Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prep Week Day 1: Story Fun Surprise

One of the last activities for the Prep students of St. Scholastica was the Prep Week which was held last February 22 – 24, 2011. The teachers prepared different activities per day for the students and for the parents.

I have not enough leave credits left but of course I want to join Bela for all the activities during the Prep Week so I took half day off for three consecutive days.

Prep Week Day 1: Story Fun Surprise


For this activity, they invited two multi-awarded writers for children’s books as guest speakers. They are Ms. Kristine V. Canon and Dr. Luis P Gatmaitan. They did a talk for the kids and the parents on how to create a good story book.

Their books were also sold during the event and there was a book signing after their talk.

After the talk, parents and students were asked to group themselves into two for the story book making. Bela and I were so lucky to be grouped with Melay and Thea as I really have no talent with arts and drawing. I just help in the conceptualization of the story and Melay did all the drawings.

Bela was actually upset as the story is about four friends and their pets and she is asking me to draw her hermit crabs and I don’t know how to draw it. Luckily after much explanation to Melay, she was able to figure out what a hermit crab is and she was able to draw Bela’s pets. LOL.

We were only given 30 minutes to finish the book and we were just in time to finish it.