Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Planning for Bela's 5th Bday Party

I have been busy preparing for Cobi’s Baptism that I set aside the preparations for Bela’s fifth birthday party. But I realized that August is almost over and I only have less than three months left to prepare for Bela’s party.

So far I already booked most of the suppliers that I need for the party. I only have to look for a souvenir supplier and cake supplier. I am already running out of ideas for the souvenir. If only it is a sports themed party, then I would definitely have personalized footballs as the souvenir as I saw one and it is really a cute and I love that it is personalize. As for the cake, I am still looking for one who does delivery as I find it really a hassle to have the need to pick up the cake before the event.

So far, I have booked:

• Arnold the Magician: I booked him through Angelette of Jelly Bellies. I was choosing between Arnold and Alex Lagula but Bela requested to have a magician who does ventriloquism and so I booked Arnold since Alex does not do vent.
• Eric, the Balloon Artist: I booked him also through Angelette (with no down payment. Love it. Thanks Angelette). This is again one of Bela’s requests. She said that she wanted a balloon artist and she will ask him to make plenty of balloons that she will give to the kids here in our neighborhood. LOL.
• Premium Kiddie Salon and Glitter Tattoo: Booked from Arts N’ Faces. I am happy with their service when I got them for Bela’s 4th Birthday party last year so when I checked their site and they are having a promo, I inquired immediately. I got their Premium Salon package which comes with a free Glitter tattoo.
• The Creamery: As I posted in my previous posts, Howell and I checked out the place and Howell loves it so we paid the down payment already.
• Bela's Princess Gown: I already inquired with Prim of Baby Fashionistas and I just have to ask Bela for the style that she wants for her gown.

I only have two weeks left before I go back to work so I have to finish everything that I need to book for Bela’s party within two weeks so I don’t have anything to think about when I return to work as I know that I will be back to my very hectic and busy routine again.