Friday, February 03, 2012

Sick Bela

Bela has been absent for a few days from school a few weeks ago as she suffered from infection. The first started in her ear and she complained of pain that we decided to bring her to a doctor. Thankfully after taking antibiotics, the infection got cured.

Then just a few days after, she started to get nose infection this time. She was not able to go to school for two days and she has to take another round of antibiotics.

That is why hubby got vigilant in observing cleanliness at home. He instructed our house help to make sure that the house is spot clean. Then he also contacted Houston Pest Control to make sure that we have the experts in making sure that our house is not and will not be infested by pest like cockroaches which we know brings diseases.

We hope and pray that our kids will be spared from anymore sicknesses and we know that keeping our house clean is one way of achieving that.