Monday, October 04, 2010

Laugh Trip With B

A conversation between Bela and her tita vj:

Bela: Hi tita, why are you not fetching me from school anymore?

Tita Vj: Because I'm already working just like your mom. I need to go to the office to work so that my boss will give me money.

Bela: So you can buy me toys?

Tita Vj: Yes

Bela: But I want you to fetch me because I miss you.

Tita Vj: Okay. I will not go to work anymore so I can fetch you everyday.

Bela: Oh no! I think it's just okay. You go to work so I can have toys! Maybe we cab just pretend that you are going to fetch me. 

And her tita can't stop laughing because of this.
My daughter is really a bit silly sometimes. LOL! Well, I just can't blame her because she's still a kid and as we all know, kids love to play.