Friday, April 02, 2010

Old Navy Shopping

Since hubby left for a three-week temporary duty to Micronesia, Bela and I haven’t set our foot to malls. And so I really miss the sound that the Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner makes every time I purchase something (I heard sales clerk like to use this barcode scanner since it is so lightweight and durable).

And so what I did is do some online shopping from Old Navy. I learned that they are having a 40% off spring sale and when I checked their items on sale, there are a lot of cute and nice items for Bela and baby boy that I end up checking out with these items:

I bought a number of cargo pants, shirts and shoes for baby boy and shorts, Capri pants, blouse and slippers for Bela. I was so happy with my purchase because majority of them are on Sale.

I already received an email from them that my items have already been shipped and will arrived in 5-9 days which means I will be receiving the items here in Manila in two to three weeks time. I am so excited already.