Sunday, July 04, 2010

Club Offerings @ St. Scho

I was so excited when I received the circular from St. Scholastica about the different clubs that students can join for this school year. The club meetings are scheduled within regular class hours, so each student is required to join one club.

The clubs that are open for Prep students are:

GSP Twinklers
Book Lovers’ Club
Color Mixers

Bela initially wanted to join the Color Mixers club but Howell wants her to join the GSP Twinklers club and when we told her what they will be doing in that club, she got really excited and decided that she will join that club instead.

They also have a sports club which can be student’s second club. They offer ballet, gymnastics, swimming, taekwondo and pep squad for prep students. Bela is interested to join the ballet club. The ballet club already had an orientation and level assessment last Saturday and we were not able to attend but I was able to talk to the club adviser and we can still register next Saturday.

I am excited already as I know Bela will have a great time joining these clubs.