Sunday, March 27, 2011

Certified Grand Dad's Favorite

Bela is a certified lolo’s girl. Being the first grand child, she captures the hearts and attention of everybody especially her grand father. But she is one sweet and charming little girl that is why she never fails to win their affection.

My dad is Bela’s official driver as my dad lovingly drives Bela to school everyday. I would have wanted to just hire a driver for Bela but my parents are really against it as you can never really be sure of the safety of Bela if we do this. So my father volunteered to take Bela to school everyday.

That is why the two are really close as they are together almost everyday. Even during weekends when Howell is not available, my dad will drive Bela to her ballet and swimming class without complain.

That is why on her birthday last Monday, Bela was even the one who reminded me to get her grand dad’s favorite cigar and cigars humidor as her gift for her favorite grand dad.

My dad is also Bela’s spoiler (in a good way. LOL). If I will scold Bela for doing something wrong, my dad will be the first one to react and he will scold me too.

I guess grand parents are just like this. As what my mom always say, their grand children gives them a different kind of joy that is why they really love their grand kids to bits.