Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Monkey Tail

Last Friday, I fetched Bela from school and the moment she saw me, she was shouting, “Mom, mom I have an assignment and I need a monkey tail. And so I was intrigued that I immediately looked at her notebook to check.

Here is the reminder that her teacher posted in her notebook;

1. October 4- Monday “Earth Day” Celebration Prep Schedule 7:30-11:00am. Come in your brown shirt, maong pants and white rubber shoes. Make a “monkey tail” as part of our costume.
2. Bring the following on October 4:
a. small picnic matå
b. healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables and sandwiches. All food and drinks must be places in a container.
c. Extra shirt and small towel

So this is what she’s telling me. She’s very excited because as you all know, B loves animals so much and she’s happy that she’s going to pretend to be one on Monday.
I think that they will have a small program and picnic so I know that Bela will surely have a blast.