Thursday, March 03, 2011

SSC's Prep Week

Last February 21 – 24, SSC celebrated Prep Week so I always take a half-day leave to attend to all the activities where parents are invited to join.

February 22, they invited guest speakers who are authors of famous children’s book to have a talk on how to make a good book. After the talk, there was an autograph signing and then we were asked to create a book with our kids. Bela and I paired up with Melay and Thea and we adopted two kids, Yvonne and Candace, who have no guardian / parent during the activity to join us. Good thing Melay is so good in drawing so she was the one who drew on all pages of the book for us. But Bela was so disappointed as I was not able to help her draw her pet hermit crab, which is one of the characters of our story. LOL.

February 23, was a strenuous activity as they prepared games and each parent and kid needs to join. Bela and I participated in the puzzle game and unfortunately, our team did not win but we still get consolation prizes of course.

February 24, the last day of the Prep Week, was a talent showcase as selected students and parents performed for all the visitors. Bela dance the ballet and she was all smiles all throughout the performance as I know that she is just so proud since this is the first time that her classmates was able to watch her dance.

I haven’t uploaded pictures yet but I will post it here as soon as I get the chance to sort it out.