Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bela's 7th

I still have to make a post for my supplier ratings for all my supplier for Bela’s 7th birthday party but I am up to the neck now with work so it might take a while before I got it done.

But all in all, I am happy with how the party has turn out. It is not perfect, there are some glitches here and there like we have to find fitted tablecloths last minute, hubby has to finish the gallery up to the last few seconds before the party starts, the table numbering was not followed when they set up the tables, the claiming of prizes was a bit of a chaos too, but all of that is nothing as we saw how happy the birthday celebrant is.

It was stressful preparing for a big party like this, but if you will ask me, I would do it all over again if I have too as my prize for doing this are the kisses, hugs and the numerous thank you that I got from my dear princess because of how happy she was with her party.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shitzu for Bela

My husband and I have been checking out beer making supplies at as we want to get one so that we have something to use for gatherings at home, but looks like we will not be able to buy it for Christmas as we need additional budget to buy Bela’s wish for Christmas, which is a shitzu.

She has been really bugging us to get her a pet since 2 or 3 years ago but we feel that she is still not ready to take care of her own pet. So every time she asks for it during Christmas or on her birthday, we try to convince her to request for any other thing, except a pet.

But since she turned 7 last November and we know that she has been patiently waiting long enough, we wanted to grant her wish this Christmas. And my dad agreed that he would help Bela take care of her pet too.

My friend Kathy is looking for a seller of shitzu puppies from their contacts. Hopefully they will be able to find one within our budget, before Christmas.

Bela's Letter to Santa

Our kids believe in Santa. Well, we told them that Santa has been watching on them the whole year and will tell if they have been naught or nice which will determine if they deserve a gift from Santa or not on Christmas day.

Bela is now 7 years old and she still believes in Santa. Every year I will ask them to write a letter to Santa and hubby and I will buy that wish of theirs and will secretly put it in their Christmas stockings so that is the first thing that they will see when they open their eyes on Christmas day. It is just priceless to see the reaction in their eyes when they see their gift.

And for this year, this is Bela’s wish to Santa:

A Hex bug toy. Although I visited two malls already and I can’t find any in stock. Hopefully we can buy one so that we can grant Bela’s wish from Santa.

DVDs of Pictures: Bela's 7th Bday by Jojo Francisco

We have received the DVDs from one of our photographers, Jojo Francisco, containing all the pictures that he took during Bela’s party. This reminds me that I have to check for cds duplication as I need to make copies of these DVDs to give to the doting grandparents and aunts and uncles and even to some of my friends who want to have a high resolution copy of their kids during the party, especially the fashion show part and the mini concert.

Hopefully I can sort the pictures during the holiday break so I can update my Facebook and Flickr account. I am so behind with our online album as I haven’t uploaded pictures of: 

* Jacobo’s 1st and 2nd birthday
* Bela’s 6th and 7th birthday

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Bela's SDE

Sharing the Same-Day-Edit video of Bela’s 7th Birthday party by KSnaps productions:
We have attended a party of my daughter’s friend where KSnaps Productions introduced their Same-Day-Edit video. Bela really enjoyed watching the video, especially when she saw herself in the video. That is why she really requested to have the same video on her party.

She calls it “Behind-the-scenes” video and she said that she wanted to play it before everybody leaves, so that her classmates and friends will also see themselves in the video.

Hubby was really impressed with the editing skills of KSnaps Productions, considering they only have a limited time in editing it as they shoot the video and edit it on the same day so the video can be played at the end of the party. They were able to capture all the highlights of the party, including heart-warming moments like the daddy and daughter scene of Bela and Howell.

This is really a must have for your party, especially if you have an extra budget to spare. You can contact my friend Kathy of KSnaps Productions for inquiries: 0915-8793831.