Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prep Week Day 3: Kid’s Kitchen

Since I am on a roll today and my blogging mojo is back, I better finish my three-part post about Bela’s Prep Week celebration before I search the net for inetsoft business intelligence software.

So here is the last part, Prep Week Day 3: Kid’s Kitchen


For this activity, the students will prepare two tasty treats with the help of their parents: Tasty Tuna and Cinnamon Toast. Since I have no talent too when it comes to cooking and I don’t want to disappoint Bela again, I asked my mom to go with us so she can help Bela for this activity. And the two had fun preparing this tasty treats.

After the food preparation activity was the talent show of the kids and the Prep students who are members of the SSC Ballet Club was one of those who will perform. This will be the first time that Bela’s classmates will witness her dance the ballet so she was really excited. She was all smiles the entire time she was performing.

The Prep teachers also did a dance number for their students and parents and there were also other parents who performed too.

It was really the perfect way to end the Prep Week.