Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prep Week Day 2: Mathinik Kami

(If only I knew that this will be a physical activity, I would have used OxyElite Pro so I will be in tip-top shape for this event. LOL).


For day 2, the teachers prepared different physical and mental games for all the families. Bela and I were asked to join a physical and mental game where they will give puzzle problems and we will solve it with the help of our kids. We will coach our kids to get the materials that we need to solve the puzzle from a basket and the kids will hand it to their parents and the parents will build the puzzle. Whoever finishes the puzzle first will win the game.

Unfortunately, our team always finishes last so we did not win this game. LOL. But that is just okay as what is important is I had fun playing with Bela and with my co-parents. And Bela was so happy for the consolation prize that we got.