Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Look Alike

You can never really deny that Howell is Bela’s dad as they really look alike. But if you ask Bela, she will tell you that she looks like me because she will say that she is as white and sexy like me. LOL.

bela 419

She denies that she looks like her dad because she doesn’t want to admit that she has the same complexion as her dad and she said that she is sexy and she doesn’t look like her dad who has a big tummy. LOL. That is why it has been a private joke among us that Howell should start using noxycut so he can turn his fats into muscle. And maybe then, Bela will admit that she really looks like her dad. LOL.

And now our friends are saying that our baby boy looks like Bela and Bela looks like Howell so it means that our baby boy still looks like my husband. Poor me, all along I thought that my baby boy will be my mini me already.