Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No Longer a Baby

Just look at my Bela:

I realized that time flies by so fast and I no longer have a baby. This picture was taken a few weeks ago when they were asked to come in their Sunday dress in school because they will be watching the MidSummer Nights’ Dream play.

I super love the blazer that she is wearing in this picture. I bought it for her for Christmas but she was not able to wear it, that is why I got really excited when I found the perfect opportunity for her to wear it.

Her Own Drum Set

Just look at what we got for Bela for Christmas:

She has been attending drum lessons at Academy of Rock for more than 6 months now and we can see that it is really something that she likes. So hubby and I decided that it is about time that she gets her own drum set at home so she can practice whatever she learned from school.

Her drum teacher was even the one who went to our house to help us setup it up.

And now that we have the drum set, hubby is really keen on turning one of the rooms into a music room complete with high quality musical instruments, amplifiers, speakers and more.

I am sure Bela will enjoy playing with his new toy, especially after her dad finishes the setup of the music room.

Ocean Adventure Fun with the Santos

Last December, our good friends from Canada spent their holiday season here in the Philippines and we are happy that we were able to spend time with them even just for one day. We took them to Ocean Adventure in Subic as we know that their kids will love it there.

Ocean Adventure is one of Bela’s favorite place and she really enjoyed all the shows (even if she has seen it numerous times already), with Cobi, Alijah and Aaron. The highlight of our trip was the kids’ interaction with Tonka the whale, the dolphins and the Dakila, the Sea Lion. Here are some of the pictures: