Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Her Pink Bed

Last Thursday, we were at SM San Lazaro to buy a pumpkin for Bela’s Trick or Treat at school. We passed by the Baby section and we saw the 5 piece Toddler Room in a box on display.

It really caught my attention that I immediately inquired about it. The set contains a 28x52 toddler bed, a toy organizer, table and two chairs. It is available in Cars and Disney Princess design. The Disney Princess design is out of stock but will be delivered the next day so I made a reservation right then and there without thinking. LOL. But it is a good deal since they are offering it at 0% deferred payment for six months.

We really had no plans of buying a toddler bed for Bela but we noticed that there are times that she doesn’t want to sleep beside us and would prefer to sleep on the mat alone. And so when I received an SMS form the store manager the next day that my order is already available, hubby and I didn’t think twice and we picked it up that same day. We thought it is really a good dead and the payment scheme is very light since we can pay for it in six months.

Hubby finally had the chance to assemble it yesterday after we picked up the mattress that we ordered. Bela was so excited with her new bed. Here are some pictures while Howell and Bela are busy assembling the bed.

Oasis of Fun and Love

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Snapshot # 6 - Halloween 2008 at Toddlers Unlimited

Last Friday was the Halloween Program at Toddlers Unlimited. Bela was a lion and their class danced to the tune of Jungle Adventure. I left work early while Howell took a half day leave just to be with Bela for her program. The lolas and titas are all busy in dressing up Bela and putting her face painting on. While they are at home, Bela was throwing tantrums and would not want to wear her lion costume. Since she was crying, the face painting applied to her was really a mess and so they just decided to remove it.

The lolas got worried but I know that my daughter will warm up as soon she sees all her other classmates wearing their costumes and I was right. As soon as we arrived at the venue, she wore her costume complete with all the accessories and she quickly joined all the other students playing in front while waiting for the program to start.

They are the last one who performed and Bela was already sleepy even before the start their dance number so I got worried that she might throw tantrums again. Good thing she went up in front when it is time for her class to perform and she wiggled and danced and followed her teachers and classmates. I was one happy mommy.

They went trick or treating at the nearby establishments also after the program and Bela went home with a lot of loots too.

Visage of beauty

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Barney Live in Manila @ SM Cinemas

Barney will have another live show in Manila this coming November. We were able to catch the Barney show last year (you can watch the full story here) and Bela really had so much fun but I was the one who got a bit disappointed though since I was expecting more from the show. I was expecting that the stage will be filled with props and backdrops since that is what I normally see from the live show of Barney that we see on DVD. But instead what they had was a big screen where they show the props and scenes. And so I felt that they could have spend more with the props (as that is what brings the stage come to life) since the price that we paid for the ticket is not cheap.

So when I learned that Barney is having another show here, it made me really think if we should watch it. Add to that the fact that Bela got scared with the last two shows that we watched (Dora the Explorer’s Pirate Adventure at the Aliw Theater and Disney’s Mulan at Greenbelt).

I told hubby about the show and he immediately said No and told me that we should just pass this time and maybe we can try watching show again next year.

Oh well. I still reserved tickets online today (shh, hubby doesn’t know this) so I have at least a day or two to think about it.

For those who are interested to watch the show, here is the schedule:

Nov 22 to Nov 23
12:00NN / 3:00PM / 6:00PM

Nov 29 to Nov 30
12:00NN / 3:00PM / 6:00PM

Dec 6
12:00NN / 3:00PM / 6:00PM

Dec 13
12:00NN / 3:00PM / 6:00PM

Dec 14
12:00NN / 3:00PM / 6:00PM
Tickets are priced at:

VIP (Reserved Seating) 1450
Deluxe (Reserved Seating) 930
Premiere (Reserved Seating) 590

You can also check the Ticketnet website for more information.

Clear Vision

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Party Preps Update: Almost Done

I am so happy since we were able to accomplish a lot of things this week for Bela’s birthday party despite our busy schedule.

Last Thursday, Howell was able to send our invitation lay out for printing. We were able to pick it up on our way to Jollibee Mendiola and I was so happy with the final output as hubby did a really good job with the layout.

After picking up the printed invitation, we headed to Jollibee Mendiola to book for Bela’s birthday party at Hospicio de San Jose. I was a bit disappointed though since they said that I can’t insert my magician in between Jollibee’s program flow as part of their birthday party policy so the magician should perform either before their program starts or after their program.

Then we headed to SM San Lazaro and bought the envelopes for the invitation. I am also finished printing the stickers for the invites so we can start distributing them to relatives this weekend (which is perfect since we will visit my in laws tomorrow).

Later after hubby’s shoot, we will go to Mall of Asia to pay for the 50% down payment at Kidz Republic and finalize our menu and program flow. Then tomorrow, I will try to go to Divisoria to buy additional prizes for the games.

I am so excited. I know I promised hubby that I will not give too many fuss about this as this is already Bela’s third birthday party but I really can’t help me. Can you blame me? Of course I just want to make my daughter happy specially now that she loves parties, I know she will have fun with the parties that we prepared for her.

Bela’s day at Museong Pambata

Two Saturdays ago, we planned to go to Luneta to have a pictorial of Bela for her birthday invitation. We left a little late (around 10 AM I think) and we dropped by at my friend’s house first before proceeding to Luneta and so it is almost 11:30 AM when we arrived there. We thought that it will be hot if we had the pictorial and so we decided to have lunch first. After lunch, we figured that it is still too hot especially Luneta is an open area. Hubby suggested that we checked out the Museong Pambata first as all of us has never been there.

The museums have eight exciting theme rooms:

* Old Manila
* Environment
* Children in the Global Village
* Science through Discovery
* Career Options
*Craft Room
* Marketplace
* Body Works

And Bela explored everything that she saw at each room – from the floating magnets, to the giant piano, to the toys in the marketplace and she even tried wall climbing. There was even a field trip of pre-school students when we went there ad Bela joined the students while she explored the museum.

Howell also found an area in the museum with a black background that is perfect for Bela’s pictorial and so we had our photo shoot there. So we were able to hit two birds with one stone.

Saturday 9: You Wear It Well

I know I should be researching about home insurance as ours is about to expire soon, but I have to answer this week’s Saturday 9 first. So here it goes:

1. What are your favorite shoes? My Crocs

2. What does your favorite shirt or blouse look like? It is just a plain white blouse. I always go for comfort.

3. What does your favorite tee shirt say on it? It has the logo of the company where my husband works

4. Do you think you look better in casual or business attire? Casual. Like I said in number 2, I always prefer the simple and plain so I feel like I am trying really hard if I am in a business attire.

5. What do you sleep in? Big Tees of my Pajamas

6. Do you wear expensive sneakers? Nope.

7. What is your favorite hat? I don’t wear hat

8. Your preference for men: Boxers or briefs? Briefs.

9. Your preference for women: Suits or dresses? Dresses. They look more sexy while suits for me are so formal and I hate formal. LOL

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Toys for her birthday

Two weeks ago, Peachy shared with me one of her great shopping finds. She discovered an online store which sells the Tickle me Elmo toy for only $20 with free shipping. So that is just around P800 when it is being sold at P3000 in department stores. And just the perfect timing too since we just got back from Toys R’ Us when Peachy showed this toy to me and Bela was giggling with Elmo and she really loves him. So who could resist that offer, right? So I did not think twice and I ordered this:
And since my sideline was doing quite well that week, I decided to order these toys too:

This will be our birthday gift for Bela.

My sister and my mom are already calling me an addict and they are saying that I need to get a rehab soon. LOL. But I promise this will be my last shopping for this month. I will start shopping again come November for our Christmas gift for Bela. LOL.

Bonjour, Merci...

One of Howell’s frustrations is to be able to learn at least one foreign language. He is choosing between French, Mandarin or Nihonggo. But he is so busy that he really can’t find the time to study or to enroll in a foreign language class.

So this is one of his dreams for Bela, that Bela will be fluent with at least one foreign language. In fact, as early as now he is already asking me to inquire at foreign language schools like Alliance Française de Manille since he learned that these schools accepts students as young as four years old.

They say that at this age, the minds of kids are like sponge and they will absorb and learn whatever they see or hear around them so they say that it is a good idea to start teaching kids about foreign language during this stage. We won’t be able to enroll Bela to a foreign language class not until next year but Howell already started looking for downloadable audio books of different foreign languages. Maybe we can start playing it to Bela so she can get familiar with it.

Imagine hearing your daughter saying “Bonjour” or “Merci” or hearing her count in Mandarin or Japanese. That would be really cool.

No Toys for Him

My husband has a collection of McFarlene toys. One wall in our spare room is now full of his toys that he hangs on that wall and every week I will really notice that their numbers are increasing.

Do you know how much each toys costs? They are not really cheap and one McFarlene action figure can buy one 1.5 kilos of Belo’s milk. But you know, that is hubby’s only vice so I really can’t say no every time he asks my permission if he can buy a new toy.

So he got really excited when he discovered the online site of Toys R’ Us since the price of his toys there are way much cheaper if he will buy it here. So when my best friend was in the US, he tried shopping ordering online and sent them to my friend’s address so he can bring it back to Manila when he comes back here after his training. But hubby was really disappointed since he received an email the next day from Toys R’ Us that they are not accepting international credit cards at the moment so all his orders got cancelled.

Poor dad. He is already looking forward for his new toys. Oh well, maybe he is not meant to buy those toys at the moment. But I promised him that I will look for a site that accepts Paypal or international cards so he can shop for his toys there as our Christmas gift for him.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday # 11 - My Future Photographer

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Snapshot # 5 - Her Loots

After the party last Saturday, Bela went home with these loots:

She was so excited when she saw her Backyardigans PJs that she wanted to wear them right away. (Thanks to Kuya Joaqui for this). She also loves playing with her new camera from Ate Sandy. She always sees her dad taking her pictures so she was really excited when she finally got the chance to have her own camera and take our pictures. Thank you also to Asher for the Dora Flash Cards. I’m sure she will love to play with it as Dora is one of her favorite character.

After the party, we also dropped by at Robinsons Place as we promised Bela before we left for the party that we will go to the mall. She was asking about it on our way home and of course the dad couldn’t say no to he dear daughter. And good thing we went too as Howell and Bela were able to buy some nice items on sale.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday # 10 - They are home

(Ok, I will not be wordless today). When Howell had three weeks of temporary duty in Majuro, he ordered some stuffs online from Amazon.com. All of the items that he ordered arrived a few days before he left for Majuro, except for this one.

A number of his officemates went to major for a temporary duty also but nobody was able to bring it home here in Manila. Maybe because the box is too big and so they are reluctant to have it for their hand carry.

But thanks to Bela’s Ninong Alvin. He went to Majuro last month for two weeks of temporary duty also and she willingly brought home the Little Einsteins here in Manila. He just removed them from the box (as the box was really big according to him). But that’s okay, as long as he was able to bring Bela’s new friends home.

So after four months of having their vacation in Majuro, they are now finally home here in Manila. This would have been our birthday gift to Bela but since the box is still in Majuro and of course the dad can’t wait till November to give this to Bela, we decided to just buy another gift for Bela for her birthday.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Potty Training Attempt 1

Bela started her potty training 2 weeks ago. Actually, we didn’t want to push her as we tried before and she didn’t even want to sit on her potty sit. We would remove her nappy but she will not like it and will cru unless we put her nappy back. So base on advise give to me by other mommies (like Peachy, Joy and Jody), we just let Bela decide when she feels that she is already ready to be potty trained.

And so two Saturdays ago, we were just at home as Howell is working overtime. Bela asked me to remove her nappy. Maybe she is irritated already from wearing at all the time. SO while I was removing it, I told her to tell me if she wants to make wee-wee. And for the whole she just wore her underwear and will tell us if she wants to make wee-wee. She excitedly sit on her potty seat and I was really all smiles when she made her first successful attempt to pee on her potty.

There are still quiet a few accidents still and she hasn’t tried doing number 2 on her potty but at least we are getting some progress. Though we haven’t tried going out without her nappy yet. That would be our next project.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bela’s Wish List for the MBAP Party

Sorry if my wish list is a little late. Bela and I are both not feeling well so we always go straight to bed after dinner. But here is Bela’s wish list:

1. Puppy in my Pocket

2. Littlest Pet Shop

3. My little Pony

4. Any animals stuffed toy (she already have giraffe and pig). She loves all animals except the monkey.
5. Play Doh

See you all next week!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Her Lion Costume

Bela will be having a Halloween Program at Toddlers Unlimited this coming October 23 or 24. Since mid September I am already preparing for the costume that she will be wearing for the program as I posted here. But since I was informed by Bela’s teachers that each class will be assigned a theme for this year’s program, I have to wait for the final details of the theme that will be assigned for Bela’s class before I can proceed in having a costume made for her.

Last Monday I got the confirmation from Bela’s teacher that the Jumping Joeys class will be singing the Jungle Adventure song for the program and so they are required to wear costumes of animals that are mentioned in the song like lion, elephant, monkey, tiger, etc.

I immediately thought of Bumblebee and Company since I saw a lion and an elephant costume on their site. But then I realized the materials used for the costume looks thick and Bela will be covered from head to foot if I choose to have her costume made by Bumblebee and knowing my daughter, I think she will get irritated if she starts to feel hot and if she starts to perspire so she might end up not wearing the costume.

So I went back to my initial plan of having her costume made by Prim. I showed Prim the costume from Bumblebee and company and asked her if she can transform it into something cute and sexy. This is the design that she was able to come up with:

I love it. She was really able to execute my requirements. Even Bela got excited when I showed her Prim’s design. I already sent the measurements to Prim and I can’t wait to finally see the finish product.

Zone of Success

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Fat and Calorie free

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wordless Wednesday # 9 - Good AM Uniqua!