Wednesday, February 01, 2012

7th: Party Preparations

If only I have access to web conferencing solution, then I might be online most of the time to discuss my party plans for Bela’s 7th birthday with my ever reliable party planner, Angelette and her team.

Angelette was teasing me as I have been bugging her since December for the party preparations for Bela’s birthday. She said that I am way too much excited to book for the suppliers when I still have 11 months to go before the party.

Well, the reason why I am planning in advance is I have to plan very well so I have at least a year to save for the budget that we will need for the party. We can't pay for the party in spot cash you know, so it will take more than a year for us to pool the funds for this party.

In my family, 1st and 7th birthday is a big celebration as it is a way of thanksgiving for the 7 years of our child’s life that is why I wanted to plan ahead so I won’t miss on anything.

So far, I have booked the following already though Angelette:

1. Magician
2. Sing and Dance Trio
3. Balloon Artist
4. Host

My friend already pencil booked us on our venue of choice and she will settle the payment this February as the venue is not accepting payments yet for 2012 events.

I am so excited for this party as Bela is so much involved now with the planning so I can’t wait to see how our party planning collaboration will turn out.