Thursday, August 12, 2010

Her Future

I posted a picture of my daughter here during one of their programs in school where she is dressed as a Muslim princess. She loves dressing up at an early age and in fact she is the one who chooses the clothes that she wants to wear. That is why I can feel that she might have a good future in the fashion and beauty industry someday. I know it is still early for now but I have been reading about beauty school in Wichita because I have heard good feedbacks about them from friends who enrolled there.

Beauty school in Wichita is one of the campuses of Regency Beauty Institute. They started only with two campuses in 2002 and now they already have thirty campuses across nine states. This growth just shows that they are really a very trusted beauty school.

Their students are all raving about the training that they got from Regency Beauty Institute as they had the best hands-on training because of the upscale salon setup that they have in school. They were also even able to help their students after the training to get a job either in a salon, cruise ships or runway shows.

At least if ever Bela decided to have a career in the fashion and beauty industry, I already have a school in mind on where to enroll her.