Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby Fashionistas Loots

Last weekend, we were able to find the time to go to the mall to buy clothes for Bela that she will be wearing for Cobi’s baptism. Cobi is with us as I don’t want to leave him behind so I know we don’t have that much time to go around and check stores so I thought to just go straight to Baby Fashionista’s store in The Block as I am sure that I will find something there for Bela that she can wear.

And just as I expected, I went crazy after seeing all the cute dresses and I asked Bela to try each of the dress that I find really cute that I end up buying two dresses for Bela, one blouse, one skirt and one pair of shoes. Good thing some of the items are on 20 to 30% sale so at least I was able to save a little.