Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sr. Prep's Field Trip - Feb 8, 2012

Bela has a blast during their Field Trip last February 8. I know that she is really looking forward to this that I made it a point to reserve one of my vacation leaves so I can personally accompany her.

Assembly at School. Ang aga ng call time at 730AM

We gathered at Sr. Gratia Hall and we have to wake up early as the assembly time is at 7:30 AM. We left school I think a little pass 8.

Sobrang Excited nong nakita ang elephant. @ Manila ZooBela had a blast @ Kinder Zoo. Maganda pala d2

Our first stop is at Kinder Zoo and we arrived there in less than 30 minutes, as it is just a stone throw away from the school. Bela had a great time here, as she just loves animals. She had pictures with all the animals that she can touch and interact with and she even was able to have a picture with the horse while riding on it (that is why Bela is bugging me to pack her boots and go to Tagaytay as she said she misses horse back riding already. LOL). She also was able to play with her friends at the playground where they get to shoot some hoops and try the slide.

Resto Tour & Pizza Making Activity @ Pizza Hut BlueWave

Then we went to Pizza Hut in BlueWave Macapagal where kids had a restaurant tour and were thought on how to make a pizza. We had lunch here after the tour.

Illusion Art Museum @ Seri Fantasy Land

Our last stop was Seri Fantasy Land in Ocean Park. Bela was a little scared of the Trick Art Museum when she saw the shark but I was still able to snap some pictures of her. She was also a bit apprehensive at first to try the Mirror Maze and the 3D theater but she ended up enjoying it. Then they were given free time to play in the Play Area and we headed back to school after.

It was a very tiring (for me. LOL) but fun day for my princess and I am glad I get to share this special time with her.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Back in the Water

Bela was the happiest last Saturday when she attended her swimming class again.

Back in the Water
She used to attend swimming class at Colegio San Agustin with Aqualogic Swim School all year round but she stopped after we were away for 3 weeks last summer. When we returned from our vacation, she said that she wanted to attend Gymnastics class instead and we enrolled her at Rizal since June.

After a few months of attending Gymnastics class, she said that she is no longer enjoying and she wanted to go back to swimming. It was December already and I know that we will be very busy with the holiday rush so I decided to postpone her enrollment until early 2012.

It was only last week that we were able to go to CSA to enroll her and she started with her first class right away. She had so much fun and so I know that swimming is really the perfect extra curricular activity for her.

She forgot some of the strokes already so she is catching up but I am sure she will get back to her grooves soon.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sr. Prep Educational Trip

Hubby and I went to Puregold to do our groceries and at the same time, to buy for snacks that we will be bringing for Bela’s field trip tomorrow. Just look at home many stuff we will be bringing for just a whole day affair:

Ready na ang baon for field trip tom. 2 bags + SLR Camera. Good luck to me

I have one big bag which contains snacks, chips, cookies, juice, Bela’s PE uniform, and more and another bag for our packed lunch. I did not include in the picture the Digital SLR that hubby is asking me to bring tomorrow.

They will be going to:
1. Kinder Zoo and I am super excited for this as this is our first time here and I am sure Bela will enjoy this one as she just loves animals.
2. Pizza Hut, maybe they will be shown the actual procedure (and not just video presentation on lg lcd) on how a pizza is made
3. Seri Playground will be their last stop, which I think is inside Manila Ocean Park.

I am sure it will be one tiring day but I am super excited as I know Bela will have a blast as she enjoys her time with her teachers and her good friends.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Sick Bela

Bela has been absent for a few days from school a few weeks ago as she suffered from infection. The first started in her ear and she complained of pain that we decided to bring her to a doctor. Thankfully after taking antibiotics, the infection got cured.

Then just a few days after, she started to get nose infection this time. She was not able to go to school for two days and she has to take another round of antibiotics.

That is why hubby got vigilant in observing cleanliness at home. He instructed our house help to make sure that the house is spot clean. Then he also contacted Houston Pest Control to make sure that we have the experts in making sure that our house is not and will not be infested by pest like cockroaches which we know brings diseases.

We hope and pray that our kids will be spared from anymore sicknesses and we know that keeping our house clean is one way of achieving that.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

7th: Party Preparations

If only I have access to web conferencing solution, then I might be online most of the time to discuss my party plans for Bela’s 7th birthday with my ever reliable party planner, Angelette and her team.

Angelette was teasing me as I have been bugging her since December for the party preparations for Bela’s birthday. She said that I am way too much excited to book for the suppliers when I still have 11 months to go before the party.

Well, the reason why I am planning in advance is I have to plan very well so I have at least a year to save for the budget that we will need for the party. We can't pay for the party in spot cash you know, so it will take more than a year for us to pool the funds for this party.

In my family, 1st and 7th birthday is a big celebration as it is a way of thanksgiving for the 7 years of our child’s life that is why I wanted to plan ahead so I won’t miss on anything.

So far, I have booked the following already though Angelette:

1. Magician
2. Sing and Dance Trio
3. Balloon Artist
4. Host

My friend already pencil booked us on our venue of choice and she will settle the payment this February as the venue is not accepting payments yet for 2012 events.

I am so excited for this party as Bela is so much involved now with the planning so I can’t wait to see how our party planning collaboration will turn out.

Negra in the House

My husband and I celebrated our 7th year anniversary last Sunday and so we decided to go out of town to celebrate. We were able to book an overnight accommodation at Estrellas de Mendoza, one of the newest hotel/resorts in Laiya, San Juan Batangas.

I was actually planning to stay in Tagaytay but since Bela has been requesting for the longest time now tat we take her to the beach, my husband and I decided that this is the perfect time to go on a weekend getaway in Batangas.

The last time we went to a beach was last August so we know how Bela misses the sand and the sun. So it is no surprise that she can’t wait to jump to the pool as soon as we reach the resort. She spent the whole day on our first day swimming in the pool or on the beach and so she got a really good tan. Just look at how dark she is now:

Negra in the house

Oh well, what’s important is she really had a blast.

Bela, the Animal Lover

My Bela is one animal lover. Just look at some of her pictures. This one was taken in Ocean Adventure where she bravely went near a dolphin and have her picture taken as she touches the mouth of the dolphin:

The next one is also in Ocean Adventure where she got really excited upon meeting the sea lion of the center and was giddy happy when she received a sweet kiss from the friendly animal:

The third one is in Tagaytay Highlands where she was so brave to touch the python:

We have taken care of all sorts of animals in the house. We have a Labrador, a Shitzu, a number of fishes, even love birds and hamsters too. That is why hubby is really pursuing the backyard chicken coops in our vacation house in Bulacan. Not only will it be an added source of income for us but also we are sure that Bela will have fun as she watches the chicken lay eggs and how the mommies take care of their eggs. I remember, that part of our childhood was going to our grandmother’s farm to pick up eggs from the chicken coops and it is one of the most enjoyable activity that my siblings, my cousins and I enjoy every time we go home to our house in the suburbs for vacation.

I am not sure up to when will Bela have her love for animals. Who knows someday she will be able to fulfill her dream of becoming a veterinarian or animal trainer in Singapore Zoo (her favorite zoo), where she will be surrounded by animals every day.