Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Controversial Scrapbook of Grade 1 – St. Eusebia

Every year after the field trip, we will be asked to make a scrapbook to document the student’s as well as their chaperone’s experience of the trip. This time, instead of making one scrapbook per student, we will be making one scrapbook for the class and the homeroom officers will be responsible in making it.

So I texted all my co-parents today to ask them to submit pictures that they want to share for the class scrapbook. I ordered cheap envelopes to give to our adviser so she can sort the pictures that will be submitted.

All who replied to my text was really happy with this setup as we know how time consuming it is to make a scrapbook. So I was really surprised when I got a text from one mommy complaining that she already bought the materials because she thought that each student would have to submit a scrapbook. She told me that we should have notified her in advance so she does not have to buy the materials and she is saying that those that she bought would just go to waste.

Well for one, our class adviser have notified us way, way in advance that we will just have one scrapbook per class. It is not my problem anymore if she is not reading her daughter’s notebook or if she can’t understand plain English. Second, the materials that she bought would not be put to waste if she would just donate it to us who will do the scrapbook for the class or she can even use it to make a scrapbook that she can keep. Third, nobody is stopping her from making and submitting her own scrapbook.

I guess it is how she put the text message that really irritates me. For me, as a parent, I should be careful with what I say or do. These are the parents of my daughter’s classmates that I am talking to and I think it is just right to be polite to them or just show them that I am an educated parent.

But I have to let bygones be bygones. I can’t control how other people think and act. It is them who will look bad and not me. So moving on.

Grade 1 Educational Tour: Field Trip

Last February 13 was Bela’s field trip. The assembly time is at 6:00 AM as the bus has to leave at exactly 6:30 AM so we were up early. Bela was really excited that we did not have to wake her up. She was up at 3 AM and she was already asking us to give her a bath. LOL. This is how excited she is for this trip.

This picture was taken in Jollibee Quirino while we are waiting for our order for our take out lunch:

We went to Bioresearch Farm, Gardenia Plant, Jose Rizal Shrine, and our last stop was at Sta. Elena Fun Farm. I have to make a separate post about each of our destination but I first have to download the pictures that I took of the field trip since I am responsible for making the class scrapbook (which for some reason, one mom is not happy about ☹ but that deserves a separate post too.)

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Bye Lucy

Last Christmas, we granted our daughter’s wish of having a pet dog and gave her a mini pinscher as our gift to her. She was really happy and excited when we went to the pet shop in Cartimar to buy her dog. She fell in love with the mini pinscher as soon as she saw it. Even if we went around the different shops, she still went back to the store where she saw the mini pinscher.

So she was just the happiest when she went home with Lucy, her new pet dog.
Meet Lucia, a mini Pinscher, Bela's Christmas gift
Unfortunately, after only a month, Lucy left us. Lucy was due for vaccination that weekend but she got sick before that. We brought her to a vet and the doctor did everything she could to save Lucy. I guess even if the vet has all the apparatus and medical equipment in the world like stethoscope, colposcopes, oloscopes, etc, it is not very hard to determine that Lucy will not make it as she is really in the worse condition.

The vet said that she got a virus and the vet only gave her 24 hours, and if she will not make it, we will have to say goodbye to Lucy. Lucy was a fighter as she survived for another day. She even tried to stand up when we are feeding her; she even tried to play with Peter, Cobi’s pet dog.

But I guess it was really time for her to say goodbye because the next day, we heard Peter barking and when my dad went down to check, he saw Lucy already in peace.

We were all affected by Lucy’s loss, especially Bela:
Poor kid :-(
I did not think that I will be this affected too but it was like Lucy was my 3rd child. I hope and pray that Peter will not experience the same thing as Lucy and hopefully someday, we will be able to move on from this heartbreaking experience.

Ways to Raise Happy and Contented Kids

Parenthood is very hard. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do to raise happy children. Happy children often grow up to become happy adults. Below are some tips for raising content children.

Tell Your Children That You Love Them Every Day
Love is one of the most important things that a parent can give to a child. That is why "I love you" is something that you need to say to your child every day. You should also give your child a hug every day.

Discipline Them
One of the ways that you can show your children that you love them is by teaching them right from wrong. That is the whole purpose of discipline. A small child may have a crying fit after he or she is disciplined. However, children need and want their parents to set limits. Discipline gives your child a sense of security.

When you are disciplining your children, you need to make sure that it is done in a firm and loving manner. You also need to make sure that the discipline is appropriate for the child's age.

Listen to Them
Many parents want to do all of the talking. Even though you are the authoritarian, you still want to listen to what your children have to say. When you listen to your child, they become more comfortable with telling you things. Communication is especially important if your children are teenagers.

Encourage Them to Be Independent
Your children will not be with you all the time. They will grow up, leave the nest and start a life of their own. Your main job as a parent is to prepare your children for the real world. If your children start becoming independent at a young age, then it will be much easier for them to get adjusted to being on their own.

Spend Time with Them
Today, both parents and children are very busy. However, you should always make time for your children. One of the best ways to maintain a good relationship with your children is to spend time with them.

Every parent wants his or her child to grow up happy. Telling your children that you love them, disciplining them, listening to them and encouraging independence are some of the keys to raising a happy child. You also need to make sure that you spend plenty of time with them.

Author's Bio: This informational article about responsible parenthood was written by Iris Pulga, a mom to two adorable little girls, ages 7 and 1 for Follow her parenting journey through her Twitter account: irispulga*.