Thursday, July 29, 2010

For My Family's Security

Have you ever thought of a good investment that can be a great source of your family’s financial security? Since I have a family to support and of course I want the best for them especially to my kids, I’m actually planning to buy gold eagle coins as part of our investments.

I got this idea from my friend and made me think that she has a good point because gold usually doesn’t observe lower value since it is widely accepted from almost anywhere and it can easily be converted to cash, which make it more accessible. In fact, there are times that the value gets higher as time passes by.

And so, I know that when I started investing with this, it will surely be all worth it and it will definitely be of great help to us especially for the future of my kids and my whole family.

Proud of My Princess

I feel very proud with Bela because ever since she entered the big school, she became a bit independent and matured enough to do some things on her own.

As she grows older, she’s starting to learn how to handle small things without guidance or company. Like for instance, she knows how to eat by herself now and even dress up. But of course there are still times that you need to please her to do a certain task especially when she’s not in the mood or busy playing.

Since I have more time now to monitor her because I’m on leave, I always see to it that I discipline her well so she will have good ethics and she will be able to learn how to interact with other people especially the elders.

I know that she will possess the great attitudes because I believe that Bela is becoming more aware with what’s right from wrong.

One Happy Mom

It’s been almost two months since Bela started in the big school. And as of now, I can see how well she improved and she’s really doing a great job.

I just attended the PTA meeting last week and her teacher told me positive feedbacks about Bela and I was so happy to hear that, because honestly, at first I am not that confident to enroll her in a big school because I’m a bit nervous that she will have a hard time adjusting in her environment.

But I was totally wrong because every time I check on Bela’s evaluation sheet and notebooks, I am happy and assured that Bela is improving with a lot of skills especially in her academics. Actually, last two days, B had her exams and on the first, she got 20/21 and on the second she had a perfect score that’s why there’s no doubt that she is doing well.

I just hope that she will keep up with her goods works and make me more proud as what I am right now.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

On Lawsuit

I was just taking about online shopping in my last post and I must admit that I am one fan of online shopping. I shopped most of Bela’s stuff from clothes, to toys and even the feeding bottles that I bought for Cobi online.

Though I am a fan of online shopping, I am aware too of the different kinds of crimes committed online like identity theft or some hacking crimes which steal personal and credit information from online users so I am really careful when transacting online. So I got really scared and worried when I learned of what TransUnion did back in 1987.

TransUnion is a credit reporting company and somewhere between 1987 and 2000, they illegally sold credit information to marketing companies. This is an illegal act and therefore their victims deserve to claim monetary damages from TransUnion.

So if you or anyone you know applied for a credit card or loan during the said period, then you can file a TransUnion Class Action Lawsuit with the help of the competent lawyers of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath. Their lawyers have the experience with this type of claims so victims of TransUnion can be assured that they will have a part in the $75 million fund set up by TransUnion to pay their victims.

For Daddy this Time

I just received the box containing the loots from my last online shopping for Cobi and Bela and I am really happy with my purchases. And what a great timing since I received an email from my good friend Ems informing me that our favorite online store is on sale again and is even offering additional 25% off to selected sale items.

I checked the site and most of the items that I like are for 9 month old babies already which means that Cobi still has to wait for eight months before he can wear them. And so I thought that it is a sign that I should stop shopping for my kids for the meantime and maybe I can shop for hubby this time.

I checked out their Men’s section and found some nice men's polo shirts that are on sale too. The polo shirts will be perfect for hubby as he can use it for work as he only wears polo shirts when at work and not those formal office attire so the sale is really a perfect timing for me to shop for him.

I already added a lot of items in my shopping cart and I will just ask hubby if he likes the color that I selected and this will all go to Checkout.

Instant Family Getaway

These pictures were taken last July 15 at the swimming pool of Pan Pacific hotel.

Because of typhoon Basyang, we lost power and we have no electricity for two days and so on the second night, hubby decided that we check-in to a hotel since we know that Bela and Cobi will have a hard time sleeping and they might even get sick if there is no aircon.

I observed that the hotel is full with families like us who doesn’t want their kids to have an uncomfortable sleep. Thank goodness that hubby was able to use his connections and so we were able to get a good rate than the one that they are initially offering us.

The kids that Bela met in the pool lives just near the hotel but they have no electricity too at home so they decided to spend the night at Pan Pacific too like us.

It became an instant family getaway for us (though hubby has to go to work the next day) as Bela had a great time swimming before going to class that day.

For Bela & Cobi

Ballet Class
Swimming Class

These are just some of the extra curricular activities that keep Bela busy. Though we are happy at how these activities have helped Bela improved her skills and talents, it is no denying that this cost a great amount of money. And now that we have Cobi, this means that we have to double the budget that we allocate for these kinds of classes so we can enroll both our kids to these great extra curricular activities.

That is why Howell and I have been really talking and we both agree that we should really start saving for our kids. We also talked about trying out other investments so we can secure our kids’ future and the investment that tops our list after doing research is gold investment.

Gold is a very good investment as it is widely accepted so it can be easily converted to cash. That is why after checking out the site of United States Gold Bureau, we got really convinced to buy gold bullion from them and their hard asset professionals can help us with our initial gold investment.

We know that with gold investment, we can never go wrong.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ballet Club @ SSC

Aside from the Girl Scout’s Twinklers club that Bela joined in school, I also let her join the Ballet Club as her second club which is one of the sports clubs being offered at St. Scholastica.

When I read the circular given by her teacher about the ballet club, I told Bela:

Me: “Oh Bela, you have a ballet club at school. Do you want to join?”
Bela: “ Yes, I already told teacher that I am joining.”

And so last Saturday, we did not have a hard time waking her up even if it is still way too early than her normal waking up time as she is really excited to attend her ballet class. She still has no uniform so she used her old uniform from Halili School of Ballet.


According to my sister, Bela was really serious during class and she followed everything that her teacher asked the class to do. At least now she has a lot of options for her career – she can be a ballerina, someone who sell merchant account, a swimmer, or a drummer. LOL.

They will have out of country shows and a recital which I think will happen as early as September. I am really excited as I know how much Bela likes this class and I am sure she will be excited too during recitals as you know how much she loves performing in front of a lot of audience.

Swimming Class with Aqualogic Again

Bela started with her swimming class with Aqualogic last Saturday. She actually doesn’t want to continue after the summer class because she got a bit traumatized when Teacher Ria did a one-on-one on her. LOL.


I was actually not with her when she attended the class and she was accompanied by my sister, her dad and her yaya. But according to my sister and just as we predicted, she got really excited and she wanted to jump right to the pool as soon as she sees the toys and the other kids swimming. My sister also told me that she is not scared to dive and swim on her own.

I am really happy with her improvement in swimming and I am planning to enroll her with Aqualogic all year long. I also inquired for Cobi and they have the Aquababes program for babies 6 months to 18 months of age. But I have to get in to quick weight loss diets so I will not be ashamed to wear my swimsuit as one parent should accompany Aquababes students during class. But I am really excited for Cobi and I hope he will be like his ate who enjoys the water too.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Look Alike

You can never really deny that Howell is Bela’s dad as they really look alike. But if you ask Bela, she will tell you that she looks like me because she will say that she is as white and sexy like me. LOL.

bela 419

She denies that she looks like her dad because she doesn’t want to admit that she has the same complexion as her dad and she said that she is sexy and she doesn’t look like her dad who has a big tummy. LOL. That is why it has been a private joke among us that Howell should start using noxycut so he can turn his fats into muscle. And maybe then, Bela will admit that she really looks like her dad. LOL.

And now our friends are saying that our baby boy looks like Bela and Bela looks like Howell so it means that our baby boy still looks like my husband. Poor me, all along I thought that my baby boy will be my mini me already.

Club Offerings @ St. Scho

I was so excited when I received the circular from St. Scholastica about the different clubs that students can join for this school year. The club meetings are scheduled within regular class hours, so each student is required to join one club.

The clubs that are open for Prep students are:

GSP Twinklers
Book Lovers’ Club
Color Mixers

Bela initially wanted to join the Color Mixers club but Howell wants her to join the GSP Twinklers club and when we told her what they will be doing in that club, she got really excited and decided that she will join that club instead.

They also have a sports club which can be student’s second club. They offer ballet, gymnastics, swimming, taekwondo and pep squad for prep students. Bela is interested to join the ballet club. The ballet club already had an orientation and level assessment last Saturday and we were not able to attend but I was able to talk to the club adviser and we can still register next Saturday.

I am excited already as I know Bela will have a great time joining these clubs.

First Day In School

Before I read about Clinicallix reviews, let me make this delayed post about Bela’s first day in school.

bela 016bela 043bela 115bela 068bela 003
Last June 15, I took a leave from work as I want to be with Bela on her first day in big school. Howell took a leave too so he can be with her princess. We left home early as we don’t want to be late for Bela’s first day so we reached St. Scholastica 30 minutes early.

We entered at Gate 7 and checked for Bela’s name on the bulletin board to check Bela’s section and room assignment. Bela will be under Junior Prep – St. Benedict under Ms. Manala. Her teacher and a few of her classmates were already inside the room when we arrived. Howell and I went inside the room and Bela said Hi and good afternoon to her teacher, selected her seat and went on playing with her new classmates.

Howell was able to take some pictures before we were asked to just wait for Bela outside the room. We were observing the whole time how Bela is in the new school setup and looks like she is really having fun. She was participating most of the time for all the activities - followed teacher’s actions when they were singing, volunteered for one of the activities, ate her snacks with her classmates during snack time, and even colored her name tag. But there was one time when she was calling teacher’s attention but teacher did not notice her and she really felt bad that she started to throw tantrums after that and won’t participate in the activity. But as soon as we reached home, I explained to her that since they are big girls already, they only have one teacher and so teacher can’t attend to all their needs at the same time so there are times that she has to wait for her turn or there are times teacher might not notice her and I guess she understood what I explained to her.

Everyday I will ask Bela how her day went and she will always answer enthusiastically and from the sound of it, it looks like she is really having fun. Now I am happy with our decision to enroll her at St. Scholastica.