Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Doing the Same Old Things

I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter, I really gained a lot of weight. In fact, I was even fatter by that time compared to when I was pregnant with Cobi. You can really see the big difference if you will take a look at my pictures before I got pregnant.

I thought that I won’t be able to get back into shape after I gave birth. It took me at least 6-8 months before I finally lose the weight I gained. But honestly, during those days, I'm really having a hard time to lose weight because I can't stop eating as well. There was a time that I even planned to try the best fat burner just to make it easier for me. But then I set my mind that I'll discipline myself and have a regular diet so I can obtain the figure that I want.

It's really a good thing that I was finally able to succeed in my goal and I was happy then because I totally gained back my confidence. And now that I am in the same situation again since I just gave birth to my second child few months back, then I'm sure I won't have a hard time now because I know exactly what to do.

From Captain to Businesswoman

In just a few weeks, my mom will officially finish her last term as Barangay Chairman and will finally take over her position to the newly elected one. I know she's a bit sad because being a leader in our community has been a big part of her life, yet I know she's happy because for all the years that she's been the captain, I believe that she served the people well.

And so, since my mom will have more time now, I'm thinking of helping her finance her own business so that she'll have something new to do. I've talked to my brother about this already and since he owns a cell phone and laptop shop at the mall, he suggested that mom can do the same thing and he'll just be the one to guide her for the whole process.

I know that my mom is not as business minded as my brother that's why she's a bit hesitant. But then I thought that putting up a website for her business can be a great help. And this is why, I'm planning to look for the best web hosting service to help promote the site for the business. In this way, we'll be able to advertise our products and for sure, many people will have the chance to view it.

For now, we are still on the process of finalizing our plans and we all hope that before November ends, we are able to start the new biz.

My Sweet Little Girl

We were watching news the other day and B was also watching even if she can’t understand everything that she hears. But when she heard about a news about a girl who was kidnapped by her boyfriend, she started to asks why the boy did that to her girl. And so I explained to her that the boyfriend is bad and he doesn’t love the girl.

After explaining it to her she continued playing and then after a minute, she turned to my sister and her boyfriend and she said,

Bela: Tita Vj, is Tito Ronie your boyfriend?
Tita Vj: Yes. Why?
Bela: Tito Ronie, are you Tita Vj’s boyfriend.
Tito Ronie: Yes.
Bela: Are you a good boyfriend?
Tito Ronie: Yes
Bela: How much do you love her?
Tito Ronie: 1 billion.
Bela: That’s good. It means you are not going to kidnap my Tita.
Then she talked to her Tita and said,
Bela: Don’t worry Tita Vj, Tito Ronie is a good boyfriend so he won’t bring you to a faraway place.

And then her Tita hugged and kiss Bela while all of us laughed.


Last night, while I was working at home, I was playing with B at the same time. I was trying to put her to sleep but as you know my daughter, she has so many stories to tell and you should listen to her carefully because she might ask you questions after and your answer should be satisfying to her.

I was a bit in a rush because I also planned to sleep early for I have to go to the office as early as possible and I need to prepare B for her school activity which starts at around 8:30.

As I work while trying to listen to my daughter's stories, I was having a hard time looking for my files because there were some problems occurring in my laptop. I cannot find my files and I think that it was hidden by the virus. Good thing I have a scanning software to use but it is not yet installed. So what I did is ask hubby to do the installation while B and I shared stories.

In just a few minutes, hubby finished installing the software and I’m ready to work again. And one more thing, B was almost asleep by the time hubby finished the installation and I was finally able to work without distractions.

To Stay Young and Beautiful

My mom has been so conscious with regards to her body ever since she gained weight. She's used to being thin that's why she was a bit worried that she'll turn into a fat woman eventually and that will be her biggest nightmare.

Actually, my mom is very caring with her body. Since she has a high blood pressure, she's extra careful in when it comes to the food that she eats. She always see to it that she'll have a well balanced diet and she even exercises every morning with her pals to maintain a physically fit body.

And now, since she thinks she's getting old and looks older than her age, she immediately thought if she can consider hgh supplements for her to look young and healthy. Her friend was the one who introduced this to her and it was said that it is effective. This is the reason why she wants to research about it so she'll be able to know the different benefits that she can acquire with it.

Since this is new to her, I told her that she needs to consult her doctor about this first to avoid complications. I just want to be safe that's why I think, it will be better to ask for the experts’ advice.

I guess she has plans already regarding her check up with her doctor and I'm sure my mom can't wait for this anymore.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Future Career

Everyday, Bela will ask her grand mother to fix her hair before going to school and she wants a new hair style every day. That is why as early as now, I can already see her passion for the fashion and beauty industry.

If I were to send Bela to a beauty school, I will definitely choose Hoover Alabama Cosmetology School located at Regency Beauty Institute Hoover 1775 Montgomery Highway S., Hoover, AL. 35244.

I heard that Regency Beauty Institute provides very comprehensive training to their students as they have great facilities in their campuses which are setup like an upscale salon so students can really get the best hands on training. What is even best with Regency Beauty Institute is that they even help their graduates find jobs in salons, cruise ships and even runways.

I know it is still too early to tell what will Bela be when she grows up but at least if ever she decides to pursue a career in the fashion and beauty industry, I am ready and I know the best school where I can send her.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

Hawaiian Girl

Bela will be wearing a Hawaiian costume for their United Nations’ celebration this Friday. This will be the first time that Prep students will participate in the UN celebration so the teachers, the students and of course the stage parents are all excited.

They will have a costume parade on Friday and I already filed a leave for work so I can be there for Bela. After the parade, they will have a program also. I heard Bela singing “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world” and she told me that this will be their song for the program. When I went to school last Friday to attend the meeting, I also saw Bela’s class practicing their dance number to the tune of a Hawaiian dance.

I can’t wait to see Bela on Friday. I am sure she is excited as us as she just loves to perform especially if we are her audience.

Prep Class UN Celebration

Looks like hubby and I will need acne laser treatment after this week as our acne will surely start to break out again as we will surely be working late everyday until Saturday.

The Prep class of St. Scholastica will celebrate United Nations this Friday and Saturday and Howell and I volunteered to help the teachers and the other parents to decorate one of the rooms with a European theme for the Exhibit this coming Saturday.

We decided to make a tarpaulin as our backdrop so at least even if we can’t find a lot of European decorations, we already have a nice European backdrop for the room. Hubby volunteered to do the tarpaulin and as of this writing, he still has to make tarpaulins of four cities and it should be finish today so we can send it for printing tomorrow.

So I guess hubby and I won’t be sleeping tonight so we can finish whatever we need to finish. All of this is our labor of love for our princess Bela.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Her Birthday

Bela: “Mom you should stop buying me toys because our house is already full of toys.”

I remembered Bela said this to me several times already so I figured that we should think of something different to give her on her birthday. She is already an ate now with the arrival of Cobi and we want to teach her to be responsible and so we are thinking of starting her early and teach her the value of saving money.

Hubby and I checked the website of United States Gold Bureau and we decided that a gold coin will be the best initial gold investment for Bela. Gold is a good investment as it does not depreciate over time so it will be a good way to save for Bela’s future.

At least with this gift, we are already teaching Bela the value of investment and savings and as they always say it is always best to start them young.

Bela's Princess Gown

Almost everything is set for the fifth birthday party of Bela on November 20 except for me as I still haven’t accomplished my weight loss goal. I thought that I can go back to my pre-pregnancy weight before her party but I was wrong. I guess the only way I can do this is if I will use fat burning pills so I will be in my sexy figure again just in time for Bela’s party. LOL.

Last Saturday, Bela had a fitting of the gown that I asked Prim to make for her. She was actually the one who selected this style of gown from Prim’s gallery even up to the color of the gown. I wanted the pink version of this gown but Bela insisted that she wants the gold color. She even lectured me about it:

Bela: “Mom, princesses wear different colors of gown, not just pink. They can wear brown, blue, pink, all the colors.”

I tried to argue with her as I really want the pink gown but of course I did not win. So here is her gown which she will wear on her party.


She was really excited when she tried it on that she is even swirling and twirling inside the shop while she was wearing it. So every penny that I spent for this gown was all worth it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Divi Shopping for Bela's Party

Hubby and I both have no work last Monday and so I find this as the perfect opportunity to go to Divisoria to shop for the stuff that we will need for Bela’s party.

I initially wanted to order personalized bags but as per Jacqui and Peachy’s suggestion, I better check the bags at 168 first as the print is nicer and it might even be cheaper. And I am really glad I listened to their suggestion as I was able to buy a nice bag for boys and girls to place the party loots. Just look at this:


The princess bag I got for only P50. They are initially selling it to us for P100 but Howell was really good in haggling as we got it at half the price. The ben10 backpack we got for only P20. How cheap is that. And the print is really nice and it even has a print at the back.

I also bought lots of items as game prizes. I did an inventory the other night and I have more than enough prizes already for both girls and boys (total of around 150 items) so nobody will go home empty handed after the party.


I am almost done with the preparations for Bela’s party. The only thing left for us to do is the tarpaulin, invitation and shop for the attire that we will wear for the party and we are all set.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Value of Gold

Bela will be turning five next month and this made me realize that time really flies fast and before we know it, she is already on her way to college. This is a big realization for us that it is really time to save up for our kids’ future.

I was reading the website of United States Gold Bureau and I really learned a lot about gold investment. I learned that gold is a very good form of investment unlike other hard assets or even real estate, as its value does not depreciate over time. It is also universally accepted so we can easily convert it to cash if the need arises.

After gathering information about gold investment, it really convinced us that we should buy gold in the form of gold coins as our starting gold investment. We know that with gold, we can totally secure the future of our kids.

Our Gift for Her

Hubby bought me a mini notebook as I badly need a small laptop that I can bring with me to Bela’s classes especially during weekend so I have something to use to do my work while waiting for her to finish. Hubby jokingly told Bela that the laptop that we bought is for Bela and I am just going to borrow it if I need to use it. But every time I use it at night, she always wants to use it also so she can watch her favourite videos from You Tube or the movies that her dad saved in the hard disk.

And so now we are thinking to give Bela her own netbook where she can watch her favourite videos and play with her favourite games. We checked out the site of and they will be having a Thanksgiving Sale where they are giving discounts to their laptop computers, desktops and other gadgets that they are selling on their online store.

Thanksgiving sale is really a huge sale with big discounts up for grabs so hubby and I are thinking that this will be the perfect timing to buy the laptop of Bela which will be our birthday gift for her fifth birthday next month.


Since hubby is really busy with work and he has to work overtime almost every weekend, Bela kept on asking me on why his dad is so busy that he has no time to take Bela to her ballet class. So I just explained to Bela that her dad has to work hard so we will have the money to buy her milk and her toys and things for school. I guess she understood a she will nod and will continue playing after I answered her question.

Thankfully my dad is always available to drive us to St. Scholastica every time Howell is not around. My dad is also Bela’s driver every day from Monday to Friday as both my mom and my dad does not like the idea of Bela taking the school bus to go to school.

I am really so thankful and I am really lucky that I have parents like my mom and dad who are always there for us. And so when I saw in the commercial that Grand Parents day is coming I can’t help but think of a nice gift for Bela’s grand parents especially her grand dad. My dad’s only vice is smoking and so I am thinking to get him a box of romeo y julieta cigars. It is a premium cigar that is made from Dominican Olor tobaccos. It even comes with a box with humidifier so it will be a really nice gift for my dad.

I am really grateful for my parents because parenting becomes a very easy job for us because of their help and unending support.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Want to be like him

I can see how hardworking my brother is when it comes to his business. He owns a cell phone and laptop shop at the mall for almost 5 years now and until now, the business is very successful. Well I can say that business is the forte of my brother because when he was still working in a company, it didn't work out for him.

And since he's earning enough money from that business, he was able to venture with another biz which is the franchising of food stalls. Likewise, he decided to invest in gold bullion instead of just keeping his money in the bank.

I know for sure that he will be more successful in this field because I can see how dedicated he is with his passion.

I just hope that I can also be just like him who has the courage to take the risk when it comes to entering in a business. Of course, I also want to have my own business someday for the assurance of my kids' future.

Laugh Trip With B

A conversation between Bela and her tita vj:

Bela: Hi tita, why are you not fetching me from school anymore?

Tita Vj: Because I'm already working just like your mom. I need to go to the office to work so that my boss will give me money.

Bela: So you can buy me toys?

Tita Vj: Yes

Bela: But I want you to fetch me because I miss you.

Tita Vj: Okay. I will not go to work anymore so I can fetch you everyday.

Bela: Oh no! I think it's just okay. You go to work so I can have toys! Maybe we cab just pretend that you are going to fetch me. 

And her tita can't stop laughing because of this.
My daughter is really a bit silly sometimes. LOL! Well, I just can't blame her because she's still a kid and as we all know, kids love to play. 

Happy for Her Changes

I was a bit worried last night that B won't be able to wake up early since she slept late. Her class today is 7:30am and she really needs to wake up by 6am because they will be leaving by 6:30am.

But I was surprised this morning because I didn't have a hard time waking her up. Usually before, when she needs to wake up that early, she won't stand up but instead her dad needs to carry her just to get her down so she can start eating her breakfast and prepare.

This morning was totally different and I was so happy because this only proves that she's well disciplined now and responsible enough. She knows that she needs to wake up early for school and she never wants to be late again and maybe that's why she easily followed me.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Get Help

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To the Mall

Hubby is still resting as he just arrived from his short trip to our house in Bulacan to do some cleaning, but in a while we should all get ready to go to church and hit the mall after as we need to get a few things that we need;

• I need to look for a brown shirt for Bela which she will use for their program tomorrow as I posted in my previous post.
• I need to look for acne products too as I can’t take looking at my face because of my acne breakouts. LOL.
• We need to do our grocery too as Bela also needs to bring fruits and vegetables for their picnic tomorrow at school after the program and our supply is low already so we need to replenish our stock.

So after I make this post, I have to prepare already as we still have a lot of things to accomplish before the weekend is over.

8 Sessions Again with Aqualogic

Bela already finished 13 sessions of swimming lessons from Aqualogic Swim Company last week and yesterday, I enrolled her again for another 8 sessions (she will be on break on December as I know it is a very busy month for us).

Bela really improve a lot from her swimming days with Bert Lozada to when we move her with Teacher Ria of Aqualogic. Yesterday, they were already teaching her how to do the back stroke and I was really amazed at how Bela can follow their instructions well.

Hubby was so happy and proud too of her little princess and he was even the one who keep on insisting that Bela should be enrolled with Aqualogic’s Swimming Class all year long so she won’t loose her momentum if she will take a break.

I did not even think twice too in enrolling her again for another 8 sessions as I know Bela is really enjoying her swimming class so much that even though she is tired and sleepy already after attending her ballet class in the morning, she will still have energy left for her swimming class in the afternoon.

So as parents, we are just here to support and encourage Bela and help her find her true passion.

Thinking of Possible Options

I can see how Bela does great with her studies. Since she studied in the big school, I can see a lot of improvements from her. She’s well disciplined now and she knows when to stop playing or watching TV to study. She even knows how to read a two-letter word now and she’s doing great in her writing activity now.

I am such a proud mom that’s why I am more motivated to work to earn enough to give her the best education and for Cobi as well. I also thought that maybe I should start investing my money rather than stocking it up in the bank.

Considering what to invest might be quite a hard decision for you should first think of the possible pros and cons of your options. As for now, I’m still reviewing the benefits of investing in gold bullion as I read from their site and base from the suggestions of my friends, this can be one of the best investments since gold has a lot of good benefits.

So now I’m still finalizing with my decisions and I know that I have to talk this over with hubby before I push through with it.

A Very Good Ate

Bela is such a good sister to Cobi even thought at times, she’s jealous and she wants everyone’s attention that she sometimes throw tantrums or just go up to our room and play there alone.

But then last night, I saw how happy she is having Cobi and having another baby cousin. My brother’s wife just gave birth last Friday night and when we visited them last night, the baby was already in their room and B was so excited and happy to see Izzie (the baby girl’s nickname).

B even said that she wants to go to my brother’s house to play and take care of Izzie. I’m just so happy that she acted that way. I think that B just prefer a baby girl so she can share her toys with her yet I know that he loves Cobi very much.
I believe that Bela will continue to be a good sister to Cobi and as well as to the newest member of our family, baby Izzie.

The Monkey Tail

Last Friday, I fetched Bela from school and the moment she saw me, she was shouting, “Mom, mom I have an assignment and I need a monkey tail. And so I was intrigued that I immediately looked at her notebook to check.

Here is the reminder that her teacher posted in her notebook;

1. October 4- Monday “Earth Day” Celebration Prep Schedule 7:30-11:00am. Come in your brown shirt, maong pants and white rubber shoes. Make a “monkey tail” as part of our costume.
2. Bring the following on October 4:
a. small picnic matå
b. healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables and sandwiches. All food and drinks must be places in a container.
c. Extra shirt and small towel

So this is what she’s telling me. She’s very excited because as you all know, B loves animals so much and she’s happy that she’s going to pretend to be one on Monday.
I think that they will have a small program and picnic so I know that Bela will surely have a blast.