Sunday, October 10, 2010


Since hubby is really busy with work and he has to work overtime almost every weekend, Bela kept on asking me on why his dad is so busy that he has no time to take Bela to her ballet class. So I just explained to Bela that her dad has to work hard so we will have the money to buy her milk and her toys and things for school. I guess she understood a she will nod and will continue playing after I answered her question.

Thankfully my dad is always available to drive us to St. Scholastica every time Howell is not around. My dad is also Bela’s driver every day from Monday to Friday as both my mom and my dad does not like the idea of Bela taking the school bus to go to school.

I am really so thankful and I am really lucky that I have parents like my mom and dad who are always there for us. And so when I saw in the commercial that Grand Parents day is coming I can’t help but think of a nice gift for Bela’s grand parents especially her grand dad. My dad’s only vice is smoking and so I am thinking to get him a box of romeo y julieta cigars. It is a premium cigar that is made from Dominican Olor tobaccos. It even comes with a box with humidifier so it will be a really nice gift for my dad.

I am really grateful for my parents because parenting becomes a very easy job for us because of their help and unending support.