Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Her Birthday

Bela: “Mom you should stop buying me toys because our house is already full of toys.”

I remembered Bela said this to me several times already so I figured that we should think of something different to give her on her birthday. She is already an ate now with the arrival of Cobi and we want to teach her to be responsible and so we are thinking of starting her early and teach her the value of saving money.

Hubby and I checked the website of United States Gold Bureau and we decided that a gold coin will be the best initial gold investment for Bela. Gold is a good investment as it does not depreciate over time so it will be a good way to save for Bela’s future.

At least with this gift, we are already teaching Bela the value of investment and savings and as they always say it is always best to start them young.