Thursday, January 31, 2008

On Enopi, Kumon and Reading Laboratory

We will be going to Center for Children’s Well-Being School in Caloocan tomorrow to have Bela evaluated for their Reading Laboratory program that they offer for toddlers. It was suggested to me by my friend whose kids attend the Enopi class there.

I’m not sure if the Reading Laboratory program is under Enopi and I’m not sure either of the benefits of Enopi to kids. All I know is that majority of my friends have their kids attended the Enopi program and they are all doing well in school. They even got scholarships and their mother told me that it’s all because of Kumon and Enopi.

All of my friends have nothing but praises for the program and they told me that the earlier I enroll Bela, the more she will benefit from it. Honestly, I’m still not sure though if we’re doing the right thing but we decided to give it a try for a month and we will decide after that. Problem is they don’t offer trial class so we have no choice but to enroll Bela already. But tuition fee is kind of affordable so Howell gave me the go signal and the money to enroll Bela.

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

5 Things I Want My Kids To Know Before They Grow Up

I was tagged by Nice to write down 5 things that I want my kids to know before they grow up. Here it goes:

(1) They should always put God as the center of their lives because with God, nothing can go wrong.
(2) Education is the greatest gift that we can ever give them and so they should learn how to value education.
(3) That we discipline them, not because we want to punish them, but because we love and care for them.
(4) That we love them 101% and nothing can be more important to us than them.
(5) Nothing in this world is free and so they should learn to work hard to attain whatever goals they have and that we will always be there for them in every step of the way.

I’m tagging Eds, Ems, Erika, Jaqui, Jody, Joy, Kathy, Kelly, Kitts, Maybelle, Mec, Mich, Peachy, Pheng, and Toni

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On Preschools

Bela will be 2.5 years old already come April so we’re already planning to send her to preschool this coming April for summer classes. At least I can gauge if she’s already ready for the regular class before we enroll her full time.

I have been checking the site of mom exchange, and based form the feedbacks shared by other mommies, below are the schools that I’m considering:

1. Toddlers Unlimited – heard good feedbacks about it but the closest branch to us is Makati which is still a little far from where we live. I like the schedule too – 3x a week, 10:30 – 12:30.

2. Explorations – really read a lot of good feedbacks from mommies who sent their kids here. The Directress is also from Ateneo, which is another plus factor. I also read stories shared by other mommies regarding the curriculum and I really like it since they really encourage the kids to explore.

Once negative thing that I don’t like about this school is that they already require a 5x a week schedule for Nursery. I’m still reluctant to the 5x a week schedule. Mandaluyong is still far from where we live and I don’t want Bela to travel everyday as this might tire her.

I also heard that tuition fees are a little steep here (90K) compared to other preschools that I’m considering.

Both schools are not in the Manila area so I’m still on the look out for a good preschool in the Manila area so Bela don’t have to travel for long hours everyday. I’ve seen the banners of Cambridge Child Development Center (Binondo & Banawe) and they look promising too. I also heard that Early Achievers in Binondo is also good. Both schools have a number of branches in the Pasig, QC and Makati area. Is its safe to assume that they are really good since it looks like they have high turn out of students since they have many branches?

I will try to make a school visit come second week of February. Hopefully I will be able to find a good school for Bela. Wish me luck guys.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mom, where are you?

Howell was putting Bela to sleep and I was busy surfing the net. I suddenly heard Bela saying:

“Mom, where are you!!”

It really puts a smile on my face. I was touched that she wants me to stay beside her before she goes to sleep and I was amazed too that she’s starting to construct sentences now. My baby can really talk. LOL.

Oh, just sharing the little joys that Bela brings to our life.

Another Sunday

My mom decided not to go to Bulacan last Sunday so we we’re able to attend Bela's class at Little Gym. And I was glad with their decision since we just prefer to attend Bela’s class and just go home early after so we can still have the time to rest before another week starts.

I really love it every time we attend Bela’s class since Bela is really more comfortable now in the gym. And I can really say that she loves Teacher Clara better than Teacher PJ since she always approach Teacher Clara and always obeys what teacher Clara ask her to do. Like when Teacher Clara is doing a demo of the monkey jump, Bela approached Teacher Clara while raising her hands (signaling to Teacher Clara that she wants to do the trick with her). And Teacher Clara would give in to Bela’s request and will guide Bela on how to do the monkey jump. And that’s what I like with Teacher Clara. She really spend time to talk to her students and spend time with each one of them to get to know them better and at the same time making the students more comfortable with her also.

.: Giving Teacher Clara “five” :.

.: Bela, asking Teacher Clara to do the skill with her :.

.: Doing the monkey jump with Teacher Clara :.

.: Doing the monkey jump with Mom :.

After having lunch at Conti’s in Connecticut, we went home to fetch my two cousins since we will be accompanying them to Eternal Gardens to visit their Nanay Vicky. It’s my Tita Vicky’s birthday last January 16 and her death anniversary also.

Bela had a great time playing in the grass with her helicopters. She even had fun calling the cat that was roaming around the area. We had a few bites of pizza and we went home around 5:30 since it’s beginning to get dark already.

.: Busy playing with her toys :.

.: Bela calling the cat :.

.: Pointing the cat to her dad :.

.: “Cat, Cat, come here!!” :.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bela’s Saturday

We’re supposed to go to the Enopi Center in Caloocan to check out their Reading Lab program that they offer for toddlers 2 years old and up. But I just found out when I called Teacher Badeth yesterday that they don’t have a Reading Lab schedule on weekends. We also got lazy to do a make up class at Little Gym for Bela’s absence last Sunday.

And so we just decided to bring Bela to her pediatrician for her last scheduled immunization. Bela fell asleep on our way to Chinese General and so when it was her turn to be check by Dr. Sebastian, she got a little cranky and started to cry when Dr. Sebastian asked her to open her mouth so she can check her throat. And she continued crying when Dra gave Bela her typhoid shot. She only stopped crying when Dr. Sebastian gave her a lollipop.

This is Bela’s last immunization. We just have to go back either first week or middle of March for her annual flu shot and then we just need to go back when Bela turns 4 for her MMR2 and booster.

We’re still not decided yet if we will go with my family to Bulacan tomorrow or just attend Bela’s class at Little Gym. Howell and I are still too lazy for any activity. We’ll see tomorrow.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bela and the Globe

Bela loves playing with balls. And so when she found my cousin’s globe, she played with it thinking that it is a ball. Then my aunt showed her where Philippines is located in the globe. From then on, every time we give the globe to her and asked her where Philippines is, she will look for it and I was really amazed to find out that she can actually locate it even if Philippines is just a small image in the globe.

Now she can also locate where Australia and China is. My dad just took out my big globe that I used when I was still in high school from their stock room. He said that this will be Bela’s new educational toy. Kids are really so amazing.

No Disney on Ice for Bela

We went to SM after hearing mass at St Jude because we finally decided to buy tickets for the Disney on Ice show. Unfortunately, only General Admission and Upper Box B tickets are available. And knowing how big Araneta Center is, these seats are really far from the stage. So we decided not to take Bela to the show. Maybe it’s really not meant to be. Maybe next year. Disney on Ice is almost a regular show at Araneta. Almost every year or every other year, they have that show.

So next time, we should try to decide and book our tickets early. LOL

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bye beach…Bye Waves….Bye Bohol

We’re back from our Bohol vacation and oh boy, Bela did have fun. She enjoyed the trip to the Chocolate Hills, the Loboc River Cruise, and even the pictorial with the tarsiers while it’s sitting on top of her hand. She specially loves the beach. Looks like my little girl is a beach person as she is not scared even if there are big waves. She’s so “negra” now but we really can see it from her eyes that she is really happy and she really enjoyed our trip. Kaya nga na convince namin si lolo and lola nya to have another vacation this year. Bela is still hyper now. She doesn’t look tired at all from the trip while me and Howell is dead tired already.

I will post our Bohol trip kwentos and pictures soon. Utang muna for now as I’m still tired from our flight and I’ll be coming back to work tomorrow….

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good morning sunshine!!

I was greeted with Bela’s beautiful smile when she woke up this morning. She must have been hungry already as she immediately said “milk, milk” after seeing me. She was not able to finish her bottle before she fell asleep last night, maybe that’s why she's already hungry when she woke up.

After finishing her bottle of milk, she went to her alphabet chart and this is what we did (please don’t mind my voice. It really sounds “bangag” as I just woke up and I slept late last night).

Friday, January 18, 2008


I just received a text message from my cousin asking me if we will be watching the Disney on Ice with Bela. She just watched the first show yesterday and told me that she is definitely sure that Bela will really enjoy the show.

I really have no plans of taking Bela to watch the show. She had enough concerts already, as she was able to see the Sesame Street and the Barney Live concert. But just like what Bela’s god mother had told me, Disney on Ice is different as she will be ale to see the Disney characters while they are ice skating. And I must admit, I know that Bela will really enjoy it.

But I have different priorities now. Like this Sunday, we’re off to Bohol and I’m saving up for more out of town or out of the country travels this year.

But my cousin’s text is really tempting. We’ll see. The show will run until next week. So I still have a week to test if I can stand not to bring Bela to watch the Disney on Ice Show. Who knows? I’ll be dropping by at SM later. I might check the ticket prices at the Ticketnet booth there. LOL.

Amazing Race and Bela

This is the only show that Bela allows us to watch. Ever since she discovered the wonderful world of television, we never get to watch any of our favorite TV series as she always want to watch either one of her DVDs or Disney Channel or Nick Jr. If I tried to switch it to my channels, she will immediately notice it and will asked me to switch it back to her channels.

But with Amazing Race, she watches it with me. Maybe she loves the different things that she sees in every episode. Like there was an episode where they get to ride the boat or they get to go swimming, or ice skating, or ride a horse. It’s really a sign that my Bela would grow up to be one adventurous lad, just like her dad.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pediatric Dentist for Bela

I found a Pediatric Dentist for Bela. There’s a Pediatric clinic at SM San Lazaro – Dra. Des Kids’ Dental Clinic. They are located at the lower ground floor of SM San Lazaro.

I was able to inquire and the consultation fee is P400 (if my memory serves me right) and the cleaning and application of fluoride is P800. What I like about their clinic is that they are open from Monday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 9 PM. Weekends are the only time that both Howell and I are free so it’s really important for us to find a clinic that is fitted for our schedule.

Hopefully, we can visit their clinic after our Bohol trip for Bela’s dental evaluation.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

She really loves to sing

Singing is really one of Bela’s favorite past time. Just this afternoon, we played with her V-Smile TV Learning system. There is a game there called Alphabet Park where you can select a song from their song lists (I think there are 5-6 songs included) using the microphone attached to the V-smile TV learning system.

One of Bela’s favorite is the Alphabet song and I was able to record on video, using my phone’s camera, while she was singing the alphabet song. I was really proud to say that she already knows most of the letters of the alphabet.

What Bela and I did the whole afternoon

I woke up early as I was excited to check if there were opps waiting for me. Bela slept until 8:30 AM so I was able to blog for 1.5 hours. When she woke up, she greeted me with her beautiful smile, asked me to carry her and gave me a nice big hug.

We went down to have breakfast. Yaya Cris prepared carbonara for breakfast. It is Bela’s favorite and boy she ate a lot. After breakfast, she said “Wum, watch.” When I asked her what she wants to watch, she said “Cars.” So we watched the movie Cars together.

I then had lunch, while Bela fell asleep. I was able to blog again while she was sleeping. When she woke up, we played with her V smile TV learning system and her favorite game is the Alphabet Park where she can sing different songs and play a game where she needs to identify the different letters, shapes and colors.

We just played some more with her toys inside the house and she requested to watch Toy Story this time. After Toy Story, she still wants to watch Ice Age so I watch it also with her. After the whole afternoon together, I was able to make a list of the different DVDs that I will be bringing for our Bohol trip to keep her busy specially during our flight.

We’re now here in our room. Bela is playing with her little touch leappad with her dad. She just finished her 3rd bottle of milk. She’s a little sleepy now and I’m sure in just a couple of minutes, she will be sleeping like a log.

I’ll be back to work tomorrow. For sure I will miss my baby terribly after being at home for 2 days now.

Her appetite is back

Her appetite is really back after having coughs and colds for several days now. She just had a plate full of carbonara. This is her favorite, next to pansit. She also ate a plate carbonara this morning and was able to finish 2 bottles of milk already.

Hopefully, she continues to eat this way so she will gain weight again. We might go to her pediatrician this Saturday for her immunization so hopefully she already gained back the 1 lb that she lost last week.

Last Sunday at Little Gym

If you will notice, I haven’t posted pictures of Bela at Little Gym lately. Since Howell was not with us during class since December and I don’t know how to use my brother’s SLR camera, we don’t have any decent shots of Bela during class. It was only last week when Howell was able to go with us to the gym.

Bela have a new teacher this quarter. She is not actually new to Bela as she was Bela’s teacher when Bela is still attending the Birds class. I’m glad that they switched teacher for this quarter. Honestly, I liked Teacher Clara better than Teacher PJ as Teacher Clara is naturally “malambing” to all the kids. Even though it is just the second week of class, Bela is already comfortable with her. During the first day of class, Teacher Clara was able to ask Bela to hold on to the bar, which she never ever tried with Teacher PJ. Hopefully, Bela will enjoy the class more this time with Teacher Clara.

Below are some pictures that Howell and I took.

.: doing the forward roll :.

.: see how "malambing" Teacher Clara is :.

.: walking on the beam :.

.: Bela doing the monkey jump (I caugth this on cam) :.

.: trying to catch the ball :.

.: following teacher clara "hands high, touch the sky :.

Bela Turns 2 @ Philippine Columbian Association

This was posted in my other blog but was buried deep in the archives because a lot of opps came pouring in and I think none of my fellow bloggers was able to read it. So I’m posting it here again in my Bela’s new blog.
We had another party for Bela last Nov 17 to celerate Bela's birthday w/ our family & friends. Below is a slide show of some of the highlights of the party.

Nov 17

I woke up early because we still have a lot of small details to do (and maybe because I'm excited also). Then I woke Howell up because he has to go to Philippine Columbian to deliver the tarpaulin then drop by at Quiapo to buy tapes for the videocam. He drop me & my mom off at Dangwa because we have to buy fresh flowers for Bela's head dress & our leis.

The videographer arrived around 12:30 to take videos of the preps but the birthday girl is still taking a nap. It's already 1 PM & Bela is still asleep so Howell & I decided to go ahead of them because we still have to set up the prizes, souvenirs, tarps, coloring pages,etc.

When we arrived everything is already set up & Pizzie (from Little Royalties) is already there to assist us.

Our host is still not there (I think she’s 1 hour late). Good thing the guests are also late. Maybe because of the heavy Saturday traffic. I started to get worried na nga kse kaunti pa lang ang guest & 3 PM na. I also provided Lilo & Stitch Coloring pages so the kids have something to do while waiting for the program to start.

The program immediately started after Bela arrived. The host started with games for the kids. Super enjoy kse nagpaparticipate lahat ng kids. Naubos talaga lahat ng prizes na binili ko (kulang pa nga ata eh).

After the games, eating time muna. While the guests are eating, we played 2 AVPs made by my husband's business partner & Bela's tito, Nick. He created an MTV of some of Bela's home videos & then the other one was a picture AVP with the theme “What would Bela be when she grows up.”

Super big hit din ang Haiwaiian Snow Cones, Chocolate Fountain & Caramel Apple of Sanfo Treats.

After the guests are finished eating, lumabas na ang special guest ni Bela, si Lilo. Medyo takot lang si Bela kay Lilo mascot & medyo maton kumilos si Lilo.Hehehe

Then around 5 PM, Pizzie informed me na wala pa yung mag bubble show.4 PM call time nila so 1 hour late na din sila. So we decided to continue with the program.

We asked the kids in costume, to parade and then we announced the best in costume and the best in artwork. Wala pa din ung bubble show performers, so the host did some balloon sculptures for the kids. Tapos nagperform ulit si Lilo, then picture taking with the kids. Tapos we proceed with the balloon burst, then candle blowing. Eto favorite part ni Bela.

Exactly after all this, dumating din ang bubble show. Sulit din naman ang pag iintay kse super enjoy lahat kahit mga adults. I even received a lot of praises from our guests for the bubble show. My favorite is the photo opp where kids will go inside the giant bubble. Nakailang ulit nga kami ni Bela kse ayaw kong tumigil hanggat walang maayos na picture si Bela.

Then we distributed Bela's souvenir-personalized tumblers.

Some of the kids went swimming pa after the party.

Howell & I are super tired after the party but we're really happy kse super enjoy si Bela. Mas na appreciate na nya kse mga parties ngayon. Actually, mas na enjoy ko to kesa noong 1st birthday nya. Hehe.

After the party I received a lot of text message from our guests thanking us for inviting them because they really had fun. Kaya sulit talaga pagod namin.

If you want to see more pictures, I have uploaded more pictures at Bela’s webshot account. (Medyo madami yung na upload kong pictures at hindi natiis ni Howell na magkuha ng pictures kahit super busy na kami entertaining our guests.)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Choo Choo

She really knows how to play on her own now.

This was in one of the toy stores in Rockwell. After seeing the trains, she immediately played with it. She didn’t even want to leave the toy store.

She has a Thomas & Friends train set but we kept it in storage already as it occupies a lot of space in our living room. Maybe, it’s time to bring it out of storage again.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Horse Back Riding @ Tagaytay

I was checking the gallery of my phone and I remembered that I took a video of Bela and Howell while they were horse back riding last Saturday.

See how Bela really loved her first time experience in riding a horse.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Flower Girl & Tagaytay Trip

Last Saturday we attended the wedding of Noemi & Vice in Caleruega, Tagaytay. Bela was one of the flower girls. This is the second time that she was chosen to be one of the flower girls. The first time, she was just 1.5 years old and so she just played outside the church and did not join the rest of the flower girls in walking down the aisle.

This time, I was so proud as she was able to walk along with the other flower girls. Of course, Bela’s lolo & lola are present to watched their grand daughter. At first, she doesn’t want to go inside the chapel. She just wants to play outside. But when she saw the ring bearer going up the stairs, she said “up, up” and so I assisted her in going up the stairs. And as soon as she saw the guests watching her walk, she immediately smiled at them and continued walking up to the altar. Yun nga lang, I was walking with her. I thought of letting go of her hand and just let her walk alone, kaso naisip ko baka umiyak kaya pinanindigan ko na lang ang pagiging stage mother ko. When we reached our seats, she saw her dad taking pictures and so she started calling her dad. And since maliit lang yung chapel, lumabas na lang kami bago mag tantrums si Bela. So we just went to Bag of Beans since di pa nag bre-breakfast lolo at lola ni Bela.

Below are some pictures:

.: pose pa din kahit nasisilaw na :.

.: entering the chapel :.

.: lolo & lola (in the background) watching bela :.

.: with the stage mom :.

After the wedding, we went to the park beside Taal Vista where we can go horse back riding. Bela fell asleep on our way there. But as soon as she wakes up and as soon as she saw the horse, she immediately said “Dad, ride” while pointing to the horse. And I didn’t make a mistake since she was really not scared of the horse. I initially paid for 30 minutes of ride but after 30 minutes, she still doesn’t want to go down and so I have to extend the rental of the horse. Pumayag lang syang bumaba when I bribe her that we will buy Coke. (bad mom). LOL.

Here are some of Bela’s pictures while riding the horse:

.: super happy kahit maiinit :..: our favorite photo opp spot :.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bela’s Milestone at 2 years old

Last night, before I put Bela to sleep, she grabbed my hands and pointed it to the Alphabet chart posted on our bedroom wall. So I immediately point to each of the letters in the chart and Bela excitedly identified each of the letters. Before, she only knows the letter A, S, H, O, I, K. But last night I was amazed, as she already knows almost all the letters in the alphabet. She can even identify the picture beside the letters like the whale, xylophone, umbrella, snake, etc. And she will imitate the sounds if the picture is an animal, like she will imitate the sound of a whale and a snake.

And now she knows the color yellow. Before she can identify all the primary colors except yellow. She finds it difficult to pronounce kse. But now, as soon as she sees something yellow, she will point to it and say “ellow”. She also has a fascination for the shape circle. She already knows all the shapes but circle is her favorite. Every time she sees anything shaped like a circle, like her lolo’s watch or the rim of a drinking glass, she will immediately say, “circle” (with an accent) and draws a circle in the air.

Hay, Bela will never cease to amaze us talaga.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year 2007

So how did we celebrate our New Year? Would you believe I was still at work Dec 31st? But we’re still lucky as we had an early closure so I was able to go home by 12 noon. I dropped by at Blumetritt after work to buy some fruits for our table (this has been a tradition of our family. For good luck daw).

Around 7 PM, we went to my grand mother’s house (which is just a couple pf blocks away from our house) as we will be celebrating New Year’s Eve there with my other relatives. We had dinner around 8 PM and after dinner, the kids (my couins and Bela) we’re busy playing with their new toys while the grown ups we’re either busy eating or watching TV. Howell needs to do a lay out of a tarpaulin for the debut that he will be covering on January 6 and a signature book for the wedding he will be covering on the 5th. These are all just special request (for the clients are both our friends), and so even though Howell knows that he is already press for time, he still gave in to his client’s request. I missed digi scrapping and since I don’t have anything else to do, I offered to help him do the 8x6 and 2x6 tarpaulin. So while waiting for the clock to strike at 12, I was busy doing the lay outs for the tarpaulin. And boy, I was proud of my finish product. (I must have missed digi-scrapping that much).

Bela fell asleep around 11 PM. And so when it was already 12 Am, I tried to wake her up but she was really tired already. We went home around 1 AM and Howell and I slept around 3:30 AM as we started doing the lay out naman for the Signature book.

The next day, Bela woke up late and so Howell and I we’re able to catch up some sleep. Today is Howell’s 32nd birthday. We don’t have anything extra special planned for his special day as our schedule is full with get together from both my family and Howell’s family. And besides, maarami ng handa sa bahay so sayang naman kung kakain pa kami sa labas. LOL. And we will just celebrate his birthday in Bohol and I know he is already happy with our gift for him (Do I sound defensive and guilty ba for not preparing anything for hubby? LOL). We started preparing around 10:30 AM as we will hit the road again to visit Howell’s family in QC. We left around 12 PM and since there is no traffic, we reached QC around 12:30 just in time for lunch. It was one quiet afternoon. After lunch, Bela watched the Cars movie from Disney Channel, while Howell and I tried to take a nap. We left around 3:30 PM as we will be meeting my relatives to go to Eternal gardens. It has been a tradition of my family na kse na we will all meet up at Eternal Gardens to visit our dearly departed relatives. We just had merienda there and some fireworks. The kids were busy playing while the grown ups were busy eating again. (Looks like all of us gained a few pounds during the Holiday Season). We left around 6:30 AM as it is dark already.

When we reached home, all of us we’re tired from all the holiday happenings but Bela was still full of energy. Howell and I we’re already sleepy but she still wants to play with us. Luckily she got tired after watching the movie Cars and so we all hit the sack by 10:30PM.

Bela and the Bears

Happy 2008 everyone!! I was not able to go online for the past two days as we’re busy with a lot of stuffs. So I’ll be flooding my blog with some updates.

Decemeber 30

My cousin Tessa texted me and invited us to Rockwell since she got 8 free tickets at Power Bowl. Bowling is one of my hubby’s and my cousin’s favorites past time and so we hurriedly said yes with my cousin’s invitation.

We had to wait for Howell as he had another pre-nup shoot that morning. We left as soon as he arrived. When we entered the mall, we immediately saw the big Christmas tree and the fireplace, which is really perfect for a photo opp. Below are some of our pictures:

.: us by the big xmas tree :.

.: by the fire place :.

.: bela with tita tessa, tita vj, tito joseph and mom :.

.: bela on santa's chair :.

We then checked out the stores. I went to Baby & Co to buy some new nipples for Bela (butas na halos lahat ng bottle nipples nya at pinanggigigilan nya). I also bought a new drinking bottle for her kse tumatapon lagi sa bag yung Avent Sippy Cup nya. I was also checking some nice potty trainer for Bela (the one with sound effects) from Safety 1st, I think. She already has a simple potty trainer, which we received as a gift during her christening but she doesn’t want to sit on it. So I would like to look for something nicer to encourage her to try it and sit on it so we can start potty training her. It was a little pricey (but it was 10% off) but I decided to buy it next week na lang para new cut off na ng credit card ko.

We also went to a Different Bookstore and Howell found the perfect birthday gift that he asked from Bela and me: The Sports Illustrated Gift Set.

.: Our bday gift for Dad :.

My cousin then brought us to where the Polar Bears are so we can take a picture of Bela there. My cousin was a bit worried for Bela because according to her, the Polar Bears are really life size so Bela might get scared. But as soon as Bela sees the bear, she immediately played with them. She didn’t get scared even one tiny bit as she was hugging and kissing the bears. We even have a hard time asking Bela to leave as she doesn’t want to leave the bears.Here are some of Bela’s pictures with the Bears:

.: giving the big bear a hug :.

.: bela kissing the bear :.

After Bela’s pictorial with the bears we decided to go to Power Bowl. But guess what, they are close pala for their Christmas party…hehehe. So we decided to just have dinner and then went home after that.