Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Payday Loan to Answer Our Plans

Who says money is not important? Well I guess, most of you will say that money is indeed important. The value of every single cent motivates us to work harder so we can have enough income to assure our life. Money has in fact made a big role in our everyday living since most of our activities that we do are incorporated with it.

Definitely, as a mom and wife, I work hard to earn money to support our family’s needs. Obviously, I always want the best for them especially to my kids. I want them to have a good quality of education, healthy foods and lifestyle for them to be capable of living the best life.

The future of my family is always on my top priorities. This is the reason why hubby and I are starting to consider few things that will benefit us. We’ve talked about our plans of having payday loan because we want to start our own business. We really don’t want to rely on our jobs alone since we both know that there will come a point wherein we are about to stop. We both want to secure our family’s future that’s why we are thinking of venturing into other alternatives that will help assure my family to provide our necessities.

Now that we have two kids and Bela is already studying in a big school, we are definitely obliged to earn extra to pay for the expenses and other commitments. In this case, I also have to budget our money and spend them wisely by emphasizing on more important things that we need. I know that by doing this, we will be able to save enough money to provide for our future and probably for some circumstances that we have to focus on.

I really pray that we will become capable enough in pursuing our plans. This may be a risk for us but who knows that this can be of great help.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Learn More About Gold Investment

It is already past midnight and my husband and my two kids are now fast asleep. I am staring at them and I became sentimental and made me really think about the future of our kids. I love all of them dearly and in case something happens to me, I wanted to make sure that my kids would still have a bright future.

That is when I came to realize that I should start making investments like buying gold coins to save up and secure the future of Bela and Cobi. Gold is a very good investment as it doesn’t depreciate in time and is universally accepted so it can be easily converted to cash. Storage is not a problem also as it can be easily stored in a safe deposit box at home or arrangement can made for it to be stored in local banks.

I am still not sleepy so instead of being sentimental and emotional, I would just use this time to read the website of United States Gold Bureau to learn more about Gold Investment.

Lingo ng Wika @ St. Scho

Last August 19 was the Prep Tugmang Bayan at St. Scholastica. They sent out invites so the parents can come to school to watch their kids perform.

Bela was so excited as she has been working hard to memorize the two poems that they will recite for the program: “Ang Maya at Pipit” and “Pinya.” She will often complain every time I asked her to practice at home but we were so surprised because she knows all her lines.

bela 218-1
bela 099-1

Both Howell and I went to school to watch her perform and so she was so happy and was so proud to introduce us to her friends and teacher. Before the program started, we saw her looking for us as she specifically told us that we have to watch her and so we really made it a point to visit her on her designated chair and told her where we were seated so she will know that we are watching her perform. She was even waving her hand at us when she was on stage already as she is just so ecstatic that both Howell and I are there to watch her performance.

bela 180-1
bela 156-1
bela 142-1
bela 117-1

After all the Prep students recited their poem, they all danced to the tune of a Badjao song (because their adapted region for their Buwan ng Wika is Mindano) and according to Bela this is her favorite.

bela 233-1
bela 222-1

You can view more pictures here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Planning for Bela's 5th Bday Party

I have been busy preparing for Cobi’s Baptism that I set aside the preparations for Bela’s fifth birthday party. But I realized that August is almost over and I only have less than three months left to prepare for Bela’s party.

So far I already booked most of the suppliers that I need for the party. I only have to look for a souvenir supplier and cake supplier. I am already running out of ideas for the souvenir. If only it is a sports themed party, then I would definitely have personalized footballs as the souvenir as I saw one and it is really a cute and I love that it is personalize. As for the cake, I am still looking for one who does delivery as I find it really a hassle to have the need to pick up the cake before the event.

So far, I have booked:

• Arnold the Magician: I booked him through Angelette of Jelly Bellies. I was choosing between Arnold and Alex Lagula but Bela requested to have a magician who does ventriloquism and so I booked Arnold since Alex does not do vent.
• Eric, the Balloon Artist: I booked him also through Angelette (with no down payment. Love it. Thanks Angelette). This is again one of Bela’s requests. She said that she wanted a balloon artist and she will ask him to make plenty of balloons that she will give to the kids here in our neighborhood. LOL.
• Premium Kiddie Salon and Glitter Tattoo: Booked from Arts N’ Faces. I am happy with their service when I got them for Bela’s 4th Birthday party last year so when I checked their site and they are having a promo, I inquired immediately. I got their Premium Salon package which comes with a free Glitter tattoo.
• The Creamery: As I posted in my previous posts, Howell and I checked out the place and Howell loves it so we paid the down payment already.
• Bela's Princess Gown: I already inquired with Prim of Baby Fashionistas and I just have to ask Bela for the style that she wants for her gown.

I only have two weeks left before I go back to work so I have to finish everything that I need to book for Bela’s party within two weeks so I don’t have anything to think about when I return to work as I know that I will be back to my very hectic and busy routine again.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Working Hard

One of my friends asked me, how do you secure your family financially? Do you depend on your income from your job alone?

Ever since I had a child, I really see to it that I save money from my job. And since I have two kids now, I always budget my money and see to it that I have separate money for my kids' security including their education and health and for my personal and family expenses.

But I don’t always depend on my job; instead I invest into something like gold coins and real estate that I know will be practical for us since the values are often high and there are lesser chances that it will depreciate even for a longer period of time.

I don’t usually do this before but as my family grows bigger, I finally realize that I should not risk our future and I should be ready for whatever circumstances that may happen.

Is She Ready for Her Own Pet?

Bela is so fond of playing with my brother’s pet. It’s a dog Chihuahua and Bela can really take care of him since it’s just small and she can carry him easily unlike our new Labrador puppy that her dad bought.

I can actually see how happy she is whenever she plays with the puppy. She even asks me if I can buy her a chihuahua so she can have her own. But I always tell her that she’s still young and she can’t manage to take good care of a puppy all day long since she’s busy in school and her other activities.

But then again, after seeing her with my brother’s dog, I’ve been thinking lately that she can be responsible enough to have her own pet. After all, I know how much she loves animals. So I’m considering of buying a black Chihuahua (as what she requested) for her birthday. But I still need to seek for hubby’s opinion before making a plan.

Bela's Tagalog

Bela will be having a program for their Buwan ng Wika this coming August 19. I was worried at first because she has to memorize 2 poems (with 4 stanzas each) which they will recite during the program. On the first night that I got the copy of the Tagalog poem, I already worked with Bela to help her memorize the poem and it was really a big challenge as she is really not into it and it took a lot of convincing before I can make her concentrate to listen to me to memorize the poem. I have to turn off the TV, asked yaya to pack away her toys and sit down so she can concentrate. She was almost in tears as she was really having a hard time memorizing it but it worked as she was able to memorize the two poems that night. It is just funny to hear her recite it as she has a very funny accent when speaking in Tagalog.

I am so excited to watch her perform on August 19. Our digital camera and video camera is ready already to shoot that special moment next week.

For Them

Bela is growing up really fast and before we know it, it will be time for her to go to college. And while we only have one child who goes to school, we might as well use this opportunity to invest our extra money instead of just spending it for shopping or travel.

So I have been doing some reading and research and I have discovered the site of United States Gold Bureau where I gathered a lot of tips and information about precious metal investment like gold coin and gold ingot.

Investing in precious metals is one of the best investment nowadays because it is a universally accepted hard asset that can be easily converted to cash. It also is a good way to preserve one’s wealth as it doesn’t depreciate in time so your investment will be really secured.

Securing for the future of our kids is really our top priority now and hubby and I knows that investing in precious metals is really a wise decision.

Baby Fashionistas Loots

Last weekend, we were able to find the time to go to the mall to buy clothes for Bela that she will be wearing for Cobi’s baptism. Cobi is with us as I don’t want to leave him behind so I know we don’t have that much time to go around and check stores so I thought to just go straight to Baby Fashionista’s store in The Block as I am sure that I will find something there for Bela that she can wear.

And just as I expected, I went crazy after seeing all the cute dresses and I asked Bela to try each of the dress that I find really cute that I end up buying two dresses for Bela, one blouse, one skirt and one pair of shoes. Good thing some of the items are on 20 to 30% sale so at least I was able to save a little.

Proud Mommy

I always check Bela’s folders from school every day when she arrives home and they have been doing a lot of work sheets already and I am happy and proud to say that Bela is really doing good in school.

Here are just some of her worksheets:

Almost everyday also, she will go home with a star stamped in her hands and of course, I can’t help but be proud for her. I really don’t want to be grade conscious and all and I know she is just starting and she still has a long way to go but I can’t help but be really happy every time she goes home with a star.

Investment Option

Every time I look at my kids, I can’t help but be inspired to continue to work harder so we can save up to secure their future. Aside from working really hard, I have been doing some research about precious metal investments as I heard that it is a good investment as it doesn’t depreciate in time and I am thankful because the website of United States Gold Bureau have been a really big help for me.

United States Gold Bureau is an authorized dealer of US Mint and it is where we can buy precious metals like gold, platinum and silver in bullion or coins for investment. They have experienced hard asset professionals who really knows a lot about precious metal investment so they can really help their clients in getting the best value of precious metals available in the market.

The website of United States Gold Bureau even offers tips, news and information so I was really able to learn a lot about precious metal investment so I am really considering it as one of our investment options.

The Creamery: Booked

Finally after weeks of thinking it over, we were able to finally decide on where to celebrate Bela’s 5th birthday.

We actually did not plan for Bela to have a party on her 5th birthday but she kept on telling us that she already told her classmates that she will be having a Princess Tea party on her birthday. LOL. And the grand parents and the aunties are all getting mad at me for not planning a party for Bela because they know that she has been very sensitive and very jealous lately because she is still adjusting to the coming of her baby brother.

And so I gave in and started planning for Bela’s party. I only like to have the party at Shakey’s because I am working on a limited budget but Howell asked me to look for another venue where it will be suitable to have a Princess themed party. I have searched everywhere but I can’t find a nice place that will go with our theme and that will fit our budget. Thanks to my sister who suggested, The Creamery, a restaurant and ice cream bar located at Kids Universe in SM Mall of Asia.

I inquired last week and checked out the place with my sister. I find the place small for our number of guest and the price expensive but Howell is really not into celebrating the party at Shakey’s so I have him checked out the place last Saturday. He loves it and he promised that he will give me additional budget so we can afford to have the party at the Creamery.

We paid the reservations last Saturday so the venue for Bela’s 5th birthday party is finally booked. This will be a small party only with Bela's classmates and close friends and relatives as her guest but I am sure Bela will still have the grandest time of her life.

HK Study Tour of the SSC Ballet Club

The SSC Ballet Club will have a study tour in Hong Kong this coming October. Everybody is invited to join this tour and to give more details about the tour, they invited the parents of the students for a meeting which was held last July 31.

We were in Bicol that time but since hubby and I are interested for Bela to join the tour, I asked my ever reliable sister to attend the meeting for us. As per the information gathered by my sister:

• This study tour will be a five day trip which is tentatively scheduled at the end of October.
• The activities for the participants will be from 8 AM to 7 PM where they will visit Ballet schools, the behind the scene of the shows in Disneyland and a meet and greet with the dancers of Disneyland.
• While the participants are on tour, the parents will not be allowed to be with their kids during the entire length of the activity which last the whole day. The parents will just give their kids money to spend for food while they are on tour so basically the participants will be on their own.
• At the end of the tour, they will select the best participant for a scholarship in one of the Ballet schools in Hong Kong.

Even after getting this information, hubby still like Bela to join the tour as Howell thinks that this will be a good experience and exposure for Bela. I on the other hand is having second thoughts as I know that Bela still can’t be on her own and as a mom, even a single minute away from Bela on a foreign land won’t give me a peace of mind even if the teachers are assuring that they will take care of Bela.

Our verdict: We will not be joining the tour and I told Howell that maybe I will allow Bela to join this tour when she is in Grade 5 already. LOL. Anyways, they have it ever year so who knows, maybe next year, I will be able to let go of Bela and let her try to be on her own.

Her Future

I posted a picture of my daughter here during one of their programs in school where she is dressed as a Muslim princess. She loves dressing up at an early age and in fact she is the one who chooses the clothes that she wants to wear. That is why I can feel that she might have a good future in the fashion and beauty industry someday. I know it is still early for now but I have been reading about beauty school in Wichita because I have heard good feedbacks about them from friends who enrolled there.

Beauty school in Wichita is one of the campuses of Regency Beauty Institute. They started only with two campuses in 2002 and now they already have thirty campuses across nine states. This growth just shows that they are really a very trusted beauty school.

Their students are all raving about the training that they got from Regency Beauty Institute as they had the best hands-on training because of the upscale salon setup that they have in school. They were also even able to help their students after the training to get a job either in a salon, cruise ships or runway shows.

At least if ever Bela decided to have a career in the fashion and beauty industry, I already have a school in mind on where to enroll her.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bela on the Internet

And who would have thought that this recycled costume would land on the Internet.

As I posted in my previous post, we just asked our seamstress neighbor to repair the costume that my sister wore when she was in Grade 4 so it will fit Bela. We only had a week to prepare for this so I didn’t even find the time to buy matching shoes for the costume and I just used Bela’s old sandals that she wore during her graduation last March.

So I was really surprised to find the picture of Bela in the home page of St. Scholastica. I was checking the Calendar from the St. Scholastica’s website since Cebu Pacific is having a promo again and I was really surprised when I was greeted with Bela’s picture together with the other chosen Prep students. I think they selected students for the picture so they have something to post on the Internet for their “Buwan ng Wika” theme.

I showed Bela her picture and this is what she told me:

Bela: “Oh, Ms. Malana was right. She said that mom and dad can see my picture on the Internet.”

I was one proud stage mommy and I texted all my relatives so they can have a peek of Bela’s picture on the SSC website. LOL.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Bela in Muslim Costume

I know I should be looking for landscape lighting as I promised my husband that I will present him with something later so we can order it this weekend but I have to stop first my search as I can’t wait to post Bela’s picture here:

bela 010bela 021
Last August 2 was the opening ceremony of their Buwan ng Wika program in school and all Prep students were asked to wear Mindanao costume. We actually received the letter one week before August 2 so my mom was in panic as we don’t know if we ca find a ready made costume for Bela’s size as it is really difficult to find one for her as she is a little small. And I am not sure also if Prim will still accept to make a costume for Bela as it is just less than a week for her to make the costume.

So what my mom did is look for the Muslim costume that my sister wore when she was in Grade 4 and have it repaired and this is the finished product. Who would have thought that the costume Bela was wearing was just recycled from an old costume. LOL.

They will have a program on the 19th and parents will be invited to come to school to watch and Howell and I are already looking forward to it (stage parents. LOL.)