Friday, April 02, 2010

2nd Dental Visit

Before I continue reading about adipex side effects, let me make a post first about Bela’s last visit to the dentist before I totally forget blogging about it.

We went to Baby Ultrasound Company at SM The Block last March 7 for my 4d Ultrasound. In front of Baby Ultrasound’s clinic is the clinic of The Tooth Kingdom. They have a small play area for their patients which caught Bela’s attention and she kept on insisting that she has to go inside to play. I told her that a community helper dentist has to check and clean her teeth before she can play and she agreed.

It has been more than a year already since she last visited a dentist. We did not go back after her first visit because she was traumatized and was really crying the entire time so her dad did not want to bring her back. (You can read all about it here.)

Her visit this time was really different than her first experience as she was really cooperative. There was a flat screen TV in front of the dental chair so Bela was just watching the Barney movie the entire time and the dentist was also very good in pep talking Bela that she was able to make Bela do whatever she asks Bela to do. In just a few minutes, the procedure was done (cleaning and fluoride application).

Bela will have to go back again after six months and I will definitely bring her back to Tooth Kingdom again instead of the first clinic that we visited.


Tin said...

It's a good thing that your child's 2nd dental visit was a pleasant one. Others weren't so lucky to forget the trauma of a previous dental visit.

I really recommend on researching on dentists for your child especially for their very first dental visit to make their first impressions of dentists a pleasant one.