Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sick bela

Bela was sick last week. She has high grade fever since Tuesday but then it was on-off and her temperature is ranging from 36-39 the next day. We brought her to her pediatrician on Thursday since it has been days already and she still has on-off fever even after taking her medicines.

Her fever spike to 40 C Thursday evening and we panicked and we decided to bring her to the emergency room. They conducted urinalysis and blood test (CBC) for her so they can find out what’s causing the fever. We got the results the next day and her pediatrician prescribed an antibiotic as Bela have infection as seen on her blood exam.

Good thing we can easily order for medical supplies online from JazzMedical. What we like about them is that they have very low prices for all their medical equipments and medical supplies. They even have 24/7 customer service and they even accept Paypal as their mode of payment for a more secure shopping.

Thank goodness Bela is doing okay now. She has no fever since Sunday so looks like the antibiotics is working. She really loose weight but at least her appetite is back now and she is back to being the active and talkative kid that we know. I hope and pray that nothing like this will ever happen to our dear princess again.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Ate Bela

I was checking out our online photo album in Flickr and I saw this picture of me with Bela (gosh I really gained a lot of weight already that I will surely need diet pills that really work after I give birth). It just makes me feel sentimental because I can really see how fast time flies and how my baby Bela is growing up so fast.

Soon she will become an ate and as early as now, she is already making plans for her baby brother. She said that she will buy her baby brother a baby rattle. Every time we are at the mall, she will get baby toys and will ask me to buy it for her baby brother. When I did some online shopping, she helped me choose the clothes that I will be buying for her baby brother. Every night she will read stories to her baby brother. She loves to read the book “Oh Baby, oh Baby” by Dr. Seuss as it is one of her favorites too.

I am really hoping that she will not have a hard time adjusting to the new setup when her baby brother arrives. I have been asking for tips from my friends on how they prepared their first born for the coming of the second baby. But Bela is one sweet little girl and I am sure she will be the sweetest and the best ate to her baby brother.

Her Pink Vacation Bag

Bela: “Mom, can I have my own vacation bag so I can pack my own things if we are going on vacation?”
Mom: “Ok, we will buy one.”

I have long wanted to buy her a Trunki as I find this luggage so cute but Howell keep on saying no as hubby thinks that Bela still can’t pull the luggage on her own and Howell thinks that it is not safe for Bela if Bela wants to ride on it. But then Howell gave in when she saw how Bela loves the Trunki too when we checked it out at Baby Couture store in Megamall.

Bela: “I will pack my own things in my vacation bag then I will pull it by myself. But if is heavy, then I will ride it and daddy will pull my vacation bag.”

This is how she describes her Trunki. Bela was able to use it twice already and true to her word, she packed her things all by herself and she loves pulling it or riding on it. I am not sure though if we will be bringing this luggage if we go out of the country as Howell thinks that it is an additional bag for him to carry. LOL. But so far, Bela is enjoying her pink vacation bag.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Future Career?

Meet my fashionista Bela:

She just loves the camera and will even ask her dad to take a picture of her as she does her different pose. She would even ask her dad to show her the pictures after taking it to see if she looks good or not. We sometimes even catch her posing and looking at her reflection in front of the mirror. That is how vain she is. LOL.

That is why I can already imagine her having a career either in fashion or beauty. I checked out the website of Regency Beauty Institute, one of the fastest growing Cosmetology school in Colorado, and I am confident that they will be able to give Bela the best training if ever Bela decides to choose this career path. They have good facilities and their campuses are like the upscale salons so their students are guaranteed only the best training. They even have good connections so they can help their students find jobs after graduating from their school.

But whatever career Bela decides to choose, we as parents will always be here to support her all the way.

Friday, April 09, 2010

She is really an Ate Already

I was looking through Bela’s online album in Flickr and I can’t help but feel sentimental because I really realized that time really flies fast. One of my favorite pictures was when Bela was dressed as a doctor during their Career Opportunities Week in her school. I remembered when we asked her what community helper she wanted to be, she immediately said that she wanted to be a doctor.

This coming June, she will be an incoming Kinder student already and before we know it, she will already start on healthcare job search after she graduates from med school.

Before, my only problem was what best brand of diaper should I use, and then it became a dilemma on which school to send Bela for preschool, and now we can’t decide if it is time for Bela to go to big school or not. So what is next? We will start to get worried of her love life. (Oh, no. I think Howell and I is still not ready for that. LOL).

I know we can’t stop our children from growing old and that is really a fact of life and there is nothing that we as parents can do, but to accept that fact. For now, we will just enjoy Bela’s (and soon, our baby boy’s) growing up years.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bela and the Polar Bears

I can’t stop laughing so before I continue reading about colon cleansing products, I just have to share this funny moment that I had with Bela this morning.

She has the “I wonder why” series books and she asked me to read the book on questions and answers about extinct and endangered animals. I was reading to her about the polar bears and explained to her why polar bears might become extinct too someday.

Me: “Polar bears used to be hunted for their fur. That’s stopped now and the biggest threat to them is the planet overheating due to pollution in the air. If the Arctic melts, the bears won’t be able to roam freely in search of food.”

Bela: “I don’t want polar bears to die mom.”

Me: “So you should take care of planet earth. Don’t throw trash so planet earth won’t be polluted and polar bears won’t die.”

After reading the book:

Me: “Put the book back in the bookshelf so we won’t make any mess and planet earth won’t be polluted.”

But Bela doesn’t want to put the book back as she wants to continue playing right away after I read to her the book and so she reasoned out:

Bela: “Excuse mom, we don’t live in the Arctic.”

Me: “But we live in planet earth and if we pollute planet earth, then the Arctic will become dirty too as the Arctic is in planet earth also.”

Bela: “But we are far, far away from the polar bears.”

Me: “Even so. We live in the same planet and if you don’t learn how to pack away, you will destroy planet earth and Arctic will be destroyed too so polar bears won’t have a place to live and they will die.”

Bela did not answer back but I guess she got my point since she packed away her books and her toys after playing with it.

Final Activities for Bela this Summer

It will be a busy summer for Bela. Actually we decided to fill her schedule with a lot of activities since we are trying to divert her hyper activeness with worthwhile activities. And we also noticed that after class, since she is tired already (LOL), she takes a nap in the afternoon. Not like when she has no class and she is just at home, she won’t stop playing or watching TV all day that she doesn’t get to take her nap in the afternoon.

So after deliberating with the lolo and the lola (who will take Bela to class during weekdays) and after discussing it with hubby, we finally decided to enroll Bela to the following classes:

1. Magic Strokes and Reading class at MSS which will run for a month from April 13 – May 14. This will be an every day 1.5 hour class.
2. Drum Lessons. Actually this was not supposed to be a summer class since we enrolled her to this class last February, but since we are absent twice already and her teacher has been absent 3x too, and so we still have nine more sessions left.
3. Swimming Class with Aqualogic which will start next week and will run for two months since I just enrolled her to their once a week class for eight sessions.

So it will be one busy and fun summer for Bela.

Picky Eater

Bela is really one picky eater. Maybe she got used to the texture of those baby foods when she was a baby that is why we are really having a hard time feeding her with real foods now that she is a toddler already.

She eats rice now but without any viand and so we just have to put soup or sauce to her rice so at least it will have some taste. That is the reason why up to now we are still giving her milk to supplement the nutrients that she is not getting from not eating meat and poultry.

I took this picture last week because I was really surprised when she started munching on this banana and she was even able to finish it:

Maybe she got really scared because I was teasing her that she will get pimples and scalp pimples if she doesn’t eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. LOL. I already talked to her pediatrician about this and he said that we will wait for a few more months to check if she will increase her height and weight before he starts Bela on a work up because so far, Bela is still within the average.

But I do hope that she will start to eat real food soon as she is getting older already and with all the activities that she will be doing now that she is entering big school come June, she will really need all the nutrients that she can get so she will grow up to be a healthy kid.

Bela's Garden

I was checking my picture sets in Flickr and saw this:

These pictures were taken the last time Bela went to our house in Bulacan with her dad and grand dad. (Hubby decided to visit since it has been a while since we last went there to check the house. And hubby discovered that there are really a lot of things that needs to be repaired and replaced like the tiles in the rest room, the sink which he is thinking to replace with Franke sink so it will be stylish and durable, and the tiles in the kitchen.)

Bela had fun during their visit as she and her dad planted some seeds in the garden (though it looks like we need to do some trimming of the grass in the garden. LOL). She also watered the plants and she visited her pet pigs there.

It was just a short visit as it is a long weekend when they went there so they are expecting heavy traffic along the highway on their way home so they left after having lunch. Hubby will be back next week from his TD in Micronesia and we might come and visit again soon as we really need to clean the house and move some of our stuffs there as we need a lot of space in our house here in Manila for the coming of the second baby.

Friday, April 02, 2010

2nd Dental Visit

Before I continue reading about adipex side effects, let me make a post first about Bela’s last visit to the dentist before I totally forget blogging about it.

We went to Baby Ultrasound Company at SM The Block last March 7 for my 4d Ultrasound. In front of Baby Ultrasound’s clinic is the clinic of The Tooth Kingdom. They have a small play area for their patients which caught Bela’s attention and she kept on insisting that she has to go inside to play. I told her that a community helper dentist has to check and clean her teeth before she can play and she agreed.

It has been more than a year already since she last visited a dentist. We did not go back after her first visit because she was traumatized and was really crying the entire time so her dad did not want to bring her back. (You can read all about it here.)

Her visit this time was really different than her first experience as she was really cooperative. There was a flat screen TV in front of the dental chair so Bela was just watching the Barney movie the entire time and the dentist was also very good in pep talking Bela that she was able to make Bela do whatever she asks Bela to do. In just a few minutes, the procedure was done (cleaning and fluoride application).

Bela will have to go back again after six months and I will definitely bring her back to Tooth Kingdom again instead of the first clinic that we visited.

Swimming Lessons with Aqualogic Swim Co.

Bela will be starting with her swimming lessons with Aqualogic Swim Co. this coming April 9 at Makati Shangri-La and I am excited already.

I first learned about Aqualogic when I saw the pictures posted by Kelly of her son, Manu, during one of his class with Aqualogic and I noticed that Aqualogic’s style and method of teaching is really different with Bert Lozada Swim School. Bela has been attending swimming class with Bert Lozada at Ace Water Spa for three summers already and so far, all Bela learned from them was being confident in water. LOL. So I decided to try Aqualogic this time as I want Bela to learn a few strokes or even to swim on her own.

I just received an email from one of Aqualogic’s staff reminding me of Bela’s first day of class and they also sent out a reminder that only 1 adult per family will be allowed to accompany students in the pool and will also be asked to leave when the class is already starting. So I don’t know how I can take pictures of Bela during class and watch how she will react to Aqualogic’s style of teaching. LOL.

But, I am still excited…..

Bela, our Party Goer

Bela is a real party goer now. She likes attending parties and she really makes sure that she participated in all the games and other activities. Just like when we attended the party of Daniel Theo (the first born of my good friend Thet and Dexter) last March 6, 2010. She tried the face painting, joined all the games, watched and enjoyed the magic and puppet show and she even volunteered when the magician needs an assistant with his parrot show.

My friends are saying that she is one confident little girl. I hope she will stay like this up to when she is grown up already (and even if she will have hormonal acne like me. LOL. But I need not worry about this as there are lots of acne products available as I read from website).

But I guess we just have to support her in everything that she wants to do and fulfill in her life. Like now, she wants to try swimming and drum lessons and we enrolled her to these lessons this summer. She even wants ballet lessons but we will just enroll her come June for their once a week class.

Hopefully with our guidance and support, she will grow up to be a very confident and smart lady.

Old Navy Shopping

Since hubby left for a three-week temporary duty to Micronesia, Bela and I haven’t set our foot to malls. And so I really miss the sound that the Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner makes every time I purchase something (I heard sales clerk like to use this barcode scanner since it is so lightweight and durable).

And so what I did is do some online shopping from Old Navy. I learned that they are having a 40% off spring sale and when I checked their items on sale, there are a lot of cute and nice items for Bela and baby boy that I end up checking out with these items:

I bought a number of cargo pants, shirts and shoes for baby boy and shorts, Capri pants, blouse and slippers for Bela. I was so happy with my purchase because majority of them are on Sale.

I already received an email from them that my items have already been shipped and will arrived in 5-9 days which means I will be receiving the items here in Manila in two to three weeks time. I am so excited already.