Bela and there’s no need for me to buy another pair for her. Of course I said Yes. But being the shopaholic mom that I am, I still went to Greenhills to check if there is anything I can buy for Bela.

We went to Promenade to check out the newly released crocs for kids (got a tip from Peachy na maraming bagong crocs ngayon) and boy they are cute. I was just talking to one of the moms at Little Gym and she has been telling me that she doesn’t want to visit crocs because for sure she’ll go gaga shopping for more crocs for her son. And that’s what happened to me. There are a lot of designs that I like so I end up buying two more crocs for Bela:

I think Bela had enough shopping already. Promise last na to. LOL.