Sunday, March 27, 2011

Certified Grand Dad's Favorite

Bela is a certified lolo’s girl. Being the first grand child, she captures the hearts and attention of everybody especially her grand father. But she is one sweet and charming little girl that is why she never fails to win their affection.

My dad is Bela’s official driver as my dad lovingly drives Bela to school everyday. I would have wanted to just hire a driver for Bela but my parents are really against it as you can never really be sure of the safety of Bela if we do this. So my father volunteered to take Bela to school everyday.

That is why the two are really close as they are together almost everyday. Even during weekends when Howell is not available, my dad will drive Bela to her ballet and swimming class without complain.

That is why on her birthday last Monday, Bela was even the one who reminded me to get her grand dad’s favorite cigar and cigars humidor as her gift for her favorite grand dad.

My dad is also Bela’s spoiler (in a good way. LOL). If I will scold Bela for doing something wrong, my dad will be the first one to react and he will scold me too.

I guess grand parents are just like this. As what my mom always say, their grand children gives them a different kind of joy that is why they really love their grand kids to bits.

1 Year with Aqualogic

It’s been almost a year now since Bela started with Aqualogic and I am really happy that we enrolled her for their Aqua Kids class. She is just so comfortable in the water and she just loves being in the pool.


They are actually teaching her now how to do the free style and I was amazed because Bela can follow the instructions well. There was even one time when she had a one-on-one with one of the teachers and she was able to cross the entire kiddie pool by doing the free style.

Unfortunately, we will be away the whole month of May so I enrolled her only for 4 sessions for summer (and her brother will also be joining her). But I plan to enrol her back for the whole year again come June.

She is just so happy every time she is in the water and seeing how well she does, I know swimming is one of the sports where she will excel.

Prep Week Day 3: Kid’s Kitchen

Since I am on a roll today and my blogging mojo is back, I better finish my three-part post about Bela’s Prep Week celebration before I search the net for inetsoft business intelligence software.

So here is the last part, Prep Week Day 3: Kid’s Kitchen


For this activity, the students will prepare two tasty treats with the help of their parents: Tasty Tuna and Cinnamon Toast. Since I have no talent too when it comes to cooking and I don’t want to disappoint Bela again, I asked my mom to go with us so she can help Bela for this activity. And the two had fun preparing this tasty treats.

After the food preparation activity was the talent show of the kids and the Prep students who are members of the SSC Ballet Club was one of those who will perform. This will be the first time that Bela’s classmates will witness her dance the ballet so she was really excited. She was all smiles the entire time she was performing.

The Prep teachers also did a dance number for their students and parents and there were also other parents who performed too.

It was really the perfect way to end the Prep Week.

Prep Week Day 2: Mathinik Kami

(If only I knew that this will be a physical activity, I would have used OxyElite Pro so I will be in tip-top shape for this event. LOL).


For day 2, the teachers prepared different physical and mental games for all the families. Bela and I were asked to join a physical and mental game where they will give puzzle problems and we will solve it with the help of our kids. We will coach our kids to get the materials that we need to solve the puzzle from a basket and the kids will hand it to their parents and the parents will build the puzzle. Whoever finishes the puzzle first will win the game.

Unfortunately, our team always finishes last so we did not win this game. LOL. But that is just okay as what is important is I had fun playing with Bela and with my co-parents. And Bela was so happy for the consolation prize that we got.

Prep Week Day 1: Story Fun Surprise

One of the last activities for the Prep students of St. Scholastica was the Prep Week which was held last February 22 – 24, 2011. The teachers prepared different activities per day for the students and for the parents.

I have not enough leave credits left but of course I want to join Bela for all the activities during the Prep Week so I took half day off for three consecutive days.

Prep Week Day 1: Story Fun Surprise


For this activity, they invited two multi-awarded writers for children’s books as guest speakers. They are Ms. Kristine V. Canon and Dr. Luis P Gatmaitan. They did a talk for the kids and the parents on how to create a good story book.

Their books were also sold during the event and there was a book signing after their talk.

After the talk, parents and students were asked to group themselves into two for the story book making. Bela and I were so lucky to be grouped with Melay and Thea as I really have no talent with arts and drawing. I just help in the conceptualization of the story and Melay did all the drawings.

Bela was actually upset as the story is about four friends and their pets and she is asking me to draw her hermit crabs and I don’t know how to draw it. Luckily after much explanation to Melay, she was able to figure out what a hermit crab is and she was able to draw Bela’s pets. LOL.

We were only given 30 minutes to finish the book and we were just in time to finish it.

Prep's Moving Up Day Ceremony

These pictures were taken during the Prep’s Moving Up Day Ceremony held last March 18 (yeah, Bela still has a long way to go as she just started school. LOL. That is why I like to make sure of my social security benefits so I will be assured that my kids are covered whatever happens to me.)


The ceremony is actually for the Sr. Prep who are moving up to Grade 1. But the Jr. Prep students prepared a small presentation as one of the intermission number during the ceremony.

Of course, the stage parents can’t miss this opportunity and Bela specifically say that she wants us to be there to watch her perform. So I took a leave from work to be with Bela.

After watching the Moving Up Day ceremony, I can already imagine how emotional I will be when it is Bela’s turn to move up to Grade 1.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Help from the Experts

My husband and I are both working really hard to save up for the future of our kids. I don’t want to think about it, but at least whatever happens to me and my husband, we know that our kids’ future will be secure.

That is why I felt really sad when I read from the news the story about an accident victim and the fate of his family. The victim is the head of the family and is the only one bringing food to the table. Now that the father is injured, the family does not know now how they can manage to survive.

That is when I thought about O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath, an Austin personal injury attorney (O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949).

The lawyers of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath feel for the victims and they know what the victims are going through so they see to it that good customer service is what they offer to their clients first. Each case is different so they treat each case individually so they can better look into the details to get plus points on how to win the case.

I am glad that there is O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath so they can offer their expertise to help victims get justice.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Takbo Para sa Karunungan

Bela and Howell will be joining this:

DZMM will be sponsoring a fun run at the Quirino Grand Stan dubbed as “Takbo para sa Karanungan” next Sunday, March 13, 2011. Hubby registered himself and Bela for the 3K run and he got their uniforms and document already.

Howell is already excited for Bela as this will be Bela’s first marathon. Of course we are not really expecting that they will win but all hubby wants is for Bela to have this kind of exposure so she will get to enjoy different activities and then it is up to her to decide which sports she wants to pursue.

You know how much excited hubby is? He is even planning to go to Recto to order a personalized medal for Bela for participating in the marathon. LOL. And so I thought that I am the only stage parent in our family. I guess I am wrong as Howell is doing a much better job of being a stage dad.

Moving to Sr. Prep

In just two weeks, school will be finish for Bela. I can’t believe that she is already finished with Kinder and she is already an incoming Prep student as school opens this school year.

I am so proud of Bela and I am so thankful for her teachers who helped her get through her first step in big school. That is why I am looking for a small gift that I can give her teachers as a sign of my gratitude for all the help that they give to Bela to make her stay in Kinder a very enjoyable one.

Sowhen I saw Personal Creations custom mugs, I knew that this will be the perfect gift that I am looking for. I can customize the mugs with the pictures of the past activities of the school with Bela and her teachers and I can even add text like the name of each of her teacher.

When we were deciding if Bela is ready for big school already, there are a lot of things going through my head. As a mom, I feel so scared for Bela as I know that big school is a big adjustment. But all my fears are gone now and I am thankful for all her teachers who truly helped her adjust to the big school setup.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Summer Program @ SSC

The last day for Bela’s class will be on March 18 and it will also be their Moving Up Day. This means that in just two weeks, summer vacation will officially start for Bela.

But just like the previous years, Bela always has an activity every summer to keep her busy so she has something to channel all her energy (as she has a lot. LOL). But I am glad that I don’t have to search for a nice summer class for Bela (so I can finally concentrate in looking for a metal hose supplier), as her school will be offering summer classes which is open to all grade schoolers who wants to enrol.

They have Reading, Math, Rondalla, Art, Dance and Theatre and even Filipino class for their non-Tagalog speaking students. I want to enrol her to Math / Reading and Filipino but the schedule is for 3 hours per day every session.

I better show this to Bela’s dad so he can help me decide on which class should we enrol Bela.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

SSC's Prep Week

Last February 21 – 24, SSC celebrated Prep Week so I always take a half-day leave to attend to all the activities where parents are invited to join.

February 22, they invited guest speakers who are authors of famous children’s book to have a talk on how to make a good book. After the talk, there was an autograph signing and then we were asked to create a book with our kids. Bela and I paired up with Melay and Thea and we adopted two kids, Yvonne and Candace, who have no guardian / parent during the activity to join us. Good thing Melay is so good in drawing so she was the one who drew on all pages of the book for us. But Bela was so disappointed as I was not able to help her draw her pet hermit crab, which is one of the characters of our story. LOL.

February 23, was a strenuous activity as they prepared games and each parent and kid needs to join. Bela and I participated in the puzzle game and unfortunately, our team did not win but we still get consolation prizes of course.

February 24, the last day of the Prep Week, was a talent showcase as selected students and parents performed for all the visitors. Bela dance the ballet and she was all smiles all throughout the performance as I know that she is just so proud since this is the first time that her classmates was able to watch her dance.

I haven’t uploaded pictures yet but I will post it here as soon as I get the chance to sort it out.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

How to Help Your Kid Adjust to School

Going to big school, or elementary school, is a major change for children. It often requires big adjustments on the part of both parents and child as it may often require dealing with a new environment – school, location, teachers and even classmates. Change is always inevitable so all we parents have to do is help our children adjust to the changes.

Children would need to have a smooth transition and parents can guide them through it.
1. You can begin by letting your child see and explore his new school before school starts. It would be better if he meets the key people in school too – the principal, the school doctor or school nurse and his class teacher/adviser.
2. Facilitate an avenue for your child to bond with other children. It may mean inviting kids for a play date or inviting fellow Moms for an ice cream after school.
3. Establish a goodbye routine and help make it easier. Your child, in the first few weeks of school, might get teary-eyed, anxious or even cry. Reassure her that you will be waiting for her at the end of the day and that he will be fine. If it is still happening after a few months, it might be better to ask for help and see if a teacher can help.
4. Try and make sure you arrive a few minutes early to pick your child from school. It will give him the reassurance that you are there, waiting for him.
5. Make it a habit to create a routine of early bedtimes and peaceful, unhurried mornings in your household. Kids who are well rested will have few tantrums and a calm morning routine will take the pressure off and keep anxieties at bay.

Anxiety is normal during the first few weeks. It can even affect the way your child thinks and feels, without them knowing they are suffering from it. Stomach aches, headaches, fatigue, aggressiveness, sadness and silence are general manifestations of anxiety. You can help them overcome it but talking with your child how he feels. It is easier said and done but encourage your child to talk about what happens in school, you can start by sharing your own experiences. Do not downplay his fears but reassure them that things will get better.

However, stay alert for any signs why your child is anxious and worried about school. Normally, kids adjust to school in a few weeks. But when their unhappiness is drawn out, it might indicate a more serious issue. He might be being bullied, has a hard time understanding lessons, cannot see or hear clearly, has a hard time making friends and feeling left out. Start by asking questions about how his day went and when it doesn’t draw him out, you can share your own positive school stories (“I cried for a week when Grandma left me at school during First Grade I had to go to the bathroom so many times! That’s when I met my best friend who was also crying, and things got better! I loved First Grade!).
If you still have a nagging fear or suspicion you cannot erase, it is time to call the teacher and relay your feelings.

As parents, we cannot keep changes from happening to our children’s lives. It is a constant thing people need to deal with all the time. We just need to make things easier for our children by providing a calm and reassuring presence and an easier transition for them.

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