Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ballet Club @ SSC

Aside from the Girl Scout’s Twinklers club that Bela joined in school, I also let her join the Ballet Club as her second club which is one of the sports clubs being offered at St. Scholastica.

When I read the circular given by her teacher about the ballet club, I told Bela:

Me: “Oh Bela, you have a ballet club at school. Do you want to join?”
Bela: “ Yes, I already told teacher that I am joining.”

And so last Saturday, we did not have a hard time waking her up even if it is still way too early than her normal waking up time as she is really excited to attend her ballet class. She still has no uniform so she used her old uniform from Halili School of Ballet.


According to my sister, Bela was really serious during class and she followed everything that her teacher asked the class to do. At least now she has a lot of options for her career – she can be a ballerina, someone who sell merchant account, a swimmer, or a drummer. LOL.

They will have out of country shows and a recital which I think will happen as early as September. I am really excited as I know how much Bela likes this class and I am sure she will be excited too during recitals as you know how much she loves performing in front of a lot of audience.


Faye said...

nakakatuwa naman si Bella, sis. very smart and active :)

abie said...

@faye frustrated kse yan na magsayaw ng ballet...hehe...kahit matigas katawan, join lang ng join. lol