Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is She Ready for Her Own Pet?

Bela is so fond of playing with my brother’s pet. It’s a dog Chihuahua and Bela can really take care of him since it’s just small and she can carry him easily unlike our new Labrador puppy that her dad bought.

I can actually see how happy she is whenever she plays with the puppy. She even asks me if I can buy her a chihuahua so she can have her own. But I always tell her that she’s still young and she can’t manage to take good care of a puppy all day long since she’s busy in school and her other activities.

But then again, after seeing her with my brother’s dog, I’ve been thinking lately that she can be responsible enough to have her own pet. After all, I know how much she loves animals. So I’m considering of buying a black Chihuahua (as what she requested) for her birthday. But I still need to seek for hubby’s opinion before making a plan.