Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Sweet Little Girl

We were watching news the other day and B was also watching even if she can’t understand everything that she hears. But when she heard about a news about a girl who was kidnapped by her boyfriend, she started to asks why the boy did that to her girl. And so I explained to her that the boyfriend is bad and he doesn’t love the girl.

After explaining it to her she continued playing and then after a minute, she turned to my sister and her boyfriend and she said,

Bela: Tita Vj, is Tito Ronie your boyfriend?
Tita Vj: Yes. Why?
Bela: Tito Ronie, are you Tita Vj’s boyfriend.
Tito Ronie: Yes.
Bela: Are you a good boyfriend?
Tito Ronie: Yes
Bela: How much do you love her?
Tito Ronie: 1 billion.
Bela: That’s good. It means you are not going to kidnap my Tita.
Then she talked to her Tita and said,
Bela: Don’t worry Tita Vj, Tito Ronie is a good boyfriend so he won’t bring you to a faraway place.

And then her Tita hugged and kiss Bela while all of us laughed.